Sickbay - Let's get (a boarding) physical

Posted Jan. 18, 2019, 3:10 p.m. by Ensign Samantha Keene (Engineering Officer) (Ffion Grace)

Posted by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - Let’s get (a boarding) physical

Posted by Ensign Samantha Keene (Engineering Officer) in Sickbay - Let’s get (a boarding) physical
Sam loitered at the entrance to sickbay for a moment, trying to put off entering for as long as possible. She took a deep breath..

“Shesh, put your big girl panties on and just get on with it you big wuss” she said to herself, “it’s only another physical, getting poked and probed and what-not, just get through it right quick and it’ll all be done.”

She stepped into the bay and looked around for someone to report to....

Ensign Keene - Engineering

Coming in the door behind her a voice said “ you always hang around in corridors outside sickbay for ages before you come in?” A bearded man wearing black trousers, what looked like a med division teal jumper and a white and grey lab coat stood and considered Keene and raised one eyebrow. He leaned n an old fashioned black metal walking aid with a starfleet badge and pips embedded into it. “New?” He asked.


“Yes Sir, I mean no Sir, I mean Yes Sir, I’m new and no Sir I don’t usually hang around outside doors....Sir”

Sam was slightly taken aback by the sight of the cane supporting the person she guessed was a Doctor by his uniform and pips, having gotten used to not seeing anything other than state of the art equipment and facilities since leaving her home to join Star Fleet.

“Ensign Samantha Keene, reporting for my physical examination Sir” Sam threw in a salute figuring that it was pretty hard to go wrong as a Junior Officer by saluting pretty much everyone she saw on her new ship.

Ensign Keene - Engineering

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