Meeting the Captain-alternate time line

Posted Jan. 26, 2023, 3:44 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Amelia Barnes (Chief Medical Officer) (Tyra Schroll)

Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Meeting the Captain-alternate time line

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Amelia Barnes (Chief Medical Officer) in Meeting the Captain-alternate time line

Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Meeting the Captain-alternate time line
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Amelia stopped outside the Captain’s ready room and rang the chime and waited for her to respond. Amelia straightened her uniform and bounced on the balls of her feet as she waited.


“It’s open,” Kelly yelled out followed by a small exasperated huff. Of all the stupid things one could do in their daily life was injuring themselves before meeting the one person’s job it was to treat injuries. “Stupid IFEA reject,” Kelly mumbled at the pink box sitting on the edge of her desk as she alternately sucked on her index finger and then shook her hand. The shape and size of the box resembled that of an old-fashioned oven. The bright bubblegum pink color edged in purple would lead one to guess it was more of a child’s toy and not something an adult would use. A closer inspection of the box would confirm this by the wording Ferengi Food Fun Oven above fake dials and a glass window where one could look into the device to presumably see something inside. On each of the sides, two ports jutted out as if it were a mini conveyor belt where something could be placed inside one end and come out the other.

Kelly Bordeaux CO
Amelia stepped in as Kelly was mumbling at the box on the desk. A practiced eye took in the finger in the mouth and tried very hard not to laugh at her new boss. She held out her hand to see the injury “Let’s see it.” She said kindly with choked chuckle.

Kelly thought for a half second about coming up with a random excuse but decided against it. Doctors were close to telepaths. They could sense when you were lying and would just wait you out. Kelly stuck out her finger showing a large blister forming on the pad of her index finger. “Damn things are not for kids but they all want them and since they are Ferengi made they are cheap as crap.”

Amelia took the hand and reached into her pocket for the tricoder that was always there, she took a quick scan “No major damage.” Taking out a small dermal regenerate she quickly fixed the injury.

“Which concoction were you trying to make?” Amelia asked knowing full well that there was a similar item in her quarters just waiting to be unpacked.


“Brownies. My niece loves to cook and my husband is a chef who hates replicators. I thought it would be a good gift because it was safer than a real oven.” Kelly let out a laugh at the obvious irony in her injury and how she got it.

Kelly Bordeaux

Amelia nodded “A good plan in theory.” She stepped over “May I?” There’s a trick to it “There’s a little tool hidden on the side of the thing.” Her nimble fingers soon had the item released from its hiding spot.

Handing it to Kelly “That will help.” She said “I’m Amelia Barnes Reporting for duty.”


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