Sickbay…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present. (Tag Medical)

Posted Sept. 30, 2023, 5:03 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Hjortur Ingi)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Brenner “Bren” Satis (Doctor/specialty in neuroscience) in Sickbay…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present. (Tag Medical)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Sickbay…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present. (Tag Medical)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Peter Sigmundsson (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Sickbay…When the past doesn’t match the future or the present. (Tag Medical)
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Snip of all snips

Zala dropped to the floor like a sack unable to break her fall. The initial injury had severed her spine causing her legs to go numb and the subsequent one deflating a lobe of her lung. Mentally she spat out a thousand curses of how she was going to kill him the second her body began to repair itself. The nanites in her body immediately moved to the various organs that were failing only the scope and breadth of her injuries were far more than just a normal dose of nanites could fix. Lying on the deck, she waited for her suit to activate, flooding her body with three more doses of nanites and the battle drug. She waited for the suit to place her in stasis until her broken body could be repaired but none of that happened. With the blood hemorrhaging from her injuries, the nanites could not stop it without extra medical help. Zala Tsu could do nothing but watch him walk away until her world faded to black.

Zala Tsu

Peter eyed the woman curiously, the attack had been a risk as he wasn’t sure how their combat assistance suit worked, how it was activated or disabled. I doubt she was too panicked to activate it, perhaps something near the neck or a verbal command. I’ll have to check the corpse on the Atlantis to confirm the theory, interesting that it didn’t activate to help save her life as she’d threatened. Far as I could tell it should activate to help heal them, perhaps the injuries sustained were serious enough, perhaps the location matters. Lucky finished his thought and grabbed the lockbreaker from the console, it had finished its work a long time ago, brute forcing the self-destruct and navigation controls. =^=Computer, beam over the 3 unconscious humans to Location Kilo-4=^= He watched impassively as the three bodies vanished, his only asset onboard the Atlantis was waiting there to tie the three of them up, he hadn’t yet gathered a team of Operatives.

=^=Computer set safe distance away from USS Atlantis then activate self destruct=^= He no longer needed an activation code, this trick could only work for such a small ship under these circumstances. Again it was luck not skill that decided the day, or well decided that he could do all this without being noticed by the main Atlantis crew. =^=One to beam over to location Alpha-2 =^= He commanded =^=Forewarned, forearmed - Energize=^= The code phrase activated the command he’d given allowing him to leave without a worry.

Moments later he found himself not far from his office on the Atlantis, one of the preprepared places where he could transport to without being traced. As soon as he took the first step his legs lost strength and he crumbled to the ground and he started to heave, emptying everything he’d ever eaten on the carpeted floor. He retched for a few minutes, coughing until he felt some strength returning. He pulled a piece of cloth from his pocket to wipe his mouth, when he pulled the dirty cloth away he saw a drip of blood, he felt at his nose, it was bleeding. Odd that, the woman had been powerful, almost breaking through multiple times through his mental defenses, ten more minutes and his defenses would have killed him. He shrugged himself and moved on, time to visit sickbay again.


A few minutes later Peter arrived in sickbay, he’d been there hours before, but he wasn’t sure how long. Things had been chaotic as far as he knew and it was probably stock full of injured and near-death marines. He entered, doing his best not to keel over, he didn’t have any serious injuries, a few cuts and bruises but with a bloody nose he’d at least need a dermal nose job. He took a position within the central room, making sure to be noticeable but not in the way of the staff.



In situations of multiple injuries, Sickbay went into triage mode. Those with more serious injuries were seen to with urgency, those with less life-threatening, if painful, breaks were made to wait. Bren was a junior doctor, even if his Chief wanted him in her Sickbay he’d be assigned the less serious, and less exciting, cases. So it was the dark-eyed Betazoid who approached the CIO and helped guide him to a vacant biobed.

“I’m Dr. Satis. I’m going to ask you to sit up on the biobed. I’d have you lie back, but with a bloody nose, it may be best you stay partially vertical,” Bren was already running a cursory scan of the CIO with his medical tricorder. “Besides the obvious nose injury, where else do you feel pain? Let’s start with your head and chest. If those are mild to free of pain, tell me about the rest.”

Satis, MO

Peter smiled at the doctor, it was a reassuring smile “Oh I don’t feel much pain anywhere else Doctor Satis” He seemed to be watching the doctor with mild interest. He sat up straight as directed “I have some bumps and scrapes around that don’t need much attention, just a standard check for infection. I do have a headache, it is a solid six if I’d give it a numerical value out of ten.” He spoke calmly, a pleasant conversational tone

Bren could sense that the officer believed his pain was a six. He could also sense an internal reaction to the pain that indicated it was more severe than the CIO was willing to admit to himself. Bren made a mental note, but continued with his more objective scans to determine his patients physical state.

The scan revealed that his cuts and bruises were minor injuries, probably from rolling around the ground or bumping into various bulkheads. There were faint bruises forming on his rather oversized knuckles indicating that he’d used them to hit something but again the injuries were minor. Scans of his head revealed the most severe of his injuries, Although there were signs that he had broken his nose in the past the bleeding had nothing to do with any physical injuries, It seemed some sort of abnormal stress to his mind led to burst blood vessels in his nose.

His neurological scan revealed that he’d been under enormous stress, mostly in his prefrontal cortex and hippocampus areas. The scans gave the impression of an external factor of a non-physical nature. They also revealed that his pain receptors were lighting up, it was likely that his headache was far worse than a six on his numerical scale.


Bren folded up his tricorder and placed it in the pocket of his lab coat, making eye contact with the rather tall officer, “I see no indication of broken bones, Commander. You have significant bruising on your hands and several superficial scrapes. It won’t take too long to right those wrongs, but I’d like to do a more comprehensive scan of your frontal lobe and hippocampus. My scans are showing neural activity that may be a sign of neuropathy. Frankly, I’m surprised your pain only registers as a six. Most likely we’re looking at a mild concussion, but best to be sure. I’m going to raise the biobed up to a 45 degree angle. Lean back and relax.”

Peter nodded slowly so as not to further injure himself then did back as told. “Pain is always comparable to previous experiences, I’ve felt similar pain before and it wasn’t all that concerning”

Bren ran one hand over the CIO’s forehead, pushing his light brown hair off his forehead. Even reclining, Sigmundsson was tall enough that Bren felt himself reaching up attach a small sensor in the center of his brow.

“Can you tell me what caused your injuries, Commander?” Bren asked as he waited for the results of the scan to populate the screen attached to the biobed.

Satis, MO

Peter gave the younger officer an amused look “We just had some pest control issues I had to take care of, nothing too concerning.” He said jovially “One of said pests had a rather annoying psychic talent for command” He clearly wasn’t going to tell the entirety of what happened, there was a sense that he was telling the truth, whatever he was doing he did consider pest control “I can resist such things up to a point but repeated attacks can lead to injuries, so long as there aren’t any physical ailments beyond a hormone imbalance I’ll be fine”

Bren continued to analyze the data that was transmitted from the neural sensor, but his attention had been piqued by the CIO’s mention of a ‘psychic talent for command.’ Sigmundsson’s claim to an ability to resist such intrusions only made Bren more curious.

He put on an annoyed expression “Worst part is I won’t be able to shield myself properly for days” He looked directly into Satis’ black eyes “Even you’ll be able to read me” He let out a wave of bitter amusement, part of a mental trick that worked better against empaths than full telepaths, Satis would be able to sense the forced manner of the emotion and the annoyance that followed. The more detailed scan revealed much as he’d predicted, no physical ailments beyond some burst blood vessels. He was however at risk of encephalitis of the aforementioned brain regions which if left untreated could become much worse. Although he had similar symptoms of a concussion there hadn’t been any physical attack, the injuries were entirely caused by a psychic attack, or a multitude of mid-level attacks.



Although he didn’t know it, the CIO was being treated by a junior MO whose expertise was very closely aligned to the injury he had sustained. The researcher in Bren had to be consciously pushed aside to allow the healer to take the reins. It was an adjustment Bren was still figuring out.

“There are signs of initial swelling in your brain, very early and very treatable. I’ll have to keep you here for a few hours at least to monitor your reaction to the treatment, but I don’t anticipate any complications.”

Bren removed the sensor from Sigmundsson’s forehead and pressed a few buttons on the biobed’s control panel, “Just hold still.”

The CIO remained at a 45 degree angle as a half circle device rose from behind his head and came to a stop just above the bridge of his nose. A soft blue glow emanated from it once activated. Bren took in the expanse of Sickbay before deciding the storm of injured had subsided and he didn’t need to move on just yet.

“I apologize if you’re a little less than comfortable. You won’t hurt anything if you move your head slightly, but it’s best to stay as still as possible for the next fifteen minutes,” Bren paused for a moment before changing subjects. “I’m curious Commander. You mentioned your ability to shield yourself from empaths, but, according to your chart, you’re human. I’ve never met a human with more than a rudimentary ability to divert empathic senses. Mostly those who can have trained themselves to push their thoughts away through a trick of distraction, like humming loudly in their head. I’m guessing you’re referring to something more…specific.”

Satis, MO

Peter stayed still as ordered. He blinked at the light a few times before acclimating to the brightness “On paper empathic shielding is simple, you just drown out your true emotions with artificial or forced emotions. It’s difficult for humans to become good enough at understanding their own emotions to be able to manipulate them but like with most things emotions are just brainwaves and the brain is a clever thing. I’m halfway decent at suppressing or deflecting emotions, necessary for intelligence fieldwork” He smiled “Or to mess with an empath” There was pure amusement at that thought “No my ability is imprinted telepathic shielding. There are ways like you mentioned to avoid surface-level telepathic mind-reading, playing games in your head like poker or chess, and reciting songs was what I was taught in basic.” Peter explained as he wasn’t exactly imparting deep secrets “Can’t have any joe-telepath getting classified intel just using brushing” he said with a chuckle

“My ability isn’t natural, you could consider it like a mental firewall from an outside source, it allows me with focus to resist certain mental techniques such as the aforementioned attack. It was a psychic attack meant to compel me to obey, as you can see it is very taxing on a brain that didn’t evolve to have telepathic abilities” It was relaxing to speak about the event, like a post-op debrief “Of course, it won’t do squat against something as invasive as say a Vulcan Mind Meld or any similarly powerful telepathic technique” He didn’t mention the ways those could be circumvented but the feeling of amusement and arrogance that emanated from him spoke volumes in that regard “If you want I can show you how it works once I’ve recovered. It’s been described to me like viewing something through an opaque glass, giving only impressions instead of fully formed thoughts.”


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