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Posted by Captain Alexxander Ryley (Chief Medical Officer) in CMOs office: Side Sim

Posted by Crewman Taw Yllek (Nurse) in CMOs office: Side Sim
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“No…no absolutely not, out of the question.” Ryley’s voice said from inside the office loud enough to carry through the open door and out into the main sickbay. He sat behind his desk playing with his ball and looking at the ceiling as he tossed it up and down on the bottom of his cane.

With a glance at the person before him he added. “Besides what the hell am I supposed to do with a student? I’m a terrible teacher just ask them from my brief stint on an academy ship. I caused one cadet to quit and another to cry every time she saw me. They only let me lecture because it was non contact style. And she’s a nurse I’m not a nurse what am I supposed to teach a Nurse. Nope sorry not happening.”

He looked at his companion and shook his head to emphasise the point.


Yllek walked into sickbay, with her satchel and the item her mother had carved for her. Sickbay and the ship was much smaller than she remembered it, of course, back then she was a toddler, and looked up at everything and everyone. She heard Ryley’s voice floating through an open door into sickbay and she went towards it, following the voice. It sounded like he was being his usual self, the voice that had so captured her imagination when she was much younger, the self that tried to prove to everyone he met that he was a grump, but she knew early on he really wasn’t a grump, he was nice and funny and the grumpiness was designed to frighten people so they didn’t get to know him, like she did.

She went to the open door into his office, stopped just outside and knocked on the open door. On gaining the occupants’ attention, Yllek said, “I’m your new Medical Student, a Nurse, not a doctor, and I’m very happy to see you again, Dr Ryley. My instructor at the academy told me to report to you when I arrived, and I did so.” She looked at the object her mother carved for her, and then at Ryley “Dr Ryley, I have a gift for you, all the way from Earth, my mother, Taw Elocin made it for you at my request. She now carves wood but wanted me to say hi for her, so Hi, from mother..” She paused very briefly, before adding, “I’m Taw Yllek and I am here to learn everything I can about Starfleet Medicine from you. I am very happy to be here with you once again. Here’s your gift!”

She held the wrapped item towards the old doctor. It was wrapped in teal coloured paper and had a navy blue bow tied around it … it was long and slender and had an envelope attached to it.

  • Taw Yllek, Student Nurse

Ryley for his part, stared at the newcomer as his mind whirlwinded back to the kid he had known so many years previous. Slowly as though in shock he Reached out a hand and took the package from her. Turning the envelope to look at it in more detail he sighed deeply. The sort of sigh that shows the full capacity of your lungs.

On the envelope was written To Dr Alexxander Ryley from Taw Yllek. There was a card inside, it had a panda eating bamboo on the front cover of it, and Taw Yllek had written Dear Ryley-with-Cane, you inspired me to go into nursing. I know this’ll make you pretend to be grumpy, but I know its just an act. Thank you for being you. PS The attached gift is NOT a bribe. Love (which was then crossed out) Sincerely Taw Yllek, Nursing Student.

He read the card and raised his eyebrows

“I thought I told you years ago I was an irritable grouchy, grumpy old man and to clear off and not come back kid.” He glanced up at her. “At least your not still carrying that doll around.” Carefully he opened the package and placed it on his desk.


She laughed at him, “you did tell me that years ago, Dr Ryley, and I didn’t believe it then, and I don’t believe it now. If you stopped pretending to be grumpy you’d probably be much happier.” She thought about her doll, and then added with a bright smile, “I stopped playing with Tessa years ago, I’m sure mum would be able to find it and send it through if you want to see it again. Besides, in High School, I put aside the dolls and the toys for teenage boys. Andorians are so … passionate, aren’t they?”

A slight smirk crossed his face as if he understood and related to that comment never mind agreed with it. He school his expression as he saw his not bribe his breath caught slightly as he schooled his expression.

It was a brand new walking stick for Ryley. It was hand made out of Tasmanian deep forest hard wood and had the caduceus carved into the staff, with primum non nocere into the handle. There was also a place for Ryley’s combadge and medical tricorder on the handle of the walking stick if Ryley wanted to put them there.

“Mum carved it for you at my request, Doctor Ryley. I hope you like it,” Taw Yllek said, “Nursing Instructor Battleaxe didn’t like the idea of me doing so, she told me to make sure it wasn’t a bribe. That lady is terrifying. Did you ever know Ms Battleaxe?”

  • Taw Yllek, Nursing Student

And there it was, he couldn’t just throw it back at her. If he kept it well that was worse somehow. He scowled deeply and stared up at her then. “Yes I know who you’re talking about and she’s right this is entirely inappropriate for you to give to someone who is supposed to be in a position of authority over you and 100% looks like a bribe.”

He ran a hand over the stick and admired the craftsmanship, “You’re just lucky that I accept bribes. Purely to teach you that the types of unscrupulous people who accept them are also the sorts who don’t honour the bribe part of the exchange and are likely to use it as blackmail over you instead.”

“Mother will be pleased,” Yllek replied, no smile on her face.

He pressed a button on his desk, into the room walked Bailey looking mildly confused. She glanced at Yllek and then at Ryley and raised both eyebrows.

“What!?” Ryley demanded. “This is apparently our new nursing student. Get her checked in and a job to do I haven’t got time to have uneducated ragamuffins under my feet,”

Bailey smiled and nodded her head. “Yes Ryley.” To Yllek She said “This way” and led her out of the office into sickbay proper.



OOC Thank you Ryley-with-cane I mean Cale.

IC: Yllek followed Bailey out of the office and into the sickbay proper. She looked around, and said, “it looks so much smaller now than before. I was last here with him when I was a kid and he had me sit there and separate medical equipment into ones that glowed green and ones that glowed red. But now, I’m here to learn to be a good nurse.”

“I am ready to work,” Yllek said, “but first, I suppose I should be medically cleared?”

  • Nurse Taw Yllek

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