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After 8 minutes the screen lit up… the computer put in a translation matrix so it reported in Federation standard.


Jen saw that they had connection a moment after the beep. “Okay people, we’re in and we have language.” He looked at O’Farrell then to the others. “Dig in and see what you can find out.”

Lexi immediately began to run a scan looking for the last time someone accessed the computer before them. It would help everyone start to get a timeline on the last time this place was inhabited and usually, someone left a note before locking up the house and turning off the lights.

Lexi Robins science

The data indicated that the computer hadn’t been accessed for almost 100 years.

“That timing was curious,” he said quietly. “Seems to coincide roughly with the disappearance of that ship.”

Not exactly knowing what Lexi was scanning for, Jen asked, “Any idea what this place was used for?”

The location was called Reseach Hardpoint 12. It’s objective was creating a Dark Matter micro singularity. Which was considered by Star-Fleet to be a theoretical impossibility without pretty much creating a black hole.

“And,” he inquired. “What is that radiation source?”
Jen, XO

The computer identified the radiation as an offshoot of the Dark Matter generation device. They had not named it anything fancy, just DMR (Dark Matter Radiation).

Cara moved over to a console and put in a search for personal and official log entries and a search for any visual recordings that would give them an idea of what the individuals that were here looked like or might have been doing.


“Would that have created some kind of wormhole?” he asked. “And, perhaps destroy themselves in the process? Where, I wonder, did the Darkness come into this?” he again mused aloud.

This was a experimental research station. there was a decided lack of personal anything. The official logs were also largely absent from the systems. The ‘logs’ did report that project worked towards a micro worm hole that would provide instantaneous communication and perhaps instantaneous movement from one point to another an unlimited distance away.

The internal security station, if there was one was not connected to the scientific stations so there was no security information and no camera recordings.

OOC: Luke .. your above note re the radiation .. The tricorder received the information from the Captain and gave details like decay rate, orientation of the radiation wave. It further complied and gave the result that there was minimal background radiation that matched the radiation on the fragment… but the wave was well controlled and only focused in one area of this lab. That seemed to be some sort of containment chamber… but after that it resolutely refused to give any kind of analysis of the data. .. is that what was sent down and what was in the lab on the ship, or is that related to something on the planet. I am just reading it again and my first thought was that it was something down here we’d scanned .. but now second guessing .. help an old Wookiee out? <G> .. Gene

OOC: The information was a comparison of what was sent from the ship in regard to the fragment collected of the suspected old federation ship and what you scanned inside the station. The two bits of information matched so the radiation was the same on the ship as that was in the containment chamber on the planet. What was odd was that the tricorder would not analyze the data/radiation. it wouldn’t report on what the radiation would do, or what created it, how long you could be exposed to it with no ill effects.

So it is both, something down here you scanned and something on the fragment from the old Federation Starship.

If that helps


“No personal logs filed. Official logs are absent as well. It does say they were workin’ on a project that worked towards a micro worm hole that would provide instantaneous communication and perhaps instantaneous movement from one point ta another an unlimited distance away.” Cara had enough basic scientific knowledge to know in general what there goal was, but Nash and Robbins were probably more suited for the more complicated details than she was. “There are no security logs or feeds in this console. Might have that stored else where, Cmdr.”


“Looks like a pretty impersonal lab,” he said, ” both from the look of it and what they were doing. We might find something in the personal quarters somewhere but from the look of it this was pretty high security and wouldn’t have any ‘shop’ talk allowed in them.” At least that was how he would do it. “Speculation people. They were trying to create a kind of wormhole black hole thing. Did that backfire on them? Could it have created a wormhole to our quadrant and interacted with the other ship pulling it through and destroying it? And .. another speculation. Can we do something with it to get us home?”
- Jen

“Well if we are looking for a possible wormhole then we should do a tetryon scan of the area. If there is a residue of one we should typically see neutrinos, ionized hydrogen, theta-band radiation, right?” Lexi said. Being hooked up to the Atlantis main frame it was easy to scan for this from the ship on the surface of the planet and then send the info to the tricoders they had.

Lexi Robbins

The scanners did not detect any current wormholes at any magnitude. Scans of wormhole by products didn’t not reveal anything. However most wormhole by products would only have been presents for a relatively short period of time… hours, perhaps days, certainly not the century plus evidenced by the fragment found.

OOC: Teryon’s, chonotons, neutronos are particles that would have dispersed and thus the quantiles would have been at ‘normal’ levels after 100 years and the only reason the radiation is detectable is because radioactive material has a constant dispersal rate measured by centuries and millennia.

Time to check in, Jen thought and tapped his badge. =^= Jen to Captain. The computer records show that this was a research facility that had been working on generating a micro worm hole. We believe it’s hoped for use would be instantaneous communication or movement over an unlimited distance. The radiation signatures and the data seen suggests this was attempted approximately a century ago. =^=
Jen - XO
OOC: Bump ..

=/\=So the Federation was attempting to use it to get home. Is there any data on what went wrong?=/\= She knew her thoughts were exactly where her XO’s probably ventured to. This was a way to get home and hopefully, two times was the charm. She hoped it was that old adage and not Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

Kelly Bordeaux

“No, but the orb might,” Kelly pulled it from her pocket. The little device the Lorn had given them had been a lot of help. Until now Kelly had almost forgotten it. “Orb,” she stated holding her palm out flat. “Is there another race with enough tech to help us try to figure this out or familiar with the tech behind it?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

The Orb glowed purple which was indicative of it doing a logic analysis… the longer the delay the more difficult the processing. =^=The Lorn has no knowledge of any race that controls this type of radiation. The Darkness’ primary weapon is an anti-neutrino beam weapon. What is not widely know is they have a secondary weapon that disrupts known warp fields and drives preventing a vessel for ‘escaping’. This secondary weapon is based on directed proto-matter. Proto-matter is a substance that is illegal in this quadrant.=^=


The couter on the planet would reveal that proto-matter was part of the experiment that they were running, but obviously the objective listed on the computer was only loosely related to warp travel as both were related to movement and little else. Micro-worm holes did not operate on the same principles as warp drive, although some theorized that warp fields in their own way created worm holes…


=/\=The Genesis Device. Jen is there traces of proto-matter on the planet,=/\= Kelly asked feeling a knot form in her stomach.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

=/\= Captian the XO is busy with something right now but the scans are showing that proto matter is present but not blanketing the space. Running scans now to see if it is located in certain pockets or evenly dispersed.=/\= Lexi was slightly taken back by the news. Protomatter was incredibly unstable and if there was a explosion here it would explain the apparent loss of life. Genesis was the creation of life from lifelessness but that would also mean the structures would be gone too? The only way in her mind you could have some of both would be if the proto matter was used in weapons format yet this was out of her purview of expertise.

Lexi Robbins

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