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Hello Atlanteans,

Get your coffee and prop your feet up this is going to be long. Is everyone cozy?

Okay so first off I want to say a huge thank you to everyone on the crew for all thier support and understanding over the past few months. Like myself, I know we all have been so crazy at times with life and the state of things. Thank you all for your patience and understanding with me and each other. You are the absolute best crew ever. A lot of new things are happening so I thought I would do a run down of the ship.

1. Sim Update

Luke has done an amazing job of keeping the main sim going. The crew has done extraordinaire with posting as their characters, NE’s, and whatever else is needed to move it along. Since we have a lot of new crew I have asked Luke to give us a sim update so that we all know what is going on where as a group. This will help everyone I think know what to do with their characters if they are new and just brush up old crew as to what they are doing. I am dropping this sim update request on Luke so please give him time to post it. Right now I asked him if it would be possible to have it done by July 1 however I am posting this before he had a chance to reply. So please be flexible and know it could come before or even after that date. Being a GM is a tough job and Luke goes over and above at it. If after the update you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me, Gene, and Luke. If you have any questions now you are always free to reach out to us. A very quick and dirty sim update will be included further down this message by me however if I have gotten something wrong always go with Luke’s response as the GM to main sim questions. He has a lot to balance and I sucked at balancing as a waitress in my youth.

2. New Crew

Okay, so this is one of my favorite parts. As you can see we have a few new faces and more may be popping up with the decommissioning of the Olympic. Several people have talked about adding a secondary character to the ship. I am allowing them to have the choice of it being rostered or unrostered. As a general rule, you can have as many unrostered people on the ship as you want as long as you have one active player. I have created a new spot on the MOTD for unrostered players so if you have a fun character that you think could be part of the ship as an NE but with more use let me know and we can add it there. So as to new people. If I get something wrong introducing you just let me know.

J Ridgly (aka Minty Narwhal) is joining us as Ensign Oliver Loughty Science Officer Botany & Ecology His bio is super cool. I don’t want to ruin all the surprises like I did announcing how excited I was he was coming on board like I did today so I am giving you the highlight. He is a botany and ecology expert. He also was a professor so looks like we have our substitute for the high school science classes. All jokes asides Jake is an amazing writer and I am so happy he is part of the crew.

Terry Sullivan is joining as Commander D’Vash Odinson Chief Intelligence Officer. Terry is the Captain of the USS Wolverine and my first placement out of the academy. I also had a chance to RP with him on the Olympic for a while. He is super creative and a blast to RP with. His character was an XO on a previous ship so we are still working out cool storylines for Odinson. Terry has tons of experience and great ideas so if you are looking for someone to run a story with about intelligence and other fun stuff like that hit him up.

Rusty Boshankles is playing Ensign Three of Five (William McRaven) Engineering Officer. This character has an incredibly cool backstory that we wants to RP out and have some creative fun with. I am so excited about some of his ideas. It should keep the crew active and give you a place to explore some writing if you ever wanted to try something different or fun as he develops his backstory.

Just to keep the list going and for the new guys, I am going to say that Gene Gibbs is fresh off the shuttle transfer as the new Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir Executive Officer. His welcome is a few threads back so no you are not going crazy but I thought since we were talking new crew I would mention him.

Russell Watts is changing characters to help out in the medical department. He is playing Crewman Taw Yllek Nurse. If you recognize the name it is because he played this character before life got busy. I rolled the dice and just kept it hidden praying Russell would come back and he did !!!! Never fear…his bartender is still around and going strong as an unrostered person.

Again as I mentioned before check out the MOTD under nonrostered if you see someone on the boards and are like “wait did we get someone new?”

3. Ship Design Project

For all you new guys the crew of the Atlantis got a new shiny upgrade. For fun we are making the ship personal. It is NOT in any way STF OFFICIAL* which is why I am not allowed to have access for it on the MOTD; however, we do have a google doc that if you want to you can request access and help us design our home. The basic concept is we have a lot of space so let’s personalize it for the crew. If you have an idea we will use the official specs of the ship but we can create the interior for fun. That way if you want to write a description of your office it is there to reference to give to someone or someone can know something fun and cool to start a thread on. This is all voluntary and just a fun silly project for the crew to create a sense of camaraderie and enjoyment. If you are interested in describing something let me know. If you need the link let me know. If you are not interested no problem since it is not an official part of STF and has **no bearing on RP unless you choose for it to be. No one will hold you to following the content since it is not official if you don’t want to use it. If you have any questions let me or the XO know.

4.Crazy Time lines*

So the crew for a while has been working on getting the ship moved from a pendragon class to a Mythology class. I mentioned it to Luke and he and I put the storyline on the back burner because of the main sim. My initial thought was to do something after the main sim however, we were told we needed to do an in-character post saying we are the USS Atlantis D for record-keeping purposes. Then the pandemic hit and life went crazy for most for a while. I created the Christening post to keep people busy and make the official announcement of the change. What does this mean to you all? Well if you are new the main thing you need to do is treat the MAIN SIM as the standard for where we currently. The Christening post can be viewed as a stand alone thing like a side sim. You can use it as a Pre-Sim back story if you want or just ignore it completely as if it wasn’t there and as always pop into the main sim which is standard for joining a ship. If you have any questions let me know. Gene and I are going to try and wrap up the Christening thread as soon as we can so again it is not a problem if you don’t join it or don’t have a desire to join it.

5. New Crew posting places*

As standard you have all your check ins so take the time to get to know your fellow RPer’s by doing your CNS, medical, and DH check ins. Gene and I are there to meet the CO and XO threads if you want.

For the new people, I would ask you always remember to post to the main sim or at least check it before you post to a side sim. At times you might be waiting on a post or for information in the main sim but Luke works very hard to give us a fun and fantastic story.

Okay so I am going to stop and take a breath. If you have any questions as to anything I have written let me know.

Thanks for all your support and understanding,


Welcome to all the new members! Fantastic having you all on board!


As a little summary for the new crew.

(1) Approximately four days ago (game time) the Atlantis was pulled into a graviton ellipse dragging her 50,000 light years from Federation Space. A ship carrying at least one crew member who identified himself as “Wayne ‘The Rock’ Gretzky” and is known by the local inhabitants of the region as the ‘Great One’ was also traveling in the ellipse and ‘rescued’ the Atlantis by pulling her from the ellipse before it traveled even further from the Federation. He claimed he was going to try to find a way to turn it around so the Atlantis could use it as a means of getting home. Since then there has been no contact from the Great One, but its has been only 4 days. That being said, the Atlantis might have to make friends.

The damage was extreme from the ellipse… including hull, electronic, warp, and other systems. One power conduit burned a vertical hole through four decks of the ship.

(2) Several races, Lanteens, Lorn,… have met you so far. The Lorn has gifted you an Orb with the knowledge commensurate with your identified sensor technology. So that you can operate in the sector as if you had scanned and had basic information on all the races. The relative technology of the races vary… with the majority of them being several decades behind the Federation, but with the Lorn being several decades more advanced and the ‘Great One’ being perhaps centuries more.

The identified (so far big races are) (1) Lorn Empire, they are thousands of years ‘older’ than any of the other races in the sector with the exception of the (2) The Great One but its clear that the Great One’s ship is significantly more advanced that the ships in the Alpha Quadrant. The Lorn seem to be arrogant and private race, they don’t share tech, and the location of their home world is unknown. (3)the Nine, are not particularly friendly, very religious, lots of codes and rites, best to be polite and cautious around them. Physically strong too they’ve had wars with (4) Alfians who the Great One called the ‘used star ship salesmen’. Very political, likes to deal in favors. The (5) Caste, they are strong, reclusive, private. The Atlantis hasn’t encountered them yet, but they’ve been known to react with great violence if attacked. The(6) Dilgar, aggressive, looks towards galactic domination and the (7) Enodorians which so far has been the most ‘human’ race so far, but there was only one or two encounters. There a whole bunch of non-aligned worlds but they don’t amount to much tactically.=^=

(3) Since your arrival you came to a Neutral Diplomacy star base, known as Base 5. While there, one party of the ship lost their tricorder and phaser and during the subsequent search for the weapon, security personnel and officers, stunned local ‘purple and gold safety officers’ leading to a stand off with the Base itself.

(4) Currently the ship is pursuing a pirate carrier that attacked a freighter… there are possible mission clues on either of the ships in question.


Many thanks Luke. :) .. Gene

You rock Luke. I am going to post this sim update under the GM section on the MOTD for reference.


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