Side Sim - A Much Needed Vacay

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Posted by Lieutenant Cara Esmé O’Farrell (Counselor / Education Specialist) in Side Sim - A Much Needed Vacay

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in Side Sim - A Much Needed Vacay
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=/\= Five minutes. If you see a distinguished looking man with salt and pepper hair and bright blue eyes, he will be meeting us. =/\= came the reply. Not two minutes later the door opened and the man came in and looked around. Not seeing what he was looking for, he took a seat at the bar.

Cara knew the face, oh yes she did. From her table she waved down the waitress so she could pay and get out of there. No, she wasn’t playing this game with Serchena. For good or ill she was not. She didn’t owe the woman a thing. Unfortunately, the waitress was busy and the bistro packed and she didn’t arrive with the bill in enough time for Cara to leave. Cara was fuming.

Five minutes almost to the second rhe door opened and Serchena came gliding in. Eyes everywhere locked on her and she graced rhe room with a dazzling smile before her emerald eyes fell on rhe man at the bar. She walked up to him and gave him a kiss on rhe cheek and then she looked at Cara and pointed and began walking towards her. “Hello, Cara. Lieutenant Cara O’Farrell, this is Fleet Captain (Retired) Micah Crowell. Micah, may I introduce one of Star Fleet’s best and brightest. Sit Micah, sit.” He nodded and said “Lieutenant. A pleasure.” and he took a seat. “So to what do I owe the pleasure? I was actually looking forward to a round of drinks at the Ambassador when you called.” Serchena slid in next to Cara and put her hand on her knee and gripped it firmly. “Well… as you have said, darling, some things just need to be said. I believe thst is what you prefaced you saying ‘I love you’ to me for the first time with. So I have had a very interesting conversation with Cara here. Especially right after I told her and Gravel- she’s dating him, by the way. Isn’t that lovely?- told her and Gravel you had proposed and I had said yes. So… here you sit… across the table from a woman who loves Gravel for the man he is and another who loves him for the journey that led him to become the man she loves… and we would both be very interested in why you called this singular individual whom we both love and admire a… a… oh, Cara. What was the word dear Micah used to describe Gravel again?” Her grip on Cara’s knee tightened in a way that said Stick with it. I mean business.

Serchena Mardusk

Cara’s smiled was polite and friendly. Her sister and Gravel would know that look meant get out while you were alive. Cara didn’t bother to greet the man at all. She had nothing to say to him, and curse her mother for raising her with manners. Cara could not match the Orion strength for strength, but Cara had been well trained. Still with a smile, she forcibly pried the woman’s hand off her knee in a way that said, You will pay for this. Then she sat back and folded her hands loosely in her lap. “Beast.” However this turned out, Cara and Serchena were not going to get along. Cara didn’t appreciate being made someone’s puppet and maneuvered into breaking Gravel’s trust. Oh no, they were not going to get along at all. Serchena could shove that down her pretty little throat and maybe cut her tongue on those disgustingly brothel red finger nails.


Serchena’s smile nevewavered. “Oh riiiiight… that was the term, wasn’t it? Beast. ‘With a broad back’, I believe your qualifier was. Yes…” Slowly, she moved away from Cara, sliding to get out of the booth… inexorably… like tectonic plates on a collision path. “You called my son a beast. You referred to him as an animal. Oh, I’m sure you breathed a sigh if relief when I told you I had never read his file.” Micah started doing speak but a finger silenced him. “No no… you have e said enough. Now… I know how much decorum means to you. Another reason you and my son didn’t get along. You are about ‘appearances’… and he is about substance. Nonwonder he hated you. And had I known the depths of your demeaning of him I would have never allowed you near me.” Her voice was strong… steady… loud. “Had I known what had transpired, I never would have been in a position to have to hurt him so deeply yet unintentionally. And I never would have compromised my chance at knowing this wonderful young woman who loves my son so. You have cost me dearly…” By now she was on her feet, looming over the pale and shaking former officer. She slowly reached forward and grabbed his shirt and slowly lifted him out out of his seat, holding him aloft with his feet dangling off the ground. “I had to break a promise to my son tonight, you miserable piece of shit. And I hate I had to do that just because of you.” Her empty fist balled into a fist.

Cara was out of her seat and put a hand over Serchena’s fist. Oh the woman would swing and hit anyway, but sometimes a hand could be an anchor, “Ser…”

“MA!” a booming voice shouted, filling the silent bistro. “What rhe hell are ya doin’?! Put him down!” Gravel barked. He looked past her to Cara with WTF, hun?! look on his face.

The booming mountainous voice had never been so welcome and never had Cara wished he was somewhere else. All she could do was look at him and shrug. This was not her fault. His mother had orchestrated this little drama.

Serchena looked at him and a gold tear trickled down her cheek. “Grav… I didn’t know… I swear to you I didn’t know… I-” and Gravel stepped forward and grabbed Crowell around the waist. “It’s okay, Ma… just… just let him down.” She slowly released him and Gravel lowered him to the floor. “Hey, Crowell. Nice ta see ya.” he said sarcastically. Crowell’s face was ted from fear and rage (mostly fear), but he sputtered out “I-I-I-I-” and Gravel cut him off saying “Aren’t gonna do jack and you know it. Get the f#<l outta here…” and rhe Retired Fkeet Caotain practically scampered out. Gravel looked at rhe open mouth crowd and said “Hey… sorry. Famiky drama, amiright?” and a few people chuckled and slowly things went back to normal. He moved Serchena into the booth across from Cara and then sat down. “Damn… leave you two alone for a bit and you start picking up strange men… literally.” and he chuckled.


Cara shook her head and stood up. “I think you two need ta talk.” She leaned over looking in his stunning green eyes and kissed him gently. “I love ya, Gravel,” she whispered. “I’ll see ya at the hotel.”


Gravel put a hand gently on her arm. “Stay… please. I know ya don’t wanna. But I’d like ya to be here.”

Serchena looked up at Cara and said “I am so sorry. I just knew ew if I saw him alone I’d have probably put my fist through his face.” Her anger was a mask for shame and guilt, and that was more than apparent to the trained psychologist and the interrogator. Gravel looked at Cara and said “See? And you thought it was your family that was gonna be the crazy ones.”


Cara couldn’t tell him no, not about anything, but certainly not this. She slid back into her seat. “This? This is nothin’. And more than justified.” She looked at Serchena. Yeah she felt guilty and it was all over her face, but Cara was Cara after all. “Next time, ask. Ya may not like what I have ta say, but if yer scared of what ya might do or the other person, I won’t leave ya alone.” Left unsaid for the sake of more pressing conversations was she didn’t appreciate being backed into the decision, especially after she’d made it clear she didn’t want ta be involved. Cara called the waitress over for menus and drinks. “It certainly isn’t as fancy, but Lacy is an amazin’ cook, and the food here should be served somewhere more fancy. Order, talk, then eat.”


Serchena looked at Cara and said “Thank you. And I promise I won’t put you in a position like that again. I just… I panicked.” Gravel looked at his mother and then at Cara. “Listen.. both of you. I have had a hell of a few weeks. Can we just wipe the slate clean? I really just wanna relax.”

Cara set a hand on his arm and gave him a smile. “No clean slate needed, it’s just two people gettin’ ta know each other. There is goin’ ta be bumps. Ya can relax, promise.”

Serchena looked at him and said “Well, I should say I looked at your record tonight. I know I promised I wouldn’t-” and Gravel held up a hand. “I get it, Ma. You did what you had to do.” She smiled and said “What I was going to say is I read the After-Action Report of what just transpired on the Atlantis.” She reached over and took his hand. “You did a great job, son. I’m really proud of you.” she said with a sincere and motherly smile.


Cara nodded quietly kepping her hand on his arm. They had had this conversation. Gravel did what had to be done, and nothing against the rest of the crew, he was the only one that could have done it. The investigation proved that. “See, I told ya.” Her voice was quiet, slightly teasing. She knew though, despite being right, despite following procedure, it was hard for Gravel.

The waitress arrived, “Welcome to Lacy’s. Our specials tonight ate mango roasted chicken and seared skirt steak. Can I start you with drinks?”


Gravel looked at her and said “Do you sell beer by the pitcher?” She nodded and said “Yes, sir.” Gravel looked at Cara and smiled. “I’ll take three pitchers of Guinness.” Oh, she knew that Guinness made Gravel… ‘amorous’ was a good word for it. “The lady there-” and he pointed at his mother, “- will have an extra dirty vodka martini in a rocks glass.” and Serchena smiled and looked at Cara and stage-whispered “That was his father’s and mine favorite drink.” and she winked. “And the lady next to me will have a pint of Guinness and an Irish whiskey.” He looked at Cara and said “Go easy on the whiskey… I have plans for later.”


Cara grinned, oh things were going to be fun later and she laughed, “I bet ya do, so in that case, hold the whiskey.” She looked at him, “I met Emilia for a drink. She can’t, so I drank for both of us.” She looked at Serchena, “My sister is expectin’.” She looked at the waitress, “I ate so what do ya have for desert?”

“Carrot cake, coconut pie, vanilla ice cream with caramel walnut brownie, and Guinness Chocolate Dump Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.”

Cara grinned, “Oh eah we’re gettin’ that. Bring the whole tray, with three forks.”


After the two who haven’t eaten have real food, please.” He ordered and then Serchena did as well. The drinks arrived and gravel held up a pitcher and said “To no more drama… at least for tonight.” and he laughed softly. Serchena said “Oh hell yes.” and clicked her glass to his and Cara’s. She took a long drink and then looked at Cara. “So… when am I gonna be a Grandmother?” and Gravel almost spit his Guinness out. Serchena laughed and said “I’M KIDDING.” and she laughed.


Cara touched her glass to both of theirs. Ah she was going to have ta see if she could get one of the bars on Atlantis to seeve real Guinness. Her eyes sparked at the question. That took longer to ask than she expected. Then without missing a beat Cara said, “Three years at least probably more. Emilia bein’ pregnant buys me plenty o’ time.”


Gravel turned to her and gave her a Oh so its gonna be like that, is it? look and he said “Three years is pretty specific, doll. Why don’t ya go ahead and enlighten us as to the schedule of events you see happening over the next three years, then.” and he grinned and took a drink.


“I said at least. But seein’ as how Emilia ain’t showin’ yet that means at most she’s twelve weeks. So pregnancy and new born stage takes us ta a year. Then that first precious year a life and then toddlerhood takes us ta year two and three. At that point my parents might remember they have another adult daughter and grandbaby fever might go inta over drive and they start applyin’ that oh so potent Irish guilt. But Emilia is still closer, and Yos is used ta big families. Then add Sohpie ta the mix. She will be graduatin’ and leavin’ home in that time. So ta combat bein’ empty nester, my parents will either embrace retirement or decide they want babies ta fill their house. By then who knows where Atlantis will be, and they will be used ta a weekly letter from me. So yeah I got three ta five years before I have ta decide if I’ll give in ta familial pressure ta ‘settle down’ or remain the wild child.” She picked up her pint and grinned. “Oh course tha’s no accountin’ for Sidhe magick that turns level headed good Irish girls inta love sick fools,” and she winked at him.


Gravel nodded and said “Ok… but you seem to have forgotten a big part in your equation there, Doc. Who is gonna be the father of these projected children of yours? I mean… I doubt your family would wanna see ya poppin’ out the kiddos without being married… right? You said they had a traditional streak in ‘em.” Yes, it was perfectly obvious what he was hinting at. Serchena just sipped her drink and grinned.


“Oh no, I have not forgotten that part of the equation.” It was quite obvious what Gravel was hinting at, and she found it quite amusing and endearing. Cara propped her chin on her hand and her right hand tapped against the edge of the table, a metallic click as her Claddagh ring tapped. “Hmmm.. true, they are very traditional and when I’m nit bein’ the wild child, I am too. Of course that’s assumin’ I’m gonna give in ta all that familial pressure. That also assumes I could find someone 1 crazy enough ta want ta be stuck with me that long. It’s a lot a work, and 2 would risk givin’ a child half my DNA.” She grinned and winked at the older woman before looking back at Gravel. “I mean I’d probably get lost tryin’ ta find such a person. They would have ta forever be havin’ ta come find me.” She picked up her pint. At this rate she was going to need a second one.


Gravel grinned and said “Or, just sayin’, you could let the guy buy you a bell to wear on a necklace. A tastful one of course. Sterling silver. Maybe with a clover on it?”


Barely contained laughter made her eyes dance and a grin spread across her face. “Oh now that sounds pretty, but I donna know if tha would help. I mean the bell could fall off, and might be a bit…tellin’ when tryin’ to sneak off ta some quiet corner tagether. I’d be taken it off, puttin’ it back on. I’d get annoyed and just give up on it. Then what would tha’ poor lad do?”


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