A Gamble on Fate - Siren III, 2384

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Planet: Siren III of the Siren System, Alpha Quadrant
Year: 2384


A young Ethan Nash stood on the balcony of the new Residential building in the city of Liberty. A young colony that the Federation had established in the Alpha Quadrant, the planet of Siren III was a lush world of green forest and blue seas that had a surprisingly large dose of easy to access resources and a lack of sapient life and dangerous predators.

In short, a perfect world for colonization.

Slowly breathing in a lungful of pure, clean air Ethan smiled as he overlooked the young city and cradled a small bundle in his arms. Slowly rocking side to side he hummed softly to the young girl in his arms with a shock of red hair, visible from the top of the blanket around her. The apartment that Emily and Ethan had been assigned in the new building wasn’t anywhere near the top floor but was still tall enough to see most of the city around them and, away in the distance, the thin horizontal line of blue that revealed the city was close to the ocean.

Out of uniform, Ethan still had the build and poise of a young Starfleet Officer for whom life was good and his career was progressing hand in hand with his family. A slightly baggy t-shirt and hand towel slung over his shoulder, knee length shorts and bare feet announced that Ethan was at home doing family things after a week where they had unpacked their belongings and finally got things mostly where Emily wanted them. Looking back, Nash supposed he should have been ready for the way that his wife supervised every part of the decorating of their new home considering the way they met on the desert planet while she was decorating the soup kitchen, back in the Academy.

“Hey Babe,” he called out softly, turning to Emily in the small living room of their two bedroom apartment. “Wanna go out to the park after nap time? Take a walk and stretch our legs? The boxes can wait for a bit, they aren’t going anywhere.” A small gurgle from the bundle in his arms sounded the approval of Hope Nash and he grinned at Emily. It still gave him a funny feeling in his stomach when she smiled at him, the exact same as the day they met. The same as the day they got married.

Emily did not speak for a long time. It was not that she was questioning what Ethan had asked. It was more the sight before her: Ethan holding their daughter. Leaning against the wall, Emily took it all in as a smile spread over her lips. She was always attracted to Ethan. From the moment she met him in the dust and sand, Emily knew she was one day going to marry him even if it took Ethan a few weeks to realize it after their first meeting. It had only been a few years but everything she had dreamt of came true. They had graduated. They had married. They had started a family. With all her wishes having come true, she was now just living in the moment.

Emily watched the slow smile spreading over Ethan’s face as he saw Emily staring at them but not responding to the private monologue he was sharing with his daughter.

“Hope says yes, so you’re outnumbered,” Nash stuck his tongue out at her. “We don’t want to be seen as the weird new people that never come out of their apartment. People will think we’re in some kind of constant apartment rearrangement cult.”

Ethan Nash

“Well if you let Uncle Herman come for a weekend we would have been moved in and known everything about everyone ten floors down and up,” she bit her lip smiling at him. It wasn’t that Herman Hornsby and Ethan Nash did not get along. In fact, Herman adored Ethan but the man did come with a reputation.

Glancing at the clock on the wall, Emily let out a small sigh as she closed the space in the room wrapping her arms around Ethan’s waist from behind. “I think that would be lovely. It would be a nice way to end our weekend.” Emily did not regret joining Starfleet but she did regret not having anyone but her uncle. So many of their friends complained and moaned about pesky relatives. Even without kids, their friend Natasha’s Bashuska was constantly visiting and managing the affairs of Nat and Dante. It was only occasionally that Emily wished for more family. “How about we take advantage of nap time to expand our brood,” she ran her hands down his stomach before tickling him slightly. “They say it can take a while and Hope is three months old?”

Emily Nash


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