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OOC: Pasting from the planet thread ..

It was on top of them as their sensor detected it. Warp 9.92 (depending on what STF math you use) about 10 times faster than any ship they have ever seen. (I’m calling bs on that Voyager episode).

Before panic could set in the ship was classified as the “The Great One’s” Vessel. Comparatively small, immensely powerful, and with a commander a modest as he or she was omnipotent.

Shortly after came a call from the planet ..

=^= Jen to Atlantis. Status report. Transporter room stand by for beam up. =^=
- Jen, Xo

“Standing by for beam up.” The Transporter room confirmed.

NE Zappy

“Oh great its our friend Wayne Gretzky,” Kelly stated looking at her XO as they stepped off the transporter pad. “This time I will hold him and you knock him out,” she stated clearly irritated that the Great One now decided to show up.

Entering the Bridge, Kelly took the center seat and looked at the comms terminal. “If Wayne hasn’t hailed us, open a hail to him.”

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