Main Sim - Checking out the debris (Trainor, Kelly, and whoever else wants to join)

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Posted by Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina (GM) in Main Sim - Checking out the debris (Trainor, Kelly, and whoever else wants to join)
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“Wrinkles,” Kelly scoffed with a frown but clearly amused with her Ops officer. “Tenzig when you get out of here you need to report to medical for an eye exam. I am clearly not a day over twenty-two.” Kelly had to work hard not to break the frown she was trying to convey. “Gimmie that tricorder Mr. Myopic,” she motioned for Tenzig to show her the tricorder.

More like forty-two… Tenzing laughed internally, as he took a step towards the debris.

Kelly’s frown did deepen more reading the same thing as Tenzig. “Okay how can this be regenerative,” Kelly mused to herself. Tapping her comm badge she commed Ian. Five minutes later, her husband arrived with a rather dead-looking plant.

All humor aside the projection would be true if the radiation had not decayed as much as it had.

“You know you should really explore silk plants,” Ian laughed handing over the plant what was not much more than a stalk with a few half-brown half-green leaves attached to it.

“Funny,” Kelly rolled her eyes and took off the drip plate setting the plant by the debris hoping that sitting this close to the radiation might do something. Scanning the plants she stood back and waited. Five minutes later she took another scan hoping to see any improvement.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

The plant would only show a minor improvement in days, perhaps weeks.

“If this works, you could place all your plants around the bulkhead!” Trainor exclaimed. The Ops Manager also took a look at the new scans to check for comparison. “We could market this and make a profit, Capt!” Tenzing said jokingly.


However if someone reverse extrapolated the half-life of the radiation and then reversed the decay over 150 years, ship shields, and other points of resistance.... the power might have been high enough to regenerate a planet… maybe even two.


“What are you half Ferengi,” she laughed out loud. “Why don’t you stop scanning the rules of acquisition and see if we can find some half-life of the radiation or at least get an educated guess about it.” Kelly really was liking Tenzig the more she interacted with him. He was smart, witty and above all a good sense of humor. In Kelly’s life she had learned to always trust people with a sense of humor.

Kelly Bordeaux

“Maybe we can shoot some of this stuff at the darkness and see what they devolve into....” Trainor laughed. The Ops Officer paused for a moment to think, “I’m wondering what would happen if this was weaponized on a larger scale.” There was still so much they didn’t know, and time was not on their side. “If we’re seeing remnants, then we can guess the half-life could be measured in quantities of years or decades, though we don’t have another sample to compare, nor do we know how the initial radiation count from impact.”


“What about the planet below us” Kelly looked at the plant. “The away team commented that the surface looked like it had been through some apocalypse. Would there be a chance if this debris has radiation on it the surface would too?”

Kelly Bordeaux

There has not been as scan of the planet to detect small amounts of the radiation in question. Nor has there been any correlation to know planetary ELE.


“We wouldn’t normally scan planets for nominal amounts of radiation,” Trainor explained, not knowing how this type of radiation could cause planet-wide destruction.
“I’m not sure how much more we could gather from this bulkhead, we’ll want to find another sample.” If this radiation was also on the planet, the away team would have gotten the readings on their tricorder.


Kelly tapped her comm badge. =/\=Jen we have a really odd radiation signature on this piece of debris. It is like nothing we have ever seen. We are only guessing here but it seems to have a regenerative quality to it. Is there any indication of it being on the planet or is this a strictly atmospheric thing? Sending the readings of the radiation down to you now.=/\=

Kelly Bordeaux CO

The computer literally rejected the search/scan for specifically this type of radiation. =^=That analysis is not permitted.=^= Which in of itself was an odd rejection from the computer.


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