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Bren knew little to nothing about his new Captain. He’d done a cursory search after he received his assignment to the Atlantis. Still, the fact that Aurra was the ship’s Chief Medical Officer had been his primary concern from the moment he realized that information.

So, here he was, outside a stranger’s office door palming the chime uninvited. And the stranger was the most powerful person on the ship.

Satis, MO

“Come,” Kelly yelled out. She tended to have an open door policy but that meant if you walked in unannounced you were getting her probably hip deep in something. Reaching up with one hand, she motioned for the person to come in and come forward as she signed off several PaDD’s that were sitting in front of her.

Looking up she saw it was the new doctor. “Dr. Satis,” she smiled. “What can I do for you? Coffee,” she asked taking a sip of her own as she pushed the few PaDD’s scattered on her desk to the side.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

The fact that he sensed nothing but welcome from the Captain calmed a fraction of the nerves that were firing his anxiety as he entered the Captain’s Ready Room. Had he been assigned to any other ship in the fleet this meeting would not be happening. He’d been a fool to think Aurra had approved, or even requested, his assignment aboard the Atlantic, and now here he was ready to defend his career only hours after boarding his new ship.

As Bordeaux retrieved him a mug of black coffee he pondered just what it would mean to board a shuttle off the Atlantis within 24 hours of reporting for his new assignment. It would be one more thing future commanders would question about his record.

His anger at Aurra was growing in the pit of his stomach.

“Hello, Captain. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I apologize for coming here without warning. I’ve only recently reported for duty on board the Atlantis and Dr. Talisse, ” he paused, looking down at the comfortingly warm mug cradled in his hands. “Well, she’s ordered me here to request a new assignment. She would strongly prefer I not be a member of her staff.”

Satis, MO

The man was Betaziod and Kelly learned a long time ago not to worry about this fact. Yes, they could read one’s emotional state but so could a lot of other counselors and diplomats that weren’t Betazoid. Hisrace gave him an edge but nothing Kelly was defensive about. “And she was suddenly promoted to Captain to order this,” Kelly mused with a curious expression on her face. This was not the first time an officer demanded that a crew member be removed from a ship they did not command. Usually, it was the one requesting the transfer and not the person in question to be transferred as it seemed in the situation currently. Typically a demand for transfer only involved one of two situations.

“Did one of you steal a promotion or how long were you sleeping together?” The question was blunt, but her tone indicated a casualness to the question, indicating that Kelly had not taken a side or even knew why the man was in her office. None of the command courses covered love and breakups in a floating tin can but it was as real of a problem as being attacked by an enemy. If Kelly was keeping a tally sheet, which secretly she was with her long-time friend Dante, they both had had more command emergencies involving personal tension among crew than with outside enemies. Kelly had come to realize long ago that Starfleet was filled with ambitious and highly intelligent people. These people, when spread out in the civilian fields, could move about to make their mark on the world as being a top dog. In Starfleet, these people were concentrated on a ship or station which meant things could and did at times get competitive. Kelly had no idea what the reason was for Bren to be sitting across from her but he did not seem too upset about the request.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Despite himself and the anxiety he felt at the situation into which he was thrust, Bren cracked a smile at the Captain’s question.

“I can assure you that neither of of those reasons are what brings me here. Dr. Talisse and I knew each other well at Starfleet Medical, but my romantic inclinations point in the opposite direction. While she had reservations about more than one man I dated back then, it was never more serious than a friend looking out for the best interests of another friend. As for the other half of your question, we were competitive with each other, but Aurra was a year ahead of me and our specialties differed.”

Bren raised the steaming mug of coffee to his lips and took a small sip, pausing for time as he ordered his thoughts about the best way to approach the confessional part of this meeting.

Kelly waited for Bren to continue. She was slightly surprised it was not one of the two options she mentioned.

“Shortly before Dr. Talisse completed her time at Starfleet Medical I was recruited into a research program at the Daystrom Institute. The project itself is classified, but I was careless during its initial phases and I crossed a boundary with Dr. Talisse…Aurra. I was wrong. I let my passion for the new project and my closeness with Aurra cloud my judgement and she has, apparently, never forgiven me. I had hoped that my assignment here was a sign that enough time had passed. Your Chief Medical Officer has made it clear to me that it hasn’t.”

Satis, MO

“So it is a personal matter,” Kelly took a sip of her own coffee. She used the cup to hide her slight frown. Personal matters were always so much more sticky than professional ones. Kelly tended to avoid interpersonal matters, especially with her officers, like the plague. “Did it ever reach HR?” The words had almost a physical reaction as they left Kelly’s mouth. It was not that she hated HR but no one really jumped up and down excitedly when you got a comm or memo from them. HR was like that family member you knew you had but only associated with when you had to because it inevitably created more drama than you thought possible.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Bren appreciated the directness of the Captain’s question, even though he felt a growing resentment to Aurra that she was forcing him into this conversation.

“No, as far as I’m aware the incident stayed between us. Aurra graduated soon after and I continued my work with the Daystrom Institute. I imagine we both thought it in the past until this morning.”

Satis, MO

Kelly took a sip of her coffee. “So I have a question,” she looked at Bren curiously. “Did you come down here because she ordered you to or because you wanted to get your version in first?” There was no anger in Kelly’s emotions but only a slight twinge of irritation that could be surmised at having to get into a he said/ she said situation. “You did say she pulled rank and told you to come here so unless I am reading this wrong you are not looking for a transfer Dr. Bren Satis, are you?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

As much a junior officer could relax after pushing his way into the Captain’s Ready Room uninvited, Bren felt himself relax. Captain Bordeaux was asking the questions he had hoped she would, even if he hadn’t had time to fully realize just what he hoped for from this meeting.

“I am not. I am here at the orders of Dr. Talisse. I recommended that she be the one to broach this subject with you and she preferred I do it myself.”

Was he pushing this too far by adding that last line? He wasn’t sure. He didn’t know the Captain, but from what he could sense and from what she had said, it seemed to be the information she was after. He could only wait and see if he’d read her correctly.

Satis, MO

Kelly wasn’t a Betazoid but she could read people. It was clear, Dr. Satis was relaxing more into the conversation by his posture and word choice. This was not a bad thing. Kelly had an open-door policy with her crew. Bren was just new and probably didn’t realize that impromptu one one-on-ones were the norm, not the exception. Now that they were hip deep into the he said/she said, it was time to wade through the muck to come out the other side.

“And why would she request that?” The question and the expression on her face showed Kelly’s confusion. “I only ask because while there are times I throw two crew into a locked room and state two men enter one man leaves, I don’t see that approach working here. I also don’t tend to blindly accept the word of a higher ranking officer as gospel so help me understand why you think she wanted you to come hat in hand to my office.” Picking up a stylus she fidgeted with it as she spoke. “Rank is off the table and I want you to speak freely. It is the only way I can figure this out and decide what to do.” Kelly was placing Bren in the situation for him to vent like a middle school teenage girl about the unfairness of life. It was not that she wanted to hear the dirt about the intimacy of Bren and Aura’s past relationship. It was more about whether Kelly was going to send this down to counseling or make them sit through specially chosen HR inservices. The latter tended to make people beg and plead faster for it to stop than someone in an interrogation cell. One only had to sit through the eight-hour course of He said/ She said: An in-depth analysis of daily interactions between co-workers where we question did anyone say anything that anyone really heard to know they were never getting those eight hours of their life back again.

Kelly Bordeaux CO


Bren took in both the Captain’s words and what his other senses could discern of her intentions. A part of him was still reeling from the maelstrom he’d walked into this morning and, while he pondered paths of limited truth that could downplay events from years earlier, he didn’t want to start off his new assignment with lies of omission, so he decided on the truth, consequences be damned.

“Dr. Talisse won’t tell you a story different from mine. Her recollection of what happened is accurate,” Bren leaned back in his chair, his posture opening from whatever defensive signals he may have been giving off up to this point. “During my penultimate year at Starfleet Medical I was recruited into a now defunct research program. I was chosen for two reasons: my specialty in neuroscience and my Betazoid heritage. I signed up without hesitation. I was a child when the Dominion invaded my homeworld. My people have often been seen as passive. Some of that generation began to see passivity as a weakness. More of my generation came to same conclusion. That included me. We are committed members of the Federation, but the Dominion War showed us we have to be able to defend ourselves.”

Kelly was rarely formal in these impromptu one-on-one meetings. The more Satis spoke, the larger the scope of this situation became, and the more Kelly saw the complexity in it.

Bren took a breath, his dark eyes looking to the ceiling for a moment, “And now I’m ranting. I suppose I’m only trying to provide context. The project I joined aimed to discover ways Betazoids could use our unique abilities to defend ourselves against attack. I was as much prototype as researcher. That alone should have alerted me to the ethical problems with the project, but I was young. I crossed that ethical line with Aurra. She was my closest friend. Sometimes I felt like her mind was my own. I crossed a very stark ethical line with her. I invaded her mind. For only a moment and with no ill intent, but those aren’t excuses. It ended our friendship. She graduated and I continued my work. Until today.”

Bren could say more, but he’d said enough. His cards were on the table and it was up to the Captain to make her judgments.

Satis, MO

Kelly stretched out in her chair buying her time to think and to shift her position. Prior to this, Kelly was more reclined as if they were chatting in her home versus her office. Turning her body so that she could face him, Kelly clasped her hands in front of her taking on a more Captain-like appearance. “I am starting to see why this is a bigger issue.”

The Federation was still reeling and healing from the Dominion War even though it had been years since it ended. Scars that occurred from it would take generations to heal with the possibility of the Betazoid race never collectively recovering. That would be something history would have to deal with; however, Kelly had to deal with it in real-time. Taking a breath she continued, “Did Starfleet recruit you into the project or was it something more nationalistic driven? I don’t care if it was intelligence-sanctioned, medical-sanctioned, or classified-sanctioned but more was it in any way Starfleet-sanctioned?” She assumed the answer would be yes since Bren referenced he was in his senior year but assumptions often caused more issues than not.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Bren wasn’t sure what he expected in response from the Captain he was just meeting. He could only be optimistic that her first instinct was to question and gather additional information.

“I can’t speak to the overall command of the project as I was more researcher than bureaucrat, but my direct command was entirely Starfleet. While my own views on the ethics of the project have shifted since I joined, the legality has not been called into question. As one would expect, that is of little comfort to Dr. Talisse.”

Satis, MO

Kelly understood his position far more than Bren Satis probably realized. Her background was security and intelligence. Compared to professions such as the one Dr. Satis was in, there were times when events left one smarting and looking for a little payback or blurred lines of morality. While doctors lost patients, it was different than standing on a combat line and watching the guy next to you get picked off simply because a battle was raging. Those deaths made one want to give back what they had received. Dr. Satis was not a security officer but he was Betazoid and the attack on his world during the Dominion War was horrific. When the battle was on your home turf it was always more personal. Given the Dominion Wa occurred when she was in high school and Bren was probably close to that age, the ten-foot-tall and phaser-proof mentality probably colored both their outlook of where moral lines lay. If Kelly had lived through was the Betazoids did, she definitely would have done some morally questionable things that Starfleet commanded by choice or by order.

Bren found himself relaxing as his senses picked up a lack of negative emotion from the captain. There wasn’t the anger that had engulfed Aurra when he arrived, nor the disdain a superior may feel for the complications a junior officer was bringing to her within days of boarding her ship. A picture of Captain Bordeaux was beginning to take shape in his mind and it made him even more desirous of keeping this posting.

“Judging someone in a black-and-white manner without context about past decisions could send that individual to the Wall of Heros or the penal colony in New Zealand,” she stated in a very philosophical tone. “You also have no indication of this on your record so I am not questioning your actions or if they were sanctioned. Unlike other officers in your spot across from me, you can sense probably that I have zero reservations about you on the crew or that the misstep we have been talking about will be repeated. I try to be a straight shooter so for the record I have to ask this. I trust age and experience have shown you a better way to use your innate Betazoid skills?” She was very careful in being too specific in her statement. Years in command had taught Kelly never to say never or issue ultimatums. Life had a way of making you look like a sucker when you did and people did not respond well to ultimatums. Kelly had to trust Bren came to the conclusion his actions in the long-ago event were wrong and he changed from the event.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Bren nodded, his dark eyes looking down at his lap for a brief moment before meeting Bordeaux’s expectant gaze. Her question was entirely appropriate and one he felt confident in answering.

“Yes. My understanding and control over my abilities has improved over the last several years, but even more so has my discernment of when and where to exercise my abilities.”

If only Aurra could see things as Bordeaux did, but with the CMO the question undergirding this conversation was less philosophical and more personal. Grateful that his meeting with Captain was going as well as it could, he left that complication unsaid. He didn’t doubt that Bordeaux was well aware of the issue and was already formulating a solution.

Satis, MO

“Last question two questions,” Kelly stated suddenly wanting to wrap this conversation up but for a purpose Dr. Satis may or may not understand. Since it was personal in nature, Kelly needed to fully end this conversation before bringing it up. The last thing she wanted was for Bren Satis to think he was in a quid pro quo. “Are you happy here and can you maintain a professional relationship within the department.” She would be surprised if the answer wasn’t yes and yes. It was just one of those dot-the-paperwork items. After his response, if yes, Kelly would take a chance on him like Bren took a chance on her.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

For a moment the doctor wanted to parse her question. How could he know he was happy here if he’d only just arrived? He anticipated he would be and he wanted to keep the posting, but that level of pedantry would serve no purpose here.

“Yes, Captain, I am happy here and have no doubt about my ability to maintain professional relationships within my department and the Atlantis as a whole.”

Satis, MO

Kelly let his answer hang in the air before a slight nod indicating approval of his answer. The pause was more of her time contemplating how she was going to bring up the new topic. Her easy, laid back personality was a bit more tense. “Dr. Satis I need your help with something. It involves Jessa and your Betazoid heritage. It is a more personal favor than professional one so if you are not interested in hearing any more you can just walk out and we are still good.” Kelly did not expand on the other option. If he remained in the room she would continue.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Bren felt his eyebrow raise involuntarily. It was obvious he was curious. He’d come to the Captain fully expecting that his assignment aboard the Atlantis would end practically before it had begun and now the Captain was asking a favor of him. It didn’t escape his sense of irony that the favor seemed to fall within the same realm, or perhaps vicinity, of the part of him that had landed him trouble to begin with.

“Please, Captain, tell me how I can help.”

Satis, MO

“I fully respect your Betazoid heritage and I am not asking you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with but,” Kelly finally stopped hemming and hawing around her question, “I would love to know your gut thoughts on her emotional state when you have interactions with her. We keep her under close supervision and those allowed access to her a select few. I need to ensure the safety of not only my crew but also her. While I am not privy to disclose everything going on right now, there are a lot of moving parts behind the scenes. I am not asking you to mind meld with her psychic style but more your general impressions.”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

Bren was silent for a moment. A number of thoughts rushed through his mind, but he wanted to avoid an unfiltered response. He had studied psychology as an undergrad, but his expertise was the physical wiring of the brain, not the emotional complexity the brain’s electrical impulses manifested.

“Most of what I sensed from Jessa lacks context, so please take that into consideration. I’m not qualified to diagnose anything beyond her physical health, but I met a girl who seems to be struggling internally while doing her utmost to display an adult confidence externally. What I felt from her could be a strong case of cognitive dissonance. The mental model of the world that has been developed within her for the past twelve years isn’t helping her make sense of her current situation. In fact, it’s likely doing the opposite and that can create a heavy psychological toll.”

Satis, MO

The fact Bren Satis hadn’t stated ‘oh hell no’ when Kelly mentioned Jessa was a good sign. She didn’t want to make this an order and even if she had to, there were so few crew she felt reasonably safe in assigning the task to. “Rinker has stated much of the same as you in his sessions with her.” Taking a more formal pose, Kelly clasped her hands in front of her and looked at Bren.

Bren’s eyes momentarily looked to the side as he tried to place the name Rinker in his quick study of the ship’s senior crew. His memory didn’t land on the person, but he kept himself from interjecting. The Captain looked ready to continue and he waited for her to fill in the context.

“You are new to the crew but I want you to know that when I can give full disclosure I do. When I can’t I give,” she paused debating on her words, “murky honest.” The word should impart enough meaning for Bren to guess what she alluding to. “There is a push from command to ascertain what the suit can do at any cost. I want to minimize the cost to everyone.” Unlike some in Starfleet, Kelly struggled with Jessa’s age and mental state when looking at her actions. “Jessa is a child and Jessa has the potential for great violence.
Right now those two facts are mutually inclusive however I am hoping to make them exclusive. It’s no secret that Jessa and some of the crew are like oil and water. She was very close to the prior CMO, Evrilla however she is not here now. Jessa and the current CMO got off on a bad foot so I am going to assign you to be around to monitor Jessa’s physical state when we test the power of the battle suit. Rinker will be there to monitor her psychological status however since you are Betazoid and Rinker is a physician maybe you can cross-collaborate. Of course, you are also free to collaborate with Dr. Tallisse on any thoughts you have but I am trying to keep the people involved with this task small and those to whom Jessa has been relatively lukewarm in regards to personal relationships. ” Kelly let her comment sink in and waited for a response from Dr. Satis.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

“I’m glad to know that Jessa is at least lukewarm toward me,” Bren’s lips curled slightly into a playful smirk. “I’d be happy to work with Dr. Rinker and make sure that any tests we do with regards to her battle suit do not cause her physical or psychological harm. If there’s a chance we can return Jessa to some semblance of a healthy adolescence, I want to do my best to help. What are our next steps and to what extent are we being transparent about our goals with Jessa? I gather she may be pretty attached to her battle suit.”

Satis, MO

OOC: Am I wrong thinking this is the first time the CO and Bren have met. That he is newly aboard and hasn’t actually worked yet. He boarded and reported to sickbay where Aurra ordered him to go to the Captain? I’m asking because if this is their first meeting, he wouldn’t have any idea who Jessa was.


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