Main Sim - Checking out the debris (Trainor, Kelly, and whoever else wants to join)

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“More like we need Gretsky and his ellipse,” Kelly drummed her fingers on the hull of the ship.

“Tenzig you are a lot older than you look,” she let out a small laugh. It was well known in his file that while Tenzig Trainor looked like a fresh-faced cadet, it was due to Q and not due to being an El Aurian. “Any rumors you heard about the Genesis incident causing wormholes?” The XO had stated that the lab the away team was in was running experiments to create micro wormholes. The secrecy about the Genesis situation always felt off to Kelly. If the project worked it would have completely transformed the landscape of terraforming. The fact an untested science experiment had unintended results was not shocking. The fact the Federation treated the situation like it was Talus had always intrigued her.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

“I mean…, it’s not an impossible hypothesis, especially since we’re seeing starships yeeted to other galaxies, shoot… there’s even another dimension!” Trainor exclaimed, “If there was proto-matter being used in high capacity in more than two places in the known universe at the same time, I could see how a wormhole could be formed.”


“Ten points for using the word yeeted,” she chuckled. “That is like persnickety or hunkey dorey. You don’t tend to hear them that much.” Tossing the orb into the air like it was the play therapy ball in Rinker’s office, she caught it and then looked down at it. “Orb,” she asked, “is there any instances of this type of radiation being used or occurring naturally in this part of the galaxy.” Kelly tapped a few buttons on her pad and showed the amount of energy in the protons to differentiate it from the other forms of radiation.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Tenzing had almost forgotten about the orb. “At least the magic ball won’t brown nose you to your boss....” Trainor said, waiting to hear what the orb had to say.


The “brown nosing” Orb glowed purple for a moment or two. It wasn’t a difficult determination. There was an anomaly that occurred in this sector a 80 years ago. That contained both of the dark matter and the unnamed radiation. It was believed to be a naturally occurring event by the majority of the races of this sector. The Lorn did not believe this and their analysis indicated that this was an artificial infusion of these elements.

The wave was not designed by any race known by the Lorn. Nor did the Lorn know how to replicate it. Proto-matter is not more common in this sector of space than any other. It paused as if it was about to continue then it stopped.


“Wait are you saying the Lorn knew about this?” Kelly immediately felt frustrated thinking back on her meeting with the Lorn however it was unjustified. One could not blame someone for not sharing information no one knew anyone needed at that time. “Orb can you place a subspace hail to the Lorn?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Kelly looked at Tenzig at the orb reacted to her request. “Be ready. You understand the science more than I do. When I get them on I will introduce you and explain the science.”

There was a low hum from the Orb. It would soon connect to the Ambassador of the Lorn. The hazy, purple armored individual from Base Five who was quite abrupt in his/her manner of speech.

=^= For what do you interrupt my schedule?=^= the Ambassador sharply responded. The distant tinkling behind the translator did little to hide the aggravation.


=/\=This is Captain Kelly Bordeaux. We met at Base five. My chief of science Commander Trainor is with me. We are sending you a radiation signature. What can you tell me about it and where else have you found it in your travels.=/\= Be readyshe mouthed to Tenzig. When the science rolled it it would be him and not her asking questions.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

There was a pause. “I am a diplomat not a scientist…” The pause continued for a moment. “I am not familiar with this radiation. Although our studies has noted this wave a century ago. You are currently at the site of the wave. Which informs your question.”

“My familiarity is irrelevant. What is the information you seek, or do you ask questions just provoke a response that may be useful to you?” For a diplomat V’goth was not particularly diplomatic. However that was his history. “The Lorn doesn’t not advance the technology of less mature races beyond their abilities.”

V’goth the Lorn Ambassador

Less mature races, she thought wrinkling up her nose. “Then think of this as an exchange of information,” Kelly began to toe the line in the sand with the prime directive. The Lorn seemed big and tough but so did the six foot fifth grader on the playground. At times one talked a good game simply based on appearances. “Send us your studies on the wave and we can provide you with what we have from our studies of it.” Of course Kelly was going to edit out the whole creating a new planet that went bonko but she could whet their appetite. The idea of the genesis wave creating micro wormholes was tantalizing but being able to create a planet like Dr. Marcus wanted was mind-blowing. If the Lorn had studied the wormhole portion, maybe the Genesis wave would again get some scientific study. To ensure the ambassador did not continue to see them as amoebas and themselves as sentient beings, Kelly added, “we are just about able to stabilize the micro wormhole it created.” Looking at Trainor she nodded indicating he was about to be up with the science facts she just stated they had. He was a scientist. They were good at BS for funds for projects so now it was time to put those skills to work.

Kelly Bordeaux

=^=No.=^= The Ambassador responded bluntly, no to an exchange of information. No to releasing their data of the event.

=&=Stablizing the wormhole if that is what you want, is your issue. If that is all?=^=

Jen replied after a short time .. =^= Jen to Atlantis. We are not seeing any kind of radiation decay rate. All that we see is fairly inert matter at this time that may be proto-matter residue in very small quantities. Do you think that that is a normal state of the aftermath of one of these devices deploying? Why would they have turned this on themselves? =^=
- Jen, XO

=/\=We have a working theory right now,=/\= Kelly’s tone was only slightly confident not having a firm grasp on all the science behind this at the moment. =/\=that our Genesis device opened a micro wormhole which is why I am looking at a piece of the wreckage from the Reliant right now in our hangar. Our theory is that we punched a hole over here when Khan and Kirk went toe to toe. I am in communication with the Lorn using the orb trying to get any info they acquired studying it 100 years ago. I will patch the conversation through to your end.=/\=

Kelly Bordeaux CO

With the hypothesis of the ship not only being Federation of a relatively long time range, to the single ship the Reliant. The computer and engineers were able to rule out all the other possibilities and result in a 92.7% chance of the wreckage being that of the Reliant. There was also an reluctant acquiescence of the computer that the metal they located was subjected to elements from a nebula and the Genesis radiation.

=^= The attacks suggest the Darkness has only been at it for a brief time, well within the century of this incident. But what if they had technology prior to that and only added to it.. The Darkness may be young but their predecessors that were transformed by the Genesis effect may have been advanced and they built upon it? =^=
Jen, XO .. forgetting to cross post ..

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