Alt Timeline - Checking In (Aurra Talissa)

Posted May 30, 2023, 12:02 p.m. by Lieutenant Aurra Talisse (Chief Medical Officer) (D Grisham)

Jacen entered the medical bay, and unconsciously a chill ran down his spine. There was nothing about this particular medbay that should make him feel that way, but in his experience nothing good came from time spent in medical. It was relatively quiet today given the number of people serving on the Atlantis, he was thankful for that. His greatest problem with serving on a ship was the sheer masses of humanity in the close confines of a tin can. That wasn’t really a fair assessment, the Atlantis was massive… but its size was no comparison to the fresh air of serving planetside. Looking around Flex found and approached a female doctor, “Jacen Flexwood reporting for my clearance physical.”

Jacen Flexwood (Sec)

The CMO looked up from the tricorder she was calibrating and saw a large man looking down at her. “Hello Chief, I’m Lt Talisse, ship’s Chief Medical Officer.” A final adjustment to the device and it whirred to signal it was rebooting. Aurra set the tricorder aside and led the officer to a bio bed. “Why don’t you hop up here and we’ll get this part over with without too much trouble?”

Flex’s eyes surveyed the doctor, with her colored hair and painted nails she absolutely made an impression and he couldn’t help but think that she must be an interesting individual for those fortunate enough to know her. “Pleased to meet you Lieutenant.” He said before climbing onto the indicated bio bed.

Gray-green eyes looked around the bay to find another scanner that wasn’t in use, then retrieved it and returned to Flexwood. “Are you already in our system or do you have a medical chip with your records on it?”

—CMO Tallise

He passed her the chip and waited patiently for further instructions.


Taking the chip and inserting it into the computer, she quietly scanned the information that appeared. “Ooo, you’ve had your fair share of injuries…and broken bones.” A sudden shift in thinking caused her to look away from the computer. “Let’s have you lay down. I want to get an up to date, full, body scan just in case anything happens to you while you are under my care.”

Flex shrugged at her comment about the injuries he’d sustained. “Perks of the job.” He said sarcastically.

Once Flexwood adjusted himself on the bio bed, it only took the push of a few buttons to order the biological sweep. Comparing the new scan to the last one in his medical records, the only difference Aurra found was slightly more wear around the healed fracture in his ankle. “Alright, you are disease free and all biological functions are within healthy parameters, however, I’m a little concerned about the ankle you broke.” Moving to the end of the bed, Talisse began removing Flexwood’s boot.

—CMO Talisse

Jacen adjusted his large frame to fit appropriately on the bio bed. He laid silently as the scan was performed, he’d had enough of these in his career that he knew well what to expect. As she began removing his left boot, he leaned up and looked at her curiously. “Trimalleolar and Pilon fractures, Displaced in multiple locations. Bad enough on their own. Delay in medical care kept them from being set properly. Two surgeries and a year and a half of physical therapy to get to this point. It’s not as athletic or pretty as it used to be… but they haven’t put me down yet…” he said.


That earned him a chuckle. “And they won’t as long as we keep an eye on the healed fractures.” Nimble fingers rolled his sock down until it only covered the arch and toes of the left foot. As she located a bone knitter, Talisse explained her thinking. “The best prophylactic treatment of an injury like this is to do scheduled reinforcements with the knitter. That way, any micro fractures or bruises from ordinary movements can be healed even if you aren’t aware of them yet.”

Jacen watched intently as she rolled down the sock and listened to her explanation. “That’s good to know. I’ll make note of it.”

Returning to the biobed with the device, the doctor examined the ankle with her fingertips feeling for anything odd and measuring the remodeling and tissue density. “This won’t take long. I only see a very minute amount of damage, but if we keep after any day to day damage, you probably won’t have any of the pain and ache associated with healed fractures.”

Setting the bone knitter against Flexwood’s left ankle, Aurra activated it and walked back and leaned a hip against the table. “Do you have anything health wise to report that isn’t in your records?”

—CMO Talisse

He watched as she set the device to work and then returned to a leaning position. He marveled at how simple the machines looked that performed such complicated medical procedures. “Not that I’m aware of.” He responded.


Tapping a few keys, she made a notation in his medical file about the bone knitter, her plan to treat the ankle fracture prophylactically on an ‘as needed’ basis, and that he was in excellent condition on boarding the ship. “Just relax here for a few minutes while the bone is being reinforced. I’ll be right back.”

Still within Flexwood’s line of sight, Aurra walked to a terminal across the room. Once there, she pulled up something that made her brows pull down in a frown. Since the monitor was facing away from the patient area, he couldn’t see what it was that concerned her. A short conversation later with a nurse and she was once again at his bedside.

“Alright, that should do it for today.” Setting the bone knitter aside, she held out her hand to help him sit up.

“Was there anything else? Do you have questions or concerns that I might help with?”

—CMO Talisse

Flex nodded at her instructions to stay put. He watched the CMO walk away his eyes lingering a moment before looking around the med bay, it was a quiet time indeed as no one new had come in since his arrival. That was quite a feat on a ship of this size. Jacen’s eyes returned to the CMO as she read the monitor before her and he saw her facial expression change. He wondered what made her react that way. A moment later she returned and helped him sit up. Her hands were incredibly soft and felt small in his own larger hand.

“I think that’s it, unless you have any other instructions.” He said, then his curiosity got the better of him. “Was everything alright in my records?” He nodded to indicate the monitor she’d been looking at.


She followed his line of sight and realized why he asked the question. “Oh that? I was checking my schedule for tomorrow and saw something I wasn’t expecting that will require some looking into, that’s all.” Talisse folded her arms casually. “You check out just fine so I’m clearing you for duty. I do want you to stop by if that ankle starts giving you the slightest bit of trouble though. Alright?”

—CMO Talisse

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