Side Sim - Mike's Place - Grand Opening, Don't Burn It Down (Open To All)

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The ‘music’ was sensitive to Jen’s antennae. However, after a couple decades of battlefield noises this was not too different a thing. Just one more rebellion in a different form. He took a long drink from the glass and smiled into the suds and dark liquid under it. “I’m surprised you’re not playing the Techno Revolutionary music of the early 23rd Century.” That had been some decades of non vocal music of mostly clashing disparate sounds that were later dubbed as simply ‘loud’ but had galvanized the youth and often preceded protests or simply a way to keep the ‘others’ away. Others being anyone considered ‘adult’ or, in Jen’s impression ‘with musical taste’.

Jen glanced at the big ‘green’ guy. “Who’s he?”
- Jen

Mike smiled and said “Punk rock is the only music that matters. That, and ABBA. And the guy? Ask him yourself. I don’t talk about folks unless they tell me to.” and he moved to help some other patrons.

Jen thought that was a bit .. limited in scope, unless the definition of ‘punk’ was very broad. He had found that many species tended to find their own world’s music to be the limit of their appreciation. Most people didn’t have a lot of cross pollination of culture prior to their leaving their world. There was that bias, though it was not a bad bias. One could only focus on so many things and too much music was .. too much. “ABBA?” he asked. “I don’t know that genre of music. Is that a derivative of punk?” He looked again at the ‘green guy’. “What’s his name?” he asked. If he was going to talk to him he should at least know that.
- Jen

“Mardusk. Might wanna remember that for work!” Mike said over his shoulder.

“Mardusk,” Jen repeated, then looked at him. That named seemed to fit the big green guy. Jen actually felt a better affinity to the ‘green’ than the typical Terran coloration. The old adage of ‘pink skins’ that had lasted a long time in Andorian nomenclature had taken a long time to be lost. He sipped his drink, keeping an eye on this Mardusk and whether anyone else went to interact with him.

Between distance and music, Lera couldn’t hear the exchange with Mike but she saw him thumb in Mar’s direction. She smiled and looked up at the large man beside her. Her head nodding back towards Mike. “I think Mike is blaming you for something.” She laughed and finished her drink, sliding the glass towards the far lip of the bar for Mike to refill when she was ready.

Mardusk chuckled and said “Probably.”

“He did a good job,” she said, trying to be heard over the blast of music and murmur of the myriad of voices already in the bar.


Big Mike

Gravel turned and looked around and nodded in approval. “Yeah, he did. Needs some more blood and vomit stains on the floor, but those’ll come in time.”

Mardusk, CoS

Lera laughed and punched his arm. “MAR!” Shaking her head, she leaned on the bar and had another sip of her drink. “Remind me to ‘not’ let you decorate my place.” She laughed and shook her head again. “Can’t take you anywhere,” she laughed again.


Big Mike

Mardusk leaned over and kissed Lera on the cheek and smiled and said “I would use a lot less blood and vomit for you.” and the laughed. He kept the Andorian in his peripheral vision, and noted the antennae movements and his overall bearing. That, coupled with Mike’s gesture towards him, made Mardusk sigh a bit and e said “Meh, might as well.” He leaned back past Lera and waved at the newcomer and then yelled at him “You gonna come drink with us or what?”

Mardusk, CoS

Subtle as a brick, Jen thought, though he was observant enough to see that Jen was wondering. He couldn’t easily turn down that invitation. Sliding off the stool with the Ollie in hand he walked over with an easy gait. The amount of things posted up on .. everything .. was not precisely helping his equilibrium. It was like a battlefield from a printer’s shop. “Jen,” he said by way of introduction to both Lera and Mardusk. “Hire a decorator for this place?” He asked, one lip curled up, evidently humored.

Lera laughed. “Mmmmm how considerate of you.” When he called over the other man, she nodded and patted the chair on the opposite side of her from where Mar was.


Dressed down in his civilian attire of a pair of blue jeans and buttoned-down white shirt and a pair of light brown leather shoes. Olly, with his back up against the wall and a leg propped behind him, waiting for his entourage of Kelly and Ian Bordeaux who after having seen the news bulletin about the bar opening had immediately invited them both, a chance to meet Kelly’s better half and get to know him. However, they were already running late and had been considering doing a site to site transporter whether they were ready or not, Ollys more mischievous side thought the idea of seeing Kelly’s husband running around in his boxers and socks rather amusing.

Olly Loughty

Lera nodded to the man and smiled. “I’m Auleraine. This is Chief Mardusk. Welcome to Mike’s.” She laughed as he mentioned the decorator. “Actually the patrons decorate.” She nodded to the crate in the corner still full of a ton of stickers. “Everyone can put them up wherever they want, apparently. My idea, honestly. But that’s cause I didn’t want to do it myself after I installed the music box.” She laughed and took a sip of her beer.


Mardusk eyed the Andorian and said “I know who are. You settling in ok?” It was a cardinal rule… no rank and no work in the bar. But that didnt mean one couldn’t acknowledge a new arrival to the ship.


Revna had scene the notice about a bar opening. She was eager to go and mingle with the other crew members. She dressed down, a long cotton dress with short capped sleevers in hunger green. Revna was proud of her heritage and it showed in the delicate hand stitched design on the cuffs and yoke of her dress, one of her many hobbies. She stepped to the side of the door as she entered, taking in the room, the music, and the people. Several people were taking…stickers? out of a box and putting them on the wall. She thought that was an amzingly fun idea and walked over. She made pleasent small talk with the other patrons looking through the crate of stickers. She saw one that caught her eyes and took it. She looked around the room and found a spot on the far wall. She made her way in that direction. She used a chair to give herself a boost and jumped up slapping it to the wall. She looked up and happy with her “work” turned and made her way to the bar.

She waited for the bar tender, “Viking Bloud Mead, please.”
Revna Edman

The big man behind the bar merely nodded and an arm went under the bar and came up with a dark brown clay bottle and a silver tankard. He brought it over, set the tankard down in front of her, pulled the cork and poured the mead. “Last person that ordered that is now in a penal colony. If you get out of hand, I get to see how far I can throw you. Fair enough?” and he smiled and chuckled.

Big Mike, Bartender

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