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Posted by Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir (Executive Officer) in MAIN SIM - in the alien bunker

He tipped his head awaiting the reply, but, given the ‘help’ it has been providing he had little faith.

=^=The races of the region didn’t communicate with this race. The Lorn was unable to translate the dialect. On the rare occasion there was a discussion a pictograph type of communication was utilized. It was very ineffective and slow. The natives clearly had a different means of communication that remains a mystery to us.=^=

The genetic traces could be projected. The DNA suggested a land based insectoid that resembled more like an octopus as opposed to the classic insects humans were familiar with. The DNA suggested it/they should stand about 2 meters tall but have a wing span of three times that.


“Well, that sucks. I am sh#t at both charades and pictionary,” Kelly responded as if the orb cared.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

“Machine language is fairly consistent. Their speech patterns and the like may have had multiple allowances such as scent and such, but machine language is consistent - consider your ancient Egyptian pictographs through to the Asian region to Northern runes. The computer should be able to determine similarities in language. Orb, has that been attempted?”
- Jen, XO

Trainor paused for a moment in thought. “If we’re talking insectoids who use scent as their main sensory and possibly communications, then… hmmmm,” Tenzing trailed off as he compiled the scans of his tricorder. “I certainly wouldn’t want to come face to face with these things, Captain,” The CSO stated shaking his head. “I’m going to send the results to your tricorders…”


“The Lorn has never attempted to link computer systems due to the intrinsic danger of letting computers speak to each other without oversight. Nor is this unit is unaware of any attempt made to break into this planets computer system. However, it suspects that the Federation has the ability to break into the computer system if it is willing to take the risk of computer to computer direct communication.”

Indeed, that was true. Given access and enough processing power there was no need to understand the language of the race. It was far easier to translate the language of the computer. The danger was the computer’s anti-intrusion system locking down the whole thing.

A quick link between a tricorder and the land computer and then a link to the Atlantis, it was projected that they would have access to the base control system in under 10 minutes.


Looking at her XO, Kelly stared off in deep thought for a second. “Jen, do you think we could create a sandbox effect between us and the bunker’s computer? I am not sure why the Lorn never wanted to get into the computer system but maybe we can be cautious. Can we get enough computing power from a shuttle to have the shuttle’s computer systems break into the alien bunker’s computer? That way if something goes sideways it is contained.”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Jen nodded. That was a really good thought. It might not be as quick but it would be safe. They could soup up the computing power in it physically but all the same, that would take time too and that was a trade off. “I agree. That is the best barrier we can have in using a separate computer system. If I might suggest the Longevity Runabouts would have more computing power than the Armadillos. It would take longer than using the main computer, but safer.”

Which was relative in this area of space with the risk of Darkness showing up.
- Jen, XO

Tapping her comm badge, Kelly ordered one of the Runabouts into position to create essentially a sandbox where they could access the Bunker’s computer but not use the Atlantis’ main frame. This hopefully would nulify any potential damage in the act. Once the Runabout was in position, Kelly ordered the download to start. Hopefully they would gain some answers about what happened to the Aliens and more importantly, find a way home in the process.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

While they waited, watching the others doing tests and setting up, Jen said, “So what do we have? A potential wormhole effect caused by the Genesis project failure all those years ago that caused the destruction of a ship and affected this world, apparently for the worse. They themselves were playing with what here? The same thing? Is this to suggest that we take their resources and attempt to duplicate that state, generate a wormhole to get home? All the while under the threat of these Darkness ships?” He shrugged. “A regular day by the sounds of it.” He knew he likely had some facts off. Jen was not a scientist in the least. But throwing out such thoughts did help him to try to understand what were the facts.
- Jen, XO

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