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Despite having been aboard the Altantis for months now, Jacen still found himself having trouble sleeping. He wasn’t sure of the exact cause of his insomnia… perhaps it was the perfectly controlled atmosphere, the unnatural quiet of his quarters, the hum of all of the biological and artificial energy trapped within the confines of the ship… regardless he refused to lay around and waste waking hours staring at the ceiling. Flex made his way to deck 17 and unsurprisingly found a vacant holosuite to occupy his mind.

=^=Computer run program Flex Zeta 66=^=

The computer beeped in acknowledgment and the scene started to materialize.

There were a few people sitting around on the various couches enjoying the warmth provided by the firepits. Jacen made his way over to the small stage beside the bar and picked up the old acoustic guitar that was waiting for him. Before even plucking a cord, a young waitress placed a drink on the stool beside him and smiled before returning to the bar. As the large man began to pick at the strings, the holoprojected patrons broke off their conversations to enjoy his rendition of House of the Rising Son.

Jacen Flexwood (Sec)

Twenty minutes later, Aurra was leaving the medical bay but didn’t want to go to her quarters yet. ‘A drink would be nice.’ she thought and then smiled. Wanting something other than the lounge, she stopped in the middle of the corridor, “Computer, are there any holosuite programs currently running where relaxation and alcohol are being offered that are open to the public?” She listened to the choices but there wasn’t enough information to make a completely informed decision, but the computer had mentioned a program belonging to Jacen Flexwood. Aurra squeezed her eyes shut as she tried to remember the face that went with that name.

Taking off in the direction of the nearest turbo lift, she was still working on filling in the details of the mysterious Flexwood. Big guy…security…yes, that felt right. ‘Well, I hope he won’t mind…’ Aurra made the rest of the trip in silence looking forward to the martini she would soon be drinking.

It was always interesting to see the programs her fellow crew mates had designed. Flexwood’s was unusual as it had snow, something Aurra was only introduced to after she graduated from the Academy. There was plenty of seating and even some fluffy throw blankets on the couches and chairs to ward off any chill one might feel. She could hear music and looked in the direction it came from.

“May I get you something to drink this evening?” A pretty holo server appeared at her side.

“Oh, yes…a dirty, vodka, martini, please—three olives?”

“Certainly. Would you like some food with it?”

Aurra chuckled. “No, no. It’s too late to eat, just the martini. I’ll be over by the stage.”

With a nod the server left and Talisse walked off in the direction of the stage. She was comfortably seated when the young female found her and set the drink on a table at her side, immediately leaving to see if anyone else needed her service. Aurra took a sip and smiled, it was just right.

—CMO Talisse

Flex was between songs when she entered. There were so many people aboard the Atlantis that he’d only had one interaction with Aurra despite having been on board for some time now. Despite the purely professional nature of their first meeting, she’d carried herself with the presence of someone that he wanted to get to know better.

Taking a sip of his drink, he enjoyed the burn of the rum as he swallowed it down. As Aurra made her way towards one of the seats near the stage, Jacen found the alcohol wasn’t the only warmth he was feeling. Placing the glass down he gave her a smile and began to pluck the strings once again. He thought this song might be a bit forward, especially considering her rank… but then again it was a late night, the drinks were flowing, and she had chosen to join this program out of all of the other possible choices of how to entertain herself… there was no harm in being playful.

As he began to sing, the bass in his voice became prevalent. A genuine warm smile spread across his face as he made eye contact, it was fun to play for an audience that could experience legitimate emotional responses to music.

OOC: The Song

When he finished playing, he placed the guitar back on its stand and picked up his drink. Swallowing it down he raised the glass to the waitress indicating he was ready for another then stepped down from the stage to approach the CMO. “Good evening Lieutenant!” He said warmly, “Mind if I join you?” He was excited about the prospect of human interaction. Flex didn’t like being surrounded by the masses on the ship, but he’d always enjoyed connecting with people on an individual level… the fact that this individual happened to be stunning didn’t hurt either.


The atmosphere, the drink and the music made Aurra experience one of those ‘perfect’ moments in life that surprise you—where everything in the universe seems right for just a few seconds. She recognized the feeling and made a silent toast to it. So when the song ended and Flexwood joined her at her table, she was smiling with genuine pleasure. He was a big man in excellent shape who generated a sense of ease naturally. And now she’d found out he could sing. The night was looking up.

(OOC: Is he in civvies or uniform? Aurra is still in uniform.)

OOC: He’s in civvies: jeans, black boots, and black shirt

As she gestured for him to be seated, Aurra acknowledged the program. “I hope you don’t mind me crashing your place like this. It turned out to be a good day today and I just wasn’t ready to settle in for the night. I wanted a drink and a distraction before calling it a night.” Smiling, she lifted her glass to him hinting she had the first but was still looking for the second.

—CMO Tallise

Flex took the offered seat, as the waitress arrived with his drink. He thanked her as she moved off to attend other patrons. “I don’t mind at all Lt.” He responded formally, they might be off duty but given his rank he needed to keep it professional until given permission to act otherwise. “Honestly it is a pleasant surprise. I couldn’t sleep… and I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste the prospect of a good night by laying there staring at the ceiling. I’ve been known to be distracting, whether that’s good or bad depends on who you ask.” He said with a wry grin.


She looked him over thoughtfully, appreciating many of his physical assets. “I’m sure you have been, Chief. Are you offering to be my distraction?” Aurra sipped her drink while maintaining eye contact with Flexwood. Are you sure there isn’t someone on the ship that would mind?”

She’d kept herself busy with work since she’d boarded the Atlantis, so no one was waiting for her. Well, Demo might be at loose ends looking for a partner in crime, but that was unlikely as he had a real nose for the ladies on board.

Aurra lifted the pick from her drink and pulled one olive off with her teeth. The salty, bitterness of the meat exploded in her mouth as she waited for Flexwood’s answer.

—CMO Talisse

He watched her intently as she placed the olive in her mouth, focusing on the way her supple lips wrapped around it. He cracked a smile at her question. “Oh I think it could be great fun distracting you Lt. And no, no one has me tied down yet.” He said his voice full of humor, meanwhile his mind added a second part that remained unspoken… he was usually the one doing the tying.

“I’m still relatively new to not just the Atlantis, but the Fleet in general so I’ve spent most of my time playing catch up. Learning how to operate various systems and what certain protocols are meant to look like. I haven’t taken much time for ‘distractions’.” He said using her verbiage for added effect.


Aurra enjoyed the forwardness of the man who suggested he would like to take her mind off of ship life. With so many bodies on the Atlantis outranking her, Flexwood offered a mostly lateral fraternization opportunity. She tossed back the rest of her martini and signaled for another. “I’m surprised a big, good-looking guy like you isn’t already attached, but maybe its just my lucky day.”

“Or maybe I’m a terrible person.” He responded sarcastically with a wry grin on his face. This wasn’t exactly how Flex had seen this interaction playing out, but it was certainly a pleasant surprise. He wondered if she was looking for one lucky day, or if this could evolve into anything else… there was plenty of time for all of that later, for now he was just having fun with their banter.

Her eyes sparkled as she held his gaze and chuckled at her good fortune. “So, if I were to take you up on your offer, what would you suggest we do?”

The server arrived with another drink just as Aurra ate the last two olives on the pick.

—CMO Talisse

He pondered her question as he took another sip of his drink, a hunger in his eyes that he couldn’t mask. When Jacen spoke his voice was infused with a playful tone that wasn’t normally there. “Oh I don’t know… long walks in the arboretum? I’ve heard the fresh air is nice there.” His grin spread a little more. “A drinking contest so that I can carry you home after I drink you under the table… or perhaps a fair lady such as yourself is looking for stimulation a little more physical, so that she can take her mind off the world for a little bit.” As he finished the last part of his statement he took a large drink and pulled a piece of ice into his mouth.


Aurra gave him a knowing look. “Oh, do I only get to choose one? Can’t I have them all?” He was very flirtatious and open which was refreshing in the Starfleet setting. His ease, along with the martinis were helping her to relax from the events of the day.

“Its probably not a good idea to try them all at once. I mean, if we try to drink each other under the table, I’ll be too impaired for walking in the Arboretum or anything else physical”. She laughed softly then, wishing she was not in uniform. Why hadn’t she gone to her quarters and changed into something a little more revealing?

—CMO Tallise


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