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Posted Feb. 24, 2024, 11:32 a.m. by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

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Posted by Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in [AE] - The Aetherial Expanse - Bridge - {Captain}

Posted by Narwhal the nefarious (GMT) in [AE] - The Aetherial Expanse - Bridge - {Captain}
On the bridge of the USS Atlantis, the Gamma shift worked away quietly, whilst most of the ship rested. Lieutenant Mia Wells, the officer in charge during this period, conducted her duties with the characteristic precision expected of a Starfleet officer hoping to one day attract the attention of someone who can move her towards her ambition of becoming an XO. Her focused gaze swept across the consoles, monitoring the ship’s systems with unwavering attention, she never sat in the center chair knowing she had not earned the right.

The hum of the ship’s engines provided a steady backdrop to the quiet activity on the bridge. Ensigns manned their stations, their movements purposeful yet unhurried. Everything proceeded as it should in the vast expanse of space, far from the chaos of the Alpha and Beta shifts. Amidst the calm, the subspace communication panel blinked with an insistent green light, signalling an incoming priority one message from Starfleet Command. Lieutenant Wells’s eyebrow arched ever so slightly in response to the unexpected interruption.

With measured steps, Lieutenant Wells approached the communication panel, her mind already contemplating the possible reasons for such urgency. The crew exchanged glances, sensing the disruption to their otherwise tranquil shift.

=^=Captain Bordeaux,=^= Lieutenant Wells’s voice broke through the calm, urgency lacing her words,

Kelly heard the beep of the comm and forced the grogginess of sleep from her head the best she could answering the message. =/\=What’s up=/\= she stated moving from a reclined position in her bed to sitting on the edge of it. No one called the boss in the middle of the night without it being important. Glancing at the time, Kelly stood up and began pulling on her pants and boots.

=^=Incoming priority one message from Starfleet Command. It’s the admiralty.=^=

Lieutenant Mia Wells
Gamma Shift Duty Officer
USS Atlantis

=/\=Oh yeah. Nothing ever good happens after 2 am especially when it is from command. Patch it to my quarters for now=/\= Kelly stated. Moving to the replicator, she made a cup of coffee as she headed to the terminal in her quarters.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

As Captain Kelly activated her screen, there was a brief delay that mirrored her own drowsiness. However, the crisp image of Admiral Carter soon appeared, seated at his desk. He was a seasoned figure, with strands of grey in his hair and pallid skin that spoke of long hours spent indoors. His brown eyes, framed by gentle crow’s feet, bore into the screen, focused on the Captain.

“Good Morning, Captain. Apologies for catching you at an inopportune time, but I deemed it necessary to deliver this news personally,” he began. “How well-versed are you in first contact protocols?” he inquired, his tone carrying a sense of urgency.

Admiral Carter
Starfleet Command

Kelly took a long sip of her coffee hearing the casual greeting as she got her bearings. It was a misnomer that Captains sprung from their beds, blessed with instant wakefulness, at the sound of a comm badge. It was more of a Pavlov’s dog situation where you were trained to react to the sound after so many years in Starfleet. Finishing her sip, Kelly reciprocated the greeting and replied to his question. “As well versed as the next guy. Don’t interfere with pre-warp civilizations, ensure all interactions result in a net zero influence on the culture and just like camping, take everything out that you brought in.” Her comment was not as sharp or official as other Captains might have been but it contained all the necessary talking points. “Where are you sending us,” she posed the next logical question.

Kelly Bordeaux CO

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