An urgent mission, Shuttle Bay - (Tag Ensign Oliver)

Posted July 2, 2020, 2:37 p.m. by Ensign Oliver Loughty (Science Officer Botany & Ecology) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kai Oliver Kingstone (Chief Science Officer) in An urgent mission, Shuttle Bay - (Tag Ensign Oliver)
One day, running across the aisles, Kai was advised that an urgent mission was to be conducted and that the Sci-Dept. was urgently needed on the planet they were orbiting. Kai knew that if it was the captain, the emergency was something serious and as the necessity of a botanic seemed a must, he already knew that Oliver was the best choice they had. Indeed he had been running through half ship to find Oliver’s quarters, and for 3 times, even thought he was already onboard the Atlantis for some months now, he lost the way.

“Oliver!” He called the Ensign clicking the bell button incessantly “Oliver, come on! It is an emergency.” He waited for the door to open.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

Still wearing his lab coat and gardening gloves Oliver appeared in the doorway, “What’s the emergency? ” He said looking around the room no visible sign of a plant attack or science experiment went wrong. Prior Oliver had been still running a few tests on their recently curated ‘Plubber’ the chief had asked him to do during their first encounter now it seemed to have become a bit of a side project for the science team, Pubber was now the size of a small box and a lovely hue of pink and purple.

Ens. Oliver Loughty

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