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“No, but the orb might,” Kelly pulled it from her pocket. The little device the Lorn had given them had been a lot of help. Until now Kelly had almost forgotten it. “Orb,” she stated holding her palm out flat. “Is there another race with enough tech to help us try to figure this out or familiar with the tech behind it?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

The Orb glowed purple which was indicative of it doing a logic analysis… the longer the delay the more difficult the processing. =^=The Lorn has no knowledge of any race that controls this type of radiation. The Darkness’ primary weapon is an anti-neutrino beam weapon. What is not widely know is they have a secondary weapon that disrupts known warp fields and drives preventing a vessel for ‘escaping’. This secondary weapon is based on directed proto-matter. Proto-matter is a substance that is illegal in this quadrant.=^=


The computer on the planet would reveal that proto-matter was part of the experiment that they were running, but obviously the objective listed on the computer was only loosely related to warp travel as both were related to movement and little else. Micro-worm holes did not operate on the same principles as warp drive, although some theorized that warp fields in their own way created worm holes…


=/\=The Genesis Device. Jen is there traces of proto-matter on the planet,=/\= Kelly asked feeling a knot form in her stomach.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

The tone in the Captain’s voice caught Jen by surprise and his antennae stopped in their tracks. He tried to recall something about this device and proto-matter but as a career marine that was not a talking point in the trenches. Lexi looked like she had an idea and he would inquire after her once there was more space to do that in. The Captain’s tone implied an urgency. Still, in catching a bit from the Orb with the channel still open did catch him up. Whatever this proto matter was it was used by the Darkness to generate a kind of interdictor weapon to snatch ships out of warp. In their last encounter were they too far away to have that used on them? It was an informational tool that would be very valuable not to mention tactical analysis of its recorded use.

=/\= Captian the XO is busy with something right now but the scans are showing that proto matter is present but not blanketing the space. Running scans now to see if it is located in certain pockets or evenly dispersed.=/\= Lexi was slightly taken back by the news. Protomatter was incredibly unstable and if there was a explosion here it would explain the apparent loss of life. Genesis was the creation of life from lifelessness but that would also mean the structures would be gone too? The only way in her mind you could have some of both would be if the proto matter was used in weapons format yet this was out of her purview of expertise.

Lexi Robbins

The proto-matter itself was in microscopic quantities. The experiment itself was a century old and whatever stores that were used had long since been emptied. There was little that could be collected or analyzed at this point.

The experiment as they further put the pieces together did not cause the Genesis wave here. The matching ‘experiments’ of proto-matter in two distant parts of the galaxy caused the experiments to achieve half of their objectives. Some knew what happened in the alpha quadrant, but they did not know of the micro wormhole that formed and transported bits of the Mutara nebula and Defiant here.

But what happened here was part of the wormhole/high speed opening that this race was trying to and it created a small connection. Receiving part of the Genesis wave and re-evolving the race here converting whoever was present into this world into a mutation of themselves… is a wave that enveloped the whole world in minutes.


=/\= Away team=/\= Kelly put out her question to anyone on the team. =/\= Can anyone tell me if the decay rate of the radiation they were studying correlates to the decay rate I am about to send you?=/\= Touching a button Kelly sent over the scientific info about decay rates radiation from the Genesis wave the Federation had on file. =/\=I am trying to figure out if we are dealing with a possible zeitgeist.=/\=

Kelly Bordeaux CO


Jen looked at all the scientific data that came down and was very grateful that there were people who actually knew what the squiggles and numbers meant. And what in the icy hells was a zeitgeist? Was that some kind of alien that was around this quadrant too? He saw the decay rate chart and a small bubble brief on the Genesis wave which for the second time in not too long stalled his antennae in surprise. =^= Stand by =^= Jen replied then looked toward Lexi. “Do they line up?” he asked, indicating the decay rates.
- Jen, XO

OOC: Im not certain what the decay rate has anything to do with what’s going on. If you could tell me the conclusion or theory you are wroking on I could give you a more useful answer… but at this juncture.

IC: There wasn’t too much information on the decay rate of the Genesis wave since the whole planet and system was classified and then self immolated. However the other two substances Proto-Matter did not have a decay rate since it was matter. Neither of the two items were of significant enough amounts to create a reaction. Not that they even knew what reaction they were looking for.


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=^= Jen to Atlantis. We are not seeing any kind of radiation decay rate. All that we see is fairly inert matter at this time that may be proto-matter residue in very small quantities. Do you think that that is a normal state of the aftermath of one of these devices deploying? Why would they have turned this on themselves? =^= Indeed, surely they would have tested it somewhere else besides their own home world, or so Jen would think.
- Jen, XO

=/\=We have a working theory right now,=/\= Kelly’s tone was only slightly confident not having a firm grasp on all the science behind this at the moment. =/\=that our Genesis device opened a micro wormhole which is why I am looking at a piece of the wreckage from the Reliant right now in our hangar. Our theory is that we punched a hole over here when Khan and Kirk went toe to toe. I am in communication with the Lorn using the orb trying to get any info they acquired studying it 100 years ago. I will patch the conversation through to your end.=/\=

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Conference calls. Jen was not sure he liked them but in this case being on the party line as some Terran in his regiment had mentioned once - and then had to explain - would save time. He tried to fathom the how on this side. Genesis device that altered an entire world’s DNA as it were with proto-matter, creating first a paradise then watching it fall apart as it became unstable generated a wormhole from there to here. Okay, he could see that, and even that creeping through to here to affect the planet here in a similar way. But how did this include the Reliant? Was it just in the extremely wrong place at the wrong time and intercepted the wormhole and was dragged through like through a garburator? He shuddered at that thought. He liked fighting chances. It didn’t sound in that sense that that gave the Reliant even that. Jen centered himself in the room so that those there could hear it as well.
Jen, XO

“Cmdr, It’s possible if this was from the Genesis wave and the Reliant, they may have scavenged some of the tech, computer core, sensors logs, etc from it and kept it here. Should I take a security officer and search?” Cara felt pretty useless at this point. There were no personal records or video recordings for her to try and get a look at what the beings working here were like or what might have happened to them. It was frustrating, but that’s the way it was.


“Good idea,” Jen said. “Do it.”

Then, back to the Atlantis, Jen asked, =^= How long have the Darkness been about? =^=
- Jen, XO

The report of the Darkness harassing and destroy shipping has been growing in frequency. There has been whispers of Darkness attacks for nearly a century… minor things here and there and missing ships. But those might have just been weird accidents attributed to a ‘boogie man.’ The more recent attacks over the last 20 years, growing in frequency magnitude and evidence are for the most part proven to be the acts of the Darkness ships.

The level of advancement of the Darkness ships suggest a development of a race several decades, or several centuries longer than that of the oldest Federation races. There is a possibility that they are a millennia older than the other native races of the area.

Cara nodded and toward the exit of the room. The security officers all shared a resigned smile, slapped Royo on the back for luck, and her ever faithful shadow. Cara glanced down at her tricorder and set it to search for federation power or comm signatures and material compositions. She knew the tricorder wasn’t enough so along with Royo they did a full search of every room they came to.


Gene asked about the darkness and Cara is wandering the facility.

That was conclusive but not conclusive, at least to Jen, at least before he had a thought. =^= The attacks suggest the Darkness has only been at it for a brief time, well within the century of this incident. But what if they had technology prior to that and only added to it.. The Darkness may be young but their predecessors that were transformed by the Genesis effect may have been advanced and they built upon it? =^=
- Jen, XO

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