Smuggler's Run- Where there is smoke there is fire Ally and Maybelle build a replicator

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“Okay so this is going to be perfect,” Maybelle said to Ally as she looked at the hunk of square metal sitting on the floor of the diplomatic suite room they had appropriated. No one ever came down here or used these rooms. At least that is what she heard Mr. Bordeaux say to the captain one time in the mess hall. They had been sitting at the table next to Ally and Maybelle during lunch. The two adults were having boring adult chatter about things no one carried about except for the piece about the non-used rooms on the ship. It was that comment by the head diplomat that which caused Maybelle to do some exploring after school. Sure enough, Mr. Bordeaux was right. The rooms were ready for people but the smallest ones at the end of the hall had a dusty smell to it. That is why Maybelle claimed it as their clubhouse. It had everything the kids needed. A couch, bed, bathroom, console for watching holos, and isolated from nosy adults. What it didn’t have was a replicator. Maybelle solved the problem of getting a replicator when she met Mr. Drayke in the captain’s ready room a few weeks back. It had blown up. Probably because Captain Kelly as she let the kids call her wanted more coffee than it could make. Mr. Drayke was not helpful at the start. He asked so many questions but eventually, he just took it to the trash reclamation area.

Maybelle then was faced with a predicament. How to get it out of the trash reclamation area. It was insanely heavy and there was no way she was able to carry it. That was when Mr. Nash showed up. He always seemed to show up when she needed him. Mr. Nash said she was his shadow but sometimes the way he said, Maybelle wasn’t sure if he was happy or sad about it. That day however Maybelle was sure happy to see him. It took a little convincing but as always Mr. Nash, her best adult friend, helped her carry it to the door of her quarters. Maybelle didn’t particularly lie to him when she said it was going to be a modern planter for her foster mom’s herb garden. If she couldn’t get it running her foster mom would love it so technically it wasn’t a lie. Mr. Nash had met her foster mom once and after then, he never asked questions.

Mr. Mardusk was the most helpful of all of them though. Since Maybelle was not going to actually make it a modern herb planter yet, she needed a way to get it from her quarters to the clubhouse. Mr. Nash would have asked so many questions but Mardusk was Maybelle’s pal. He rescued her from the Marine work out area. She had tried to run the course and failed miserably. Since then Mardusk had been there to help her with all things physical. Now she was able to do two pull-ups. When she saw him coming down the hall, the large green Orion lent his strength to get the replicator onto a sled so she could get it to the clubhouse. He asked questions at first. He was after all an adult but Maybelle told him that it was for a science fair project. At that time this was also the truth. Maybelle did need a science fair project and if she could have gotten it running it would surely have gotten her and Allie an A. That was until the girls realized exploding volcanoes were more fun.

Now Maybelle sat on the floor with Allie looking at the replicator. “So you are the smarter of us,” Maybelle scratched her head. “What do we need to get it running?”

Maybelle Spunkler.

Ali looked at the machine for a minute and began looking at a couple of things on the PaDD next to her “We need to replace two of the relays that are burned out.” She said thoughtfully “We also will need to get power running to it again. But if we do that, it is going to tip off Mr. Drayke to where we are because of the power fluctuations.” Ali added “Unless....” She thought for a moment “We can make the power usage invisible....” She began doing some calculations on the PaDD....

Ali Summers

“You can do that,” Maybelle flopped on the couch in the room like you couldn’t do if it were your family couch. Pulling a Twizzler out of seemingly thin air she held one out to Ali and took a small bite of hers. Chewing slowly she thought about what Ali said. “You know we should get some of those visual sensor things. You know so we can see them coming before they actually come. And I don’t think Mr. Drayke would notice any power fluctuations.” It was then she drifted off into memory. It was the first time she had seen Mr. Drayke be all officer like at lunch one time. He was always laughing here and super nice to any of the kids so to see him talk shop was the reason she had paid attention to what was said.

Mess Hall: A memory flash

“Are you serious? Are you saying a .0000003 variance is not something we should worry about,” Jacen waved a fork in the air as he looked at the Ensign standing at the lunch table. A .0000002 variance of the gas component in the mud and water on the Titan Methane Processing Facility quickly transitioned the methane trapped in the mud to fully gaseous state and then ignited into a series of explosions and then a firestorm. You wanna blow up the ship Ensign Spencer? I mean I am fine with that but it will probably get the skipper’s panties in a bunch,” Drayke took the bite off the fork waiting for a response.

“I think I will get right on that Sir,” Ensign Spencer gripped the PaDD a bit tighter. It was not out of anger but more slight eagerness to get that variance corrected and yet Drayke was just sitting there chewing his food like there was no issue. He couldn’t just sprint off without being dismissed but standing here wasn’t an option either.

“I think that is probably a great idea,” Drayke nodded.

Back in reality............

“Yeah we should really have no power fluctuations,” Maybelle replied sliding off the couch. She had no idea if the power fluctuations Ali was talking about would be the same as the ones Mr. Drayke was talking about by why take chances.

“So can how can we get the relays,” Maybelle looked over at the PaDD Ali was holding. All the numbers on the PaDD were making Maybelle’s eyes cross. Ali was definitely the brains of the group. It did not matter to Maybelle. She was the adventurer of the group. With Ali’s super genius for details and Maybelle’s creative mind the two kids made the perfect set of friends…best friends actually.

Maybelle Spunkler.

OCC: Drayke’s cameo was written by me but approved by him before posting. ~ Kate

Ali thought for a minute “I have an idea.” She said “I’ll tell my mom I’m working on a special science project and I need 5 of these relays.” She gave a slight smile “As long as I present it as an educational thing, she’ll go for it.” Ali said “what do you think?”


“Yes yes yes,” Maybelle squealed with happiness. “Your mom is so nice. You get that an I will find some power source that we can use. This is going to be so great,” she hugged Ali tightly and slightly shook her with the happy bounce accompanying it. “You get them and we can meet back here after dinner.”

Maybelle Spunkler

A knock could be heard as steps came in. EMMA had been reading a strange energy spike in this area and was trying to find out the cause. No crewmen were here, but someone was defiently using this place. “Hello?”


Maybelle looked at Ali and groaned. The voice didn’t have the deep grumble of a man so hopefully, it would belong to someone more reasonable. A reasonable adult, however, was as elusive as a bottomless milkshake. Restaurants promised it but in reality, it was always just a refill. Walking to the door Maybelle hoped it was the one in the million reasonable adult that would understand why she and Ali had taken over a guest quarters in a little-used area of the ship for a clubhouse.

“Hellooooooo Miss EMMA,” Maybelle said with a smile. Few kids would be thrilled to find their teacher outside of the classroom but EMMA was not a normal teacher. “Wanna come in to smuggler’s run,” Maybelle motioned her into the room.

Maybelle Spunkler

“May belle what… what are you doing here” EMMA asked as she began to follow the little girl looking around to see what she had done. It wasn’t quite what she expected as she began to take in the sites.

“Well Cap’n Kelly said Mr. Jacen and someone named Miss Samantha were going to build us a secret kids fort area for us to hang out in after I got stuck playing on Mr Marsusks exercise equipment. She agrees we need somewhere to go even though I know Mr Mardusk didn’t care if we use his workout area to pretend it’s the mountain or jungle. Your quarters are only so interesting,” Maybelle flopped on the couch in the room as she talked to EMMA.

“So until he and Miss Samantha built it we decided to hang out here. It’s just an old diplomatic bedroom suite that no one uses. I know this becuase Mr. Ethan and I were doing our weekly stroll of the perimeter and he was grumping about all the unused rooms on this ship. That’s when he gave me the idea to use this one,” Maybelle explained. “He might be grumpy but he is cool. He even said not to repeat what I had just heard when he starting using colorful metaphors about something that came over the PaDD. The last thing he said was ‘hey don’t say anything about this ‘ before he took off. Since we were standing in front of this room I understood what he meant. It was just our secret.”

Maybelle loved Kelly’s senior staff. They pretended to be all adulty but once you got to know them you saw they really were just big kids at heart.

“Oh my… this isn’t what I expected.” She said softly, her mind began to process what this was. From her databank this might be seen as a kids fort, place for imagination to grow.

Jacen always said imagination is key to any growing person. This might be something to help her grow some she wondered as she began to take in the sights.


“You can join our club if you want but you have to pretend you don’t know anything about it right now. Ali and I want it to be amazing before we show Capt’n Kelly’s friends.”

Sitting up Maybelle was struck with a brilliant idea. “Ali can she help you with those relays?” Maybelle asked excitedly.

Maybelle Spunkler

“Wait, a club? Did someone okay this? What… what exactly is this?” EMMA asked as she looked around, she was unsure exactly what they meant by a club, but this seemed fascinating in some ways.


“A club is a thing that kids do for fun and adults turn into something boring later like reading a book or gardening. Twizzler,” she held out the bag to EMMA. “Our club is so much more fun. Ali and I are the presidents because we get along so well and well there are two of us. You could be our vice president if you want to?” Maybelle took a bit of her twizzler and chewed it slowly. “As a club, we do projects and our most current one is getting the replicator fixed. Mr. Jacen was throwing it away so we got it but t doesn’t work. Ali says she can fix it with some relays but I am pretty sure if I ask Mr. Jacen for them he is gonna get all parenty and ask a million questions. So today’s club activity is how to get the relays so that we can hook up that baby and have ice cream whenever we want it,” Maybelle explained.

Maybelle Spunkler

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