Anger and Accountability…Cloaked Intelligence Shuttle…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Anger and Accountability…Cloaked Intelligence Shuttle…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.

Posted by Civilian Jessa Novar (Child) in Anger and Accountability…Cloaked Intelligence Shuttle…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Anger and Accountability…Cloaked Intelligence Shuttle…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present.
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On the cloaked shuttle

The swirls of light coalesced around Aimee and Peter’s bodies in a bright white blur. Seconds later they were standing on a transporter pad on the ship poised just underneath the belly of the Atlantis in a scanner blind spot.

Aimee broke the embrace and moved immediately off the transporter pad into the belly of the shuttle. There was a two-man crew there with one in the pilot’s seat and one at a console in the back of the shuttle. The space was small but laid out efficiently with a table in the middle of the area. In the area that usually would have been a cabin, a modified containment cell was erected. The space was small and not meant for comfort. It was about 8 feet tall and three feet wide allowing the individual enough space to sit on the floor but devoid of any furnishings. Outside of the cell was a console with a chair.

“The teams on the Atlantis have the alien designated as Rogan. The other male alien’s life signs are dropping. There are medics on the scene but the best choice now is between the female adult or juvenile,” a voice called out from the back of the cabin. “Which one do I pull out with transport?” His hands were poised over the controls ready to engage beaming the second the target was chosen.

=/\=Life is full of tough choices. If you take your hands off him you will kill him. How bad do you want this,” she held up the satchel. “Is it worth a life?=/\= Zala Tsu’s conversation in the promenade was playing on the ship’s speakers confirming what the officer had reported to Aimee and Peter.

Looking at Peter, Aimee shrugged. “Interrogation is less morally objectionable with adults.” The sentence was both a comment and a question. “Engage,” she said.


“Won’t get any useful intel from the child” Peter answered with an equally nonchalant tone as he’d maintained til now. The shuttle’s crew was awkwardly placed for him to deal with, with only one phaser and Aimee he might not be able to disable all three without them potentially disabling the shuttle’s systems.

“No,” she let out a small defeated sigh. “We probably could have gotten a whole slew of info out of her but kids are so needy, messy, and loud. I am pretty sure the kid would have thrown a fit but eventually come around. Who wants to wait that long and we just judged the wrong book but its cover. Jessa showed us much more of what they can do defensively than the other three showed up offensively which was the point in setting them loose on the Atlantis.”

“When we got the initial signal from the beacon, the sheer vastness of space it had to cross to reach us raised eyebrows. If they could transmit a comms signal that far the tech behind it was astounding which lead us to immediately theorize what their weapons tech might look like. Once we deciphered the beacon as a request for a meeting, it was decided that losing one ship to the aliens would be easy to cover up. We lose ships all the time. Losing a formal fleet first-contact fleet would be an unmitigated disaster. We did learn something from the Borg’s first contact and this Galactic Union is extra-galactic. The powers that be did not want a repeat performance of what happened with the Borg if these people aren’t friendly.”

As Aimee talked the female alien suddenly appeared in what the shuttle was using for a brig cell. Her expression went from surprise to malice in a split second.

“We certain this cell can contain them properly?” he asked.


Zala Tsu seethed inside at the ease to which these lesser beings could transport her at their will. She debated about trying to break out of the space but didn’t. She was alone and needed to figure out what was happening before she killed the crew. “So,” Zala looked at Peter with an expression of pure seduction and a tone that matched. “You are my mysterious benefactor. Thank you for extracting me.” It was all a ploy but a well-rehearsed one. Zala Tsu was stunningly beautiful and knew how to work her charms. Instead of succumbing to the rage inside her, she made sure her posture looked more amorous and submissive. It was clear she had used this before and expected it to work as it always did.

“So how can I repay you for your kindness.”

Zala Tsu

Peter first looked at Aimee then back at the alien absolutely stunned. It lasted only a moment, his usually rocky expression softened into a smile and the smile turned to laughter. He laughed hard with pure joy and amusement, he was surprised at his own reaction, it had been a good while since he’d laughed from his depths like this. After a good full minute of deep-bellied laughter, he raised himself up, wiping a tear from his eye and exhaling with a happy sigh. He then immediately schooled his face to passiveness again “I apologize for that outburst, it’s just that you are the second person today who has tried seduction as a first tactic, it caught me off guard”

“That’s fine. The question is how well did it work? Since you are standing here and not tangled in some sheets somewhere I see I still have a fighting chance to get you into said sheets.” Zala continued the ruse. In situations of captivity, the trick was keeping people talking. It was only a sentence but that might lead to enough for her to get this man to give her the key to her freedom.

He smiled then, a sardonic smile. “I am obliged to inform you that you are speaking to the wrong person” He took a step back and indicated Aimee, the step back looked as if he was simply allowing the senior agent to take command but from his new position he had a clear view of the other two crew members. He could feel the type one phaser in the small of his back ready to draw. He made the calculations in his head calmly. The pilot would be his first target followed by the rearguard. He waited for Aimee to speak with the alien before making his move.


Aimee stepped forward assuming the position of leadership Peter and had acknowledged. “Your compliance with us will be greatly appreciated.”

Touching her neck, Zala raised her armor. Raising her hands, Zala fired her weapons into the shield shattering it. Reaching out she grabbed the woman before her around the neck and squeezed. As she raised her other hand firing several shots around the cabin. The first caught the pilot square in the back leaving a charred black hole. Zala did not wait and enjoy the visual of the man slumping over the console. She was already firing at the second man in the corner. He had been foolish enough to try and raise a weapon. As he took aim, so did Zala firing a round into his face. Bits of gore splattered the console behind him as she trained her weapon on Peter. His weapon fire was already pinging off her armor and for that, he would pay. She took careful aim at Peter. She was not looking for a swift kill but a protracted one. Zala shot him in one knee and then the other. The man dropped to his knees bringing a smile to Zala’s face. Dropping her helmet, she allowed him to see the expression of power spread across her face. “It seems you were both mistaken,” Zala said in a slow tone. “I am the one in power. Not you and definitely not her.” Her hands tightened around Aimee’s neck as she slowly strangled her looking at Peter. Clenching her fingers, a loud snap filled the room as she tossed Aimee aside. “Did you ever think you would be on your knees when you died?”

Blinking twice, Zala snapped out of her fantasy and back into reality. Her momentary daydream would have been a wonderful reality but she did not know where she was or how to use this Federation tech. With Jessa taking all the MECH’s, Zala needed one sycophant to control. Maybe there was a way however to rid the crew without her doing it herself.

Glancing down she looked at her hands. Zala Tsu could activate the armor and probably destroy the shielding but what would that get her. The ship she was on could not traverse the celestial web. She needed the Beacon of Hope and the man before her seemed more than capable of helping her find it. For now she would play nice.

Zala let a glance drift over Aimee before letting it settle back on Peter. “No, I am not. You and I both know it. She is not in command. You are. She just doesn’t realize it yet.”

Aimee immediately snapped her gaze to Peter. Pulling her weapon Aimee looked at Peter. “Why would she say that,” she asked Sigmundsson. The arrival of Peter was too clean and too precise.

Aimee and Zala Tsu

Peter had a calm expression on his face, hands clasped behind his back “Basic tradecraft Aimee, divide and conquer. She can see that you are uncomfortable with my being here and she thinks to drive a wedge between us based on mutual mistrust” He didn’t look away from the alien as he spoke, a small smile curved his lips.

“I had no reason to distrust you…until now,” Aimee replied in an icy tone. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a pair of restraints. “If I have nothing to worry about put these on.” Aimee saw how the child seemed to be telekinetic and wanted no chance of the female alien redirecting its course. There were four agents on the ship but Peter was as skilled at ten. He could easily take out two before the third got in a lucky shot and 33% odds of being the last one standing was not odds Aimee liked.

Zala could calculate the odds as well as anyone else in the room but she was sure Aimee was not counting her on the right side. “I love restraints. Toss them to me,” she replied in a sultry tone putting her wrists together and holding them out as she leaned against the wall. “I would love to see you put me in them and what you would do with me as your prisoner.” Men were simple creatures. Zala Tsu was more than capable of extricating herself but the comment had multiple purposes. First, it was to distract Aimee and give Peter a chance at taking the ship over. The second was to muddle his brain with hormones to make him easier to take over.

“Shut the triff up. That is how you say it in your native tongue. Triff?” Aimee hurdled the obscenity back at the alien.

“Ohhh hit a nerve there didn’t I? Guess you are not the type to take or follow orders like a good girl. Me…I am a very good girl as Peter knows. You think you are really in charge of all this,” Zala waved a hand. “That you ran the child as an asset?” Zala let out a snort and rolled her eyes. Subterfuge and mind games were uniquely fun and were as dangerous as any weapon. It was all smoke and mirrors but the situation was tense and only needed a spark to ignite.

Peter finally looked at the Section 31 officer.

Aimee watched the controlled precision as Peter moved across the space. He was not making any fast moves and exuding nothing but trust mixed with a slight amount of irritation. This all made sense to Aimee. He probably was not used to being second in command and would complain plenty later. “Glad you see it that way.

“She’s wrong of course, this is entirely your operation.”Then quick as he spoke he drove his knee into her gut.

Aimee reacted instantly spinning to the right and coughing as the knee knocked the wind out of her. She was just as well trained as Peter and yet one always was better in a fight. She did not back up like a rookie but rolled to her left. With any luck Peter would step forward to grab her and Aimee could strike when he was off balance. As she brought her head up she felt a sharp pain.

He then followed with his right elbow in her temple to incapacitate her.

Aimee did not have time to react of think. She instantly went boneless to the deck of the shuttle.

His left hand flung out, a small type one phaser in his grasp, and a beam shot out at the shuttle’s pilot’s chest. Then as soon as the beam was out he spun around in a half pirouette and shot the rear guard calm as could be.

Peter waited for two heartbeats before moving.

Zala slowly began to clap. It was long and slow in between beats creating a sarcastic sound rather than a genuine one. “Did you kill her? Them?” Her question was more to probe about the intensity of this Federations weapons than Peter’s nature. Since he so easily turned on his comrades it proved he had a nature that could not be trusted which was fine. Zala was only going to use him for as long as she needed however dicept and bloodlust were two different things.

He then quickly went to either side, dragging bodies to the center of the shuttle. He opened a concealed pocket on his jacket and removed zip ties and used them to tie the two officers together, pretzeling them together to make it more difficult to get loose without alerting him.

Seeing the restraints made Zala’s lips turn slightly into a frown. “You know you could just blow them out of an airlock? Blame it on me.” Rolling slightly in her cell, she leaned her whole back against the wall instead of lounging on her side as if this was a casual conversation between friends.

Aimee, he simply tied her feet and legs together, right foot to left hand and vice-versa. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any rope or better yet duct tape but that couldn’t fit in the lining of his uniform.

He finally turned to the alien and clapped his hands together “Finally some privacy” he said with a smile “I am Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson, Chief Intelligence Officer of the USS Atlantis” He introduced himself.


Taking a long moment, Zala pushed herself off the wall and turned to face Peter. “Well hello, Lt Commander Peter Sigmundsson of the USS Atlantis.” She repeated his words back like it was a song. I am Elder Zala Tsu Cellwahal Coreen but we don’t use last names in the Union when you are an Elder. Now that we are formally introduced what do you say you drop this shield between us and we get informally introduced,” she replied tapping the forcefield with a perfectly manicured fingernail.

Zala Tsu

Peter smiled a polite smile “No I’m afraid not” He tapped the phaser a few times and placed it on a console right in front of the forcefield in an absentminded move as if he’d placed it down to free his hands and then forgotten about it in the arrogance of having an active forcefield and tied up officers. He’d subtly set the weapon to explode in the hand of whoever would attempt to fire it.

“Peter,” she let his name roll off her lips as a lover would begging for their partner to return to the bed and not leave the room. “Are you worried I will bite or that I won’t? I can assure you that finding out will be far more fun than carnal banter behind this forcefield.” Moving her hand to the jumpsuit, Zala moved the zipper down with a few clicks. It was enough to make the mind wander but reveal nothing of importance. “I promise you that it will be a good way to while away the hours to wherever you are taking us. How about this? You choose your own adventure. I can play the obeisant coquette or the authoritative vixen. Your choice.”

He gathered the other weapons and put them in the front of the shuttle as if putting them out of reach to the unconscious people “Well Elder Zala Tsu Cellwahal Coreen who doesn’t use her last name” He put large hands on hips and surveyed his surroundings “I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood the situation just a tiny bit. You being here wasn’t really a part of the plan, just an added bonus. With you wrecking all sorts of havoc taking you out of the game suits me just fine.”

“Does it now.” Zala felt her blood start to boil yet she continued with the soft, sultry tone and smile. “Well I have never been called a bonus but if this is the way your universe uses pillow talk to bed someone I can assure you I am listening and more than willing but please continue.”

Peter finally leaned against the opposite wall to the cell “Just to inform you I intend to fly this ship away a little while and set it to self destruct, you’ll have a few minutes to attempt an escape if you wish but I’d prefer if you didn’t” He said with a slight bow as if asking her to do him a small favor “Now if I had ten years to spare I’d borrow one of your ships and head back to wherever it was you come from and destabilize your little theocrasy but honestly I just can’t be bothered.” He shrugged “Taking out this little cell of overeager warmongers is good enough for me.” He crossed his arms

Zala poured out her divinity sending feelings of lust and desire at Peter. The sensation would be all-consuming forcing him to move closer to the forcefield. His body moved close enough to the forcefield for his breath to show up and fog the invisible barrier. Closing the space between her and him, Zala moved against the field raising her hand. As Peter’s hand rose to meet it, the ache of desire in Peter was becoming insatiable. The way his eyes peered into hers, Zala knew it would not be long until they were free of the energy field separating them. “Open it,” she whispered running her top teeth over her lips.

Following her command, Peter’s hand moved to the control panel releasing the field. Zala closed the hairsbreadth between them pressing her lips to his as Peter’s tree trunk-like arms encircled her waist lifting her off the ground. Moving her legs to around his waist, Zala kissed him with enough passion she could see Peter’s mind trail off into the wanton fantasies all men dreamt about sharing with a partner. She moved her hands around his neck as she kissed him passionately but not before tapping her wrists to produce a small dagger-like weapon. “Peter, look into my eyes,” she whispered breaking the kiss and leaning back slightly. Half a heartbeat later she saw the look change and slip into a vacant stare. His lips twisted slightly into a scream of anguish that was never released as the blade inserted at the base of his skull immediately severing his spinal cord. Zala felt his legs give way, his knees buckle. Releasing her legs, she landed on her feet as he crumpled, bonelessly to the floor. “Taking out an unbeliever is good enough for me now,” she leaned down kissing his lips softly. “Soon I will hunt down every person you ever knew. Any person that bears your name and wipe your lineage from the universe. You are a blight on the path to enlightenment and I have snuffed that light out.”

Blinking rapidly twice, Zala snapped back into reality. Her fantasy had one flaw. Her armor would protect her from any explosion but her armor could not feed her belly or her thirst. The thought of floating in stasis for countless years or millennia until her body was discovered in the vastness of space made her rethink her plan of attack. Her face took on a contemplative expression as she weighed her options.

“It’ll take a moment for my program to open their systems for me” He said as he removed a small device and attached it to the console he was leaning against then crossed his arms again “How about some conversation until then?”

“I assume you have a topic in mind,” she stated. Her tone no longer dripped with syrupy sweetness but was tart and acid-like.

He smiled again “I’m curious as to how your armor works.”


“Nanotechnology that is genetically encoded to the recipient. It can be used by those that it is not coded to but only for a very short time. Your Captian Bordeaux and that vile mind seer should be finding the armor is now null and void for them however,” she let her voice trail off slightly as if pondering a thought, “it is possible to encode the nanites to accept someone’s Enlightenment code like say yours. You are not asking me the correct questions though. Ask me who the dangerous one is and why we are here.” Her eyes glanced at the timer on the console. She did not know the length of time she had. The language and numerical system was foreign and without Jessa’s basic knowledge of how these people communicated, Zala had no idea if she had one minute or one hour on the timer.

Zala Tsu.

Peter cocked his head, his gave the woman a bemused smile “Alright I’ll bite, WHo is the dangerous one and why are you here” He suspected he know the answer already, or at least the answer she would give but still his curiosity got the better of him.


“Tell me how do you slip and slink about doing your governmental assigned duty?” The pause in her voice was not long enough for Peter to reply but signal it was a rhetorical question. “You become the least assuming and noticed person in the space. For you, it is extraordinary that you have achieved that talent.” Zala Tsu glanced up and down his body. For the first time, her comment was not acid laced but more satirical and humorous. With Peter’s enormous stature, the idea he could go about unnoticed was an oxymoron. The theme of the statement however was valid. Spies and intelligence officers excelled at their jobs when they could move about without drawing attention to themselves.

“Who was the most threatening in the group? Da Mu,” she threw out a name. “He was seen as the leader of the group. Wrong assumption but you all have gotten it all wrong since we arrived.” Pacing the small space, she could not help but be distracted by the countdown and the nagging thought Peter might not even be on the ship with her. The beaming weapon they had meant one could not truly escape any situation they placed you in. It also meant it could save you in an eye blink.

“We both know Jessa is dangerous but neither of us knew how much. It might be the one thing we have in common. I am here because Jessa planned this.” Letting out a shrill laugh, Zala eyes narrowed. “Jessa is no child. That is her extraordinary talent. Jessa can look at you with those innocent blue eyes, slightly wet with tears and make you want to take care of her. I am not sure which is her greater skill. Manipulation or Intelligence. Her potential as an Elder is far more than you can imagine. She has powerful friends within our government. She is the one that is dangerous. Has she mentioned the Prism?” Zala let her voice trail. Peter was skilled enough as an interrogator to notice for all the lies and deception, Zala’s question about the Prism was sincere.

Zala Tsu.

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