Main Gym Maybelle and Ally get stuck

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Maybelle looked around the room and swung her arms slightly before putting them on her hips. “Well Ally we might be in a pickle,” she said trying to figure out the best way to extricate herself from the netting that her ankle was now knotted up in. She had told Ally this would be fun and in a way it was. The Marines were in the holodeck so that meant they could not go play in there. Since the Marines were in the holodeck the gym would be a great place to blow off early morning energy or at least Maybelle thought so. It was not that either kid wanted to cause a problem. It was more that as the two girls ran around the track playing tag the twenty-foot tall netting the Marines and security used for calisthenics looked like the worlds best jungle gym. With it being a Monday morning few people were actually using the gym at this time. The early crowds had worked out and started their shifts. The people getting off their shifts had also since come and left. Only a few security JO’s were running about the track. It was up to them to get free.

As Frank and John ran around the track talking about the women they planned to get to know and the latest sporting team playoffs Frank noticed something odd. “Oh, dude. You think they are stuck,” he pointed at the two girls obviously in a predicament in the netting.

“That or they are trying to break their necks,” John sighed annoyed. “See this is why I am never having kids. Why would they do that?”

“Beats me. Kids are dumb,” Frank said reaching up for his comm badge. =/\=Sir there is an issue in the gym that needs your attention,=/\= he reported to Mardusk.

=/\=Um, acknowledged. On my way.=/\= came the voice of the CoS.

“Dude he is in a staff meeting,” John said. “With the CO.”

“Yeah, and if we drop them or break their leg trying to get them down, Mardusk, Ryley and their parents will have our arses. It’s not like it is a security threat going on and everyone will only care if they survive it. He is the security chief and is paid the big bucks to deal with this,” Frank shrugged waiting for the chief to comm him back.

Maybelle Spunkler

Mardusk walked into the gym a few moments later and looked around. He saw Frank and John standing next to the cargo net and staring up at something. His eyes followed their gaze and there he saw… two girls dangling precariously from a point high up on the net. Mardusk looked from them to the two Security Ensigns, back to the two girls, and then trotted over to the net. He cast a glare at the two men, his disappointment and consternation more than apparent, and then looked up and said “Ok, kiddos. Help is on the way. Just don’t move, all right? I’m coming up to get you.”

The massive Orion grabbed the net and, due to his height and raw strength, moved up the net in a matter of moments. When he reached the pair, he said “Hey there. I’m betting you are Maybelle, aren’t you?”

Mardusk, CoS

“Maybelle Spunkler and this is my friend Ali. The Marines were using the holodeck so we thought we could come to play tag here didn’t we Ali,” Maybelle said but continued quickly. Her new found friend was awesome but a bit more timid than herself. Especially when adults were involved. “Anyway we seemed to have gotten out feet stuck but we are not stuuuuuuuck,” Maybelle tried to play off that the predicament wasn’t as bad as it was. “In fact, Ali and I were just commenting that the gym is kinda cooler upside down than right side up. “Weren’t we Ali?”

Ali looked at Maybelle and then at Mardusk from her upside down vantage point, she was slightly scared and knew that she was going to be in trouble with her mom if she caught wind of this.


Mardusk looked at Ali and smiled. “Quite the predicament you have yourself in. Would you like some help, young lady?” he asked in a calm and friendly manner.

Mardusk, CoS

Ali nodded “Yes please.” She said as she waited for Madusk to help her down. She knew that they could have gotten down on their own, but it would have taken them a bit longer than this. Ali tried very hard to not read Mardusk’s mind and emotions. She was still learning to control her new found abilities.

“Are you going to shut off gravity so we can float right side up, then touch the ceiling? It would be like that scene from Mary Poppins where they had the tea party....on…the …ceiling,” Maybelle got a far off look already planning thier next adventure. Sowyn’s dad was the CE. She had to know a way to cut gravity in a room. Storing that nugget away for another day when they were bored, Maybelle waited for the CoS’s response.

Maybelle Spunkler

Mardusk looked at her and said flatly “No.” and he reached out with a large green paw and took her by the back of her shirt and simply lifted her upright, then pulled her out of the net.

“Hey,” Maybelle squeaked. “My mom will freak if I stretch the neck out in my shirt,” she complained. She didn’t wiggle though. They were awful high and while the man looked like he was the Hulk’s long lost brother, Maybelle always remembered her mom saying that big guys tend to not be the agilest. The last thing she wanted to do was have him drop her and then he get into trouble with Ryley.

Looking down at the two off-duty Security officers he said “Incoming, gents.” and they leapt into action. One scaled up the net below Mardusk and one stood at the base. Mardusk handed Maybelle down first, then turned to Ali. “Ok, kiddo. Your turn. ” and repeated the process.

Ali nodded and didn’t fight the assistance that she was getting. “Thank you.” She said politely.

“I’m not a sack of potatoes,” Maybelle grumped. “I was perfectly capable of climbing down once I was right side up and had my foot free,” she talked all the way down a Mardusk then Frank and finally the last security guard set her on the ground.

Once they were on the deck, Mardusk clamored down and dropped with a resounding thud onto the floor. He stood up and looked at the two young ladies.

“I think he is the Hulk,” Maybelle said in a low whisper watching Mardusk jump from the net. “I mean that was a super hero landing if I ever saw one. Only he didn’t have to go down on one knee like they always do. He’ll probably get arthritis later but it did look cool huh,” Maybelle whispered to her friend.

Ali nodded “He’s not happy with us.” She said

“Ok. You two, stand over there.” he said in a tone that indicated he was not in a mood to be disobeyed, and he extended an enormous green arm and pointed to an empty wall. He then looked at the two Security Ensigns. “You two. If you ever… and I mean ever… leave two kids in such a precarious situation while you stand there and gawk at them and call for help, I will personally grind your bones to make my bread. You understand me?”

Mardusk, CoS

Maybelle started over in the direction Mardusk pointed debating her options but life intervened in a good way.

“Sir with all due respect do you know how many times she had found herself in a precarious situation,” Frank said looking at his new boss.

“I don’t care.” Mardusk replied.

“Sir there was a rumor the last COS was driven from his post because she has been stuck in a Jefferies tube,” John said

“Well, I’m not him now am I, Ensign?” Mardusk said to John.

“Got her hand caught in the replicator…don’t ask…even engineering didn’t know where or why there was a hole there,” Frank added.

“Does this look like an Engineering problem to you, Ensign?” the Orion growled in annoyance at the excuses.

“Okay slowly start making your way to the door,” Maybelle said out the side of her mouth and took Ally’s hand inching one step to the left. “This list might take a while.”

Ali nodded and followed Maybelle as she started heading toward the door “You can’t cause that much trouble can you?” She asked looking at her friend slightly incredulous.

“There have been a few misunderstandings in the past,” Maybelle grinned. “But as the big guy said, we are just kids. He seems pretty nice. LIke Mr. Nash after you get through the grumpy adult coating. Okay, we need to move a bit faster or we might be here until tomorrow.” Lifting a foot to move she heard the Orion speak.

Mardusk didn’t turn to look at Maybelle but his voice bellowed out loud enough to silence the rest of the gym and he said “It just might, young Miss. But you WILL wait there until I say you two can go. Understood?” and the big green Orion’s head turned to look at her, the glare on his face denoting no pleasure at all. “I also have very good hearing. Now sit down. Both of you. Before I am forced to call your parents and they can explain what it means to be ‘put on report’.” and he turned back to the two quivering Ensigns.

Ali froze in her tracks and didn’t move any further.

“Do Orion’s read minds or have a crazy bat-like hearing ability,” Maybelle asked looking at her friend. While Maybelle didn’t know everything about Orions she was pretty sure that they were not like Betazoids with the ability to read your thoughts.

“The time she locked herself in the airlock playing hide and seek with that Klingon kid,” John added.

“Sets precedence she gets in trouble and you should have been paying attention.” Mardusk said

“Remember when she got her dress wedged in the emergency bulkhead during the last drill,” Frank looked at John shaking his head.

“And where was the Security officer for that section? Those doors are supposed to be monitored before, during, and after activation specifically for those kind of circumstances.” the Chief said.

“Yeah, Paulson was thrilled to be showing up shirtless because he had to take his off when he had to cut the back of her dress off.”

“Then he got off lightly.” came the response from the Chief of Security.

“Sir, trouble follows that kid like seagulls to picnickers on a beach. Between us and engineering someone is fielding a call at least once a month on Miss Maybelle Spunkler.”

Maybelle Spunklerr

“She’s a kid. That’s what kids do.”

“Yes! You go Mr. ....Mr. Do you know his name,” Maybelle asked Ali.

But you are standing here telling me all of these things she has done, but are missing the point!” and he jabbed a massive finger into one Ensign’s chest and then the other, making each take a step back. “You did nothing to assist children in distress. Nothing other than call me out of a briefing with the Captain and the Senior staff. Just so I could climb up a net and pull down two kids who are a known problem. You. Did. Nothing. That, dear boys, is the point. Wait right here.” and he shook his head disappointedly and walked over to the two girls. He towered over them, looking down with a perturbed but not angry expression. “Now. Are either of you hurt?”

Mardusk, CoS
Ali stood absolutely still and shook her head negatively about being hurt. The last thing they needed was to have to go to sickbay.


“Nope fit as a fiddle,” Maybelle said squeezing Ali’s hand. “That was quite a workout and thank you for saving us. It was like the time I tried to get Blanche Deveraux’s cat out of the tree only no one told me the cat liked being in the tree,” she scratched her knee as she spoke. “So I climbed up and up chasing the darn then but then I got so high I kinda got scared. So I started to holler and Blanche got all mean and called the fire department. Did you know they actually do call the fire department when you get stuck? I didn’t. Well not until that day,” Maybelle rambled on. She wasn’t trying to deflect or confuse Mardusk. She was simply sharing a story from her past and trying to get to now the large green man in front of her. “You aren’t scared of heights though are you?”

Maybelle Spunkler, student that is going to be late for class

Mardusk took a deep breath and scowled at the two children. He waited for the story to end, and then looked from one child to the other. Finally, he took a knee in front of them and said “Now. Listen to me, and listen very carefully. I am Lieutenant Gravel Mardusk. I am the Chief Security Officer of this ship. The safety and well-being of every single person on this ship is my responsibility. As such, young ladies, your safety and well-being are my responsibility. I do not want to see either of you hurt. And I do not want to see either of you in trouble. But I will be very clear and honest with you both right now. If I ever… and I mean ever… have to come rescue either one of you again because you were somewhere you shouldn’t be or you were doing something you shouldn’t, I will confine you both your quarters and to the school until such a time as I feel you can be trusted to be allowed out unsupervised. Now…” and he stood up, still looking at them with a scowl on his face, “…I will not be mentioning this… incident… to your parents. But if it happens again, they will be notified. Do I make myself clear, ladies?”

Mardusk, CoS

“Crystal,” Maybelle said happily and stuck out her hand with a smile. She couldn’t wait to tell Ali that she knew they were not going to get in trouble. Well fifty percent sure at least. “Say do you know my friend Mr. Nash,” she asked looking up at him. “I think you and he would be good friends. You sure give the same speeches,” she said half under her breath. Glancing at the time, she quickly stood up straight. “Um Mr. Murdock I have to go. School is gonna start in like ten minutes and Miss EMMA hates when we are late,” she said grabbing Ali’s hand and pulling out the door. “Nice meeting you,” Maybelle said over her shoulder.

Maybelle Spunkler

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