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“Not a typical class at the marine academy,” Jen said wryly. That had been rather beyond him in both the science and notion. Planet killing and resurrecting technology was something that they’d rather avoid even in the marines; something like that too quickly had a way of coming back to bite one in the extremities.

OOC: Lieutenant Spock. He probably was the oldest Captain in Star-Fleet.

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IC: It seems likely we had two experiments that had an integrated reaction and two separate effects on the two ends. The integrated reaction was the wormhole and on the Federation side was the regeneration of a whole world and on this side, with the rapid evolution of a planet full of a race.


“What if there was a rapid evolution of this planet’s species no different than what occurred with Spock on the planet Genesis before it blew up? Cara, Tenzig,” she called out to the two officers, “Could the biometric gel have played a part in this?

Kelly Bordeaux CO

“Hypothetically, mixing dark matter and biogel could have adverse actions, Captain, ” Trainor suggested.

Cara looked at Tenzig. She was no scientist. Well not in those areas anyway. Then she addressed the captain. “We know it has applications in the creation of biogenic weapons and organic explosives, as well as illegal genetic and cloning experiments. I don’a suppose it is outside the realm of possibility that they attempted ta do such a thing. It is no my area of expertise, so I would no hazard a guess on how successful they were.”

Lt. O’Farrell, counselor

“Do we think a simulation could replay the events?” Tenzing asked no one in particular, “If the two did come into contact, I’m sure the computer could throw out some hypotheses of the result.”

A simulation could come up with many different results, based on program that was used in the mixture. However significant mutation and rapid evolution was the most common conclusion of the data. On this side of the experiment and on the Federation side with the Genesis wave.

“Rapid evolution. Remade. Reformed. But what then do we have? A ‘reptile brain’ as humans call it controlling a ship killing organic vessel?” Jen offered with a wince.
- Jen, XO

Looking at Cara, Kelly got a deep in thought expression on her face. “There are a million and one reasons past the sane ones about why we don’t allow sentient cloning, but I thought I read an article once about the impacted mental state of rapid cloning. Something about causing the individuals to have unstable emotional regulation since they did not have the maturation time of experiences as the body grew. If the species here was rapidly growing could it maybe account for the aggression? Kinda of an exaggerated fight or flight response?”

Kelly Bordeaux CO

“Essentially they’d have the emotional capacity of a toddler?” The CSO asked, looking at the Counselor.

Lieutenant Commander Tenzing Trainor
Chief Operations Officer/Science Chief

“If we were talkin’ about a humanoid mind, I would say without doubt that yes, they have most likely driven themselves insane. However, this is an insectoid mind that we have no knowledge of. Also, if they rapid grew, it is more likely. However, if they were simply doin’ rapid evolution but allowin’ individuals ta grow and mature naturally, then perhaps not,” Cara offered. There were just too many unknowns so far. “From a Federation stand point their actions are violent and seem unstable. For their society, even before this, may have been xenophobic and spiciest. It may be normal for them but exasperated by the rapid changes. I’m sorry Captain, I can no give you more definitive answers without more data.”

Lt. O’Farrell, counselor

Jen found speculation on any subject to be interesting to a point. However .. “I’m sure we can come up with other possibilities,” he said. “The essence here - what they were doing here coincided with our experiment and something bad resulted and we have a barren world here, a sociopathic group of aliens called the Darkness, and possibly a way back home in this region if we can dodge the Darkness long enough to do it. The question is: do we see anything in this data that may pinpoint where the gateway home is that we can begin with?”
- Jen, XO

The combination of experiments lead to ‘at least a temporary worm hole. Of course it blew up a nebula on one side and probably mutated all life on a planet. So there was a large risk involved with a lot of questions on how to make the comparable link in Federation territory.’

OOCLSince I killed the other thread I’ll put the ship information here.

It was on top of them as their sensor detected it. Warp 9.92 (depending on what STF math you use) about 10 times faster than any ship they have ever seen. (I’m calling bs on that Voyager episode).

Before panic could set in the ship was classified as the “The Great One’s” Vessel. Comparatively small, immensely powerful, and with a commander a modest as he or she was omnipotent.

=^=You shouldn’t be here.=^= He started without preamble and it echoed out of all of there communications devices both on the ship and on the planet.


“Well they got that right,” Jen muttered as he winced at the sudden comms.

=^= Jen to Atlantis. Status report. Transporter room stand by for beam up. =^=
Jen, XO

“Looks like we might have a kink in our plans, Captain,” Trainor stated as he started packing up the equipment they had brought down. Tenzing wasn’t going to let an ominous voice ruin next week’s inventory count.

Lieutenant Commander Tenzing Trainor
Chief Operations Officer/Science Chief

“It wouldn’t be an adventure if there weren’t any, Lt,” Jen said with a wry smile. Expect the unexpected.
- Jen, XO

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“Standing by for beam up.” The Transporter room confirmed.
NE Zappy

“Captain?” Jen said referring to the beam out ..

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