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The tricorder pitched up and down then almost seeming to go left and right. As the scientist looked, investigated deeper into the interface. She was reminded as she waited for a response, there was a ‘keypad’ of sorts, which was just a slight impression that would allow 14 ‘digits’ into a touch pad that seemed able to suck at the surface of the skin, much like the touchpad at the doorway..

The touchpad at the door way seemed to use chemical or dna inputs to open the door or perhaps another unknown factor.

While Jen could field strip a phaser rifle in the dark and plot out a tactical advance on the battlefield the language of science that Lexi and Cara were using was beyond him, and he was okay with that. Everyone had their strengths. Jen didn’t have to be a master of all disciplines when others were so much better. Focus on one’s strengths, he was told. Don’t try to level off what you are not good at at the expense of how you might excel when focused on one’s strengths. One must ever learn and grow, yes, but there was too much to learn in a lifetime to hope to know it all or do it all. Focus and be content. Those were the words of his old mentor and trainer many years ago. Only as he has aged some has he learned the wisdom in that. Strange how it seemed to take living to learn wisdom when the answers were all given ahead of time, and, by one’s youth, nearly always set aside.
- Jen


The reaction of the scan piqued Lexi’s interest. “Someone get me some of that biometric gel,” she called out as a plan began to form in her mind.

Lexi Robbins, science

“As soon as we can find a way inta that other room,” Cara respo dedicated. They could see the vials through a window, but they were safely contained in the other room. She continued to search through the computer to discover how the containment worked or what the experiment might have been. “There may be another way inta that room, but I stopped here when I found that,” she nodded around the room and then towards the window again.


Getting in the other room was as much ‘getting into another room’ as it was entering the heart of an inactive volcano that’s mouth had been sealed off. The machinery was visible through the window, but there was no apparent way to get to the three containers on the other side. Perhaps the transporter would work. It would be far safer for the biomimetic gel that could be beamed over with its container. But the dark matter and anti-matter were in magnetic bottles that did not react well to transporter beams and even a break of a microsecond of containment would mean the end of the mountain and closest 200 kilometers. And even if those 2 bottles could be successfully beamed they would then be un-powered and thus off… off meaning “BOOM”.


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Jen took his tricorder and scanned the door and the locking mechanism. They were not so successful in hacking the last time. He was inclined to cut his way through the door or simply beam the two into the other room like they did previously to get into the main doors. “Getting out will likely be easier than getting in,” he commented.

=^= Transporter room. Lock onto Robins and O’Farrell’s signature and beam them into the chamber two meters in front of my position. Indicate any issue with this option. =^=
Jen, XO

There wasn’t a verbal response as the tell take whine of a transport beam started. That in of itself was an answer to the lack of difficulty.

Lexi let out a breath she held as she and Cara materialized on the other side of the wall. “Shouldn’t the Marine be over here if we are dealing with things that explode,” she whispered under her breath to Cara in a humorous tone. Walking over to the container, Lexi stared at the three containers. “So the biometric gel can be transported but the other two are in metal containers and might go boom. What do you think,”

Lexi Robbins science

“I think that I want ta make it home eventually so let’s leave the volatile stuff alone. I deal with unstable people no chemicals,” Cara remarked.


=/\=Two to beam down at the XO’s coordinates =/\= Kelly stated looking at Trainor. The pair beamed in the same room as Jen. Looking at her XO, Kelly nodded before looking at the two women in the other room. “You should beam in there with them,” Kelly said to Trainor. “I’m not sure they have the classifications to work with dark matter.”

Kelly Bordeaux CO.

Jen heard the twinkling whine of the transporter confinement beam and turned to see who was arriving. His brow rose and antennae made a slow but focused turn to the Captain. “You have a way of liking to be where things may go boom, Captain,” he said. Nodding toward the ‘lab’ he said, “We just located this lab where they were doing experimentation. Their language appears to be more scent based and language is slowly coming along with their systems.
Jen, XO

“We have reason to suspect the race here might be insectoid in nature. Might explain why they are not on the surface past this bumker. Insects tend to like to be buried so maybe underground there is a larger trace of them. If they are insectoid in nature it could explain why communicating with them is so historically impossible for the people in this section of the galaxy. What if we are not trying to just communicate with a different alphabet but a completely different mode. Trainor and I were looking at the possibility the aliens here and on the Darkness communicate with lights or chemicals like other insectoid races.” Handing Jen her scanner, it had all the information downloaded from their time with the pirates about the Darkness. “Maybe we can cross check this dna with something left over in the biometric gel?”
Kelly Bordeaux CO

Jen understood underground bunkers even if he didn’t much like them. Well, perhaps not stone ones. He rather preferred ice caves and the like but to each their own. “Have we done any deep scans from the ship to follow up on underground communities?” he asked. That didn’t entirely sit right with him, however as this facility looked for all the world like any other above ground science post. If they liked underground why not have this well into the mountain rather than sitting out waving them in? “If there are such things like the Orb I can’t imagine not being able to follow an insectoid language base. Our universal translator handles languages of many forms. If we can figure out how to understand Horta then surely someone could have gotten this down. Or, maybe I’m just being critical Captain.” He said this as he looked at the scans.

The biomemetic gel was not reacted with yet so there would be no genetic information in it yet. There was previous information on the genetic make-up the Darkness ship from their encounter a week to ten days previously. The dna was projected both forward and backward in time and development showing an insectoid race that could have come from a much smaller ‘human’ sized progenitor.

The fact that it currently was the size of a star-ship would have been taken centuries of growth or millennia of evolution.


“Are we thinking that the Darkness came from these aliens?” Jen asked, frowning. Timing didn’t work on their side. If they had triggered something with the Genesis device that had by some miracle rolled through here that didn’t explain the temporal improbabilities. The Darkness had come into this region a century or so ago** and poof they were the regional black hatted menace acting both chaotic and evil. “Captain, perhaps we are going at this the wrong tact. We’re looking back. Maybe we should be looking forward. Could what happened here created a temporal anomaly that pulled the Darkness in from the distant future. Related or not to these aliens could they just be an accident of time and if so they completely don’t belong here. Imagine what they may have done to the timeline if that is so.”
- Jen

** Correct me if I’m wrong on the timing there Luke.

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“I hate temporal mechanics and still regret cheating on the final,” Kelly grumbled as she mulled over what her XO suggested.

Jen’s antennae made a slow circle over that admission. “How could they tell?” Jen said dryly.

“Tenzig,” she looked over at the science officer. “Can you postulate what the species of this planet would be if there was some DNA in that biometric gel container Lexi and Cara are extricating?”

Pulling the orb from her pocket, Kelly could have kicked herself for forgetting she had it. =/\=Orb is there a language sample we can use to communicate with from the race the Lorn stated lived here?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

He tipped his head awaiting the reply, but, given the ‘help’ it has been providing he had little faith.

=^=The races of the region didn’t communicate with this race. The Lorn was unable to translate the dialect. On the rare occasion there was a discussion a pictograph type of communication was utilized. It was very ineffective and slow. The natives clearly had a different means of communication that remains a mystery to us.=^=

The genetic traces could be projected. The DNA suggested a land based insectoid that resembled more like an octopus as opposed to the classic insects humans were familiar with. The DNA suggested it/they should stand about 2 meters tall but have a wing span of three times that.


“Well, that sucks. I am sh#t at both charades and pictionary,” Kelly responded as if the orb cared.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

“Machine language is fairly consistent. Their speech patterns and the like may have had multiple allowances such as scent and such, but machine language is consistent - consider your ancient Egyptian pictographs through to the Asian region to Northern runes. The computer should be able to determine similarities in language. Orb, has that been attempted?”
- Jen, XO

Trainor paused for a moment in thought. “If we’re talking insectoids who use scent as their main sensory and possibly communications, then… hmmmm,” Tenzing trailed off as he compiled the scans of his tricorder. “I certainly wouldn’t want to come face to face with these things, Captain,” The CSO stated shaking his head. “I’m going to send the results to your tricorders…”


“The Lorn has never attempted to link computer systems due to the intrinsic danger of letting computers speak to each other without oversight. Nor is this unit is unaware of any attempt made to break into this planets computer system. However, it suspects that the Federation has the ability to break into the computer system if it is willing to take the risk of computer to computer direct communication.”

Indeed, that was true. Given access and enough processing power there was no need to understand the language of the race. It was far easier to translate the language of the computer. The danger was the computer’s anti-intrusion system locking down the whole thing.

A quick link between a tricorder and the land computer and then a link to the Atlantis, it was projected that they would have access to the base control system in under 10 minutes.


Looking at her XO, Kelly stared off in deep thought for a second. “Jen, do you think we could create a sandbox effect between us and the bunker’s computer? I am not sure why the Lorn never wanted to get into the computer system but maybe we can be cautious. Can we get enough computing power from a shuttle to have the shuttle’s computer systems break into the alien bunker’s computer? That way if something goes sideways it is contained.”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

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