Sickbay - John-King McKenzie Check Up

Posted Feb. 15, 2020, 11:41 p.m. by Crewman Taw Yllek (Nurse) (Russell Watt)

Posted by Civilian John-King McKenzie (Bartender) in Sickbay - John-King McKenzie Check Up

Posted by Crewman Taw Yllek (Nurse) in Sickbay - John-King McKenzie Check Up

Posted by Civilian John-King McKenzie (Bartender) in Sickbay - John-King McKenzie Check Up
As he walked to sickbay, the itching in his left hand got considerably worse, he tried to resist the urge to scratch it, but it was almost unbearable.

John-King walked through the doors of sickbay slowly, a lot of hard memories in places like this for him over the years - the regular visits to get the medication he needed for the left hand, then the full physical following his adventures in the mirror universe, then the constant review of his suitability for active service in the Federation. Then, when he eventually resigned his commission, his health was maintained by a private doctor, and so this was the first time he stepped inside a Federation sickbay in quite some time.

He saw a young Medical Officer and went to her, she was a Bajoran, a crewman.

“Nurse,” he said, “I’m John-King McKenzie, JK for short. I need my next round of medicatoin.”

  • Bartender

Taw Yllek, the Nurse to which John-King spoke, looked up from her task when he addressed her, motioning to a biobed, she said, “please get up there. Mr McKenzie, I’m Taw Yllek one of the nurses.” She looked at her padd and said, “ok, this says that your left hand interferes with technology if it gets too close and you get both a shot and some medication. Dr Rajesh prescibed your current medication to you, and this tells me you should have been here last week. You can’t afford to get behind on this, Mr McKenzie, has anything on board been impacted negatively by your left hand over the past week?”
- Nurse Taw

John-King sighed at her lecture, he didn’t need it, but there it was, “I’ve been very careful, Nurse Taw,” he replied, “I have been keeping it at a safe distance from technology and only use my right hand. I’ve also been frightfully busy in the lounge, it’s a big ship and without the drinks and food, others won’t be able to do their work. My hand is itching uncontrollably. Being late for the medication is not something I make a habit of, but this time has been the worse in terms of itching. I could happtily cut the hand off it is so uncomfortabe.”

“Nurse, can you give me my medication, or get someone over who can do so?” JK asked politely.
- Bartender

“I’ll get Doctor Summers, Mr McKenzie,” Nurse Taw told him. The Nurse found Dr Summers, handed her the padd with the information on JK’s medical history and said, “Doctor, Mr McKenzie wants to see you for his checkup and his medication, can you attend to him, please?”
- Nurse Taw

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