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Posted by Ensign Oliver Loughty (Science Officer Botany & Ecology) in Medical Bay [FAO CMO and CNS] - Double Whammy

Posted by Lieutenant Revna Edman (counselor) in Medical Bay [FAO CMO and CNS] - Double Whammy

Posted by Ensign Oliver Loughty (Science Officer Botany & Ecology) in Medical Bay [FAO CMO and CNS] - Double Whammy
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Oliver had been putting off his trip to the docs officer for really only one reason, he wanted to catch both the chief medical officer and the chief counselor at once thus increasing his efficiency in doing the ‘rounds’ as most people called it when new crewman come aboard. It had been a lifelong requirement to A, Meet your department head. B, Have an initial check-up. C, visit the local shrink, and on occasion, D, Meet the executive officer and Captain. Not in that order and it’s never specified that they couldn’t all be done at once. If Olly could beam them all into an office somewhere and tell him he had arrived he would but Olly was sure that it would be frowned upon and probably classed as kidnapping, so here he was standing in the middle of sickbay looking for his two victims both of which he had been tracking them the past few hours until they were both together and knew they were around… somewhere.

~Ens. Oliver Loughty

Ashlynn was standing next to one of the consoles working on entering some data that was being particularly difficult. As the computer beeped at her angrily, she smacked it on the side “Work you stupid piece of wire and electrodes.” She muttered at it and tried inputting the data again before deciding whether or not she needed to call one of the engineers up to look at the blasted piece of equipment. Now she understood why Ryley liked the old fashioned way of doing things. Gods how she missed Ryley, she could really use his input on Ali…

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“Come now Doc, if that’s how you try to fix things maybe I should be worried the next time I pick up an injury.” he teased having watched the woman who one of the nurses had identified as the chief medical officer and walked over to her, “What seems to be the issue, I’m not an engineer but I do have qualifications in computer science and electrotechnology and hitting something repeatedly is usually likely to make things worst.” Olly held out his hand to greet her, “Ensign Oliver Loughty, Scientist.”

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Ens. Oliver Loughty

Ashlynn looked up “Ensign. It’s a machine and it doesn’t like me.” She said with a slight smile “I’m trying to enter some data and it keeps telling me that its entered incorrectly and its not.” She said “I’ll have engineering come look at it. How can I help you?” She asked turning her full attention to Olly “Commander Ashlynn Summers, Chief Medical Officer.” She said taking his hand.


Meeting her hand with his own he gave a toothy grind, flashing his pearly whites which at a young age he had straightened out through the uses of braces. “Ensign Oliver Loughty, Botnatist, and Ecologist extraordinaire though most people just call me Olly” The medical officer in front of him didn’t have his height but did look as experienced as he, she had blonde hair and striking hazel green eyes which from a scientific view was unusual to see but not obviously impossible. Only currently 2% of people you’d meet in your life would have green eyes and required a very unique matching of genetics and how the iris controls the pigmented cells which determine the eye’s color, he was glad to have had the opportunity to see hers. Eyes were like snowflakes, not one pair was the same. “I’ve just arrived on the ship and I am in need of a medical check-up.”

Oliver Loughty

Ashlynn smiled “Very well. Have a seat on that bed and we can get this taken care of.” She said as she pulled up his medical file “Is there anything new that is not documented here?” She asked as she began running the tricorder wand over him.


“I hope not!” Oliver said taking a seat on the bed the woman had indicated, his legs dangling over the edge as he sat in a relaxed manner. “I still have my silver fox patch in my fringe from a recreational accident when I was at the Academy, I had two broken ribs and disruptor burns from the war and my knee still gives me a little bit of pain sometimes, I think its old age,” He said the last bit in a whisper behind a cupped hand.

Ens. Oliver Loughty

Ashlynn nodded “Sounds like you made the most of your academy days.” She said as she ran the tricorder over the Ensign and found the injuries that he had described. She made a few notes in his file “You’re cleared for duty Ensign. Welcome aboard the Atlantis.” She said extending her hand “I hope I don’t see much of you.” She said jokingly.


Oliver’s face twisted into a mock of feigned sorrow, “You don’t want to see me, whats wrong with me?” He joked jumping off the bed his feet planted on the deck at the same time. “Thank you, Commander, and I hope I do see you around otherwise if people keep saying that I’m not going to make any friends!” Oliver said, eluding to the security officer who had introduced him to the ship when he first comes aboard who also gave the speech of not seeing him.

Ens. Oliver Loughty

Revna was looking forward to the change of pace and duties that the Atlantis would provide. The braid in her bronze/blonde hair was a necessity to keep it out of her face.
She had the pale complextion of her Nordic ancestors. Revna had only just arrived on board. Apparently the CNS was very busy with this crew. She had read his record and was excited to work with such an accomplished doctor. He had left her a list of officers that needed onboarding psych evals. She was studying the list as she walked along, not really paying attention. She turned into sickbay to get her check-in finished and bumped right into Ens. Loughty. “Oh! I am so sorry,” she smiled a little sheepishly. “I really should look where I’m going.”

She looked around and nodded to the CMO, “Lt. Edman reporting Lt. Cmdr.”
Lt. Revna Edman, Counselor

Oliver was still shaking the sudden knock from his mind as he processed the situation, “Ah Lt. Edman, Perfect” He said looking from her to the CMO, “Well it seems we’ve got a good old Mexican standoff going on. I need to do my psych eval, you need to do you medical check-in” He chuckled. “Want to have at her first Commander? I can wait while the good doctor here pokes and prods you for a bit?” he said first addressing the Chief Medical officer and then the new comer.

Ens. Oliver Loughty

Revna, grinned the first thing that come to her mind coming out of her mouth. She turned to the CMO, “Which ever is best for you. I can take care of Mr Loughty here.” She glanced up at Loughty, “I’ve got your file here. The CNS left it for me.” By way of explaining how she knew who he was. She glanced back at En Loughty, “If you like you can wait and we talk while we walk or you can wait by my office. Though most people tend to run away from me. I would wager your have a great deal of fortitude.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

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