Pre-Sim: Check in with CE Commander Drayke

Posted July 22, 2020, 9:29 p.m. by Commander Jacen Drayke (Chief Engineer/2O) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Ensign Three of Five (William McRaven) (Engineering Officer) in Pre-Sim: Check in with CE Commander Drayke

Posted by Commander Jacen Drayke (Chief Engineer/2O) in Pre-Sim: Check in with CE Commander Drayke

Posted by Ensign Three of Five (William McRaven) (Engineering Officer) in Pre-Sim: Check in with CE Commander Drayke
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The Ex-borg walked through the ship notating where certain access points were for engineers as he went to the Chief Engineer’s office. when he approached, the door alerted the CE of his presence. He stood and waited with his hands behind his back, almost as if standing in “Parade Rest”
Three of Five, Engineer

“Stop stop stop… what are you doing no!” yelled Jacen as he began running around in his office as sounds of laughter could be heard. “No no no no … not my hydrangeas” came a yelp as Jacen lifted up the girl that was toddling on the floor screaming as he looked up at the door. “Enter!” he said as Ruth squirmed and squealed in his arms.

“Wabbit!” she said as she tried to get down. She was only two, but she had a fire and spunk that could only come from her parents as Jacen watched the doors open.

“Get in and close those damn doors now!” he ordered as he put the little girl down like a flash of blue fur could be seen from behind him. “Oh, not another one… I am gonna kill your mom… last time I offer to help her out, why Ian and Chris couldn’t do this, I am not even the Godfather for pet’s sake.” Jacen said as he rushed behind as he grabbed the blue ball of fur that was munching on the plant in the corner.

“Okay Ensign, your first duty is to find it’s mate… there is another one… they are quick… and they like leafy greens,” Jacen said, which didn’t help cause his office seemed to have quite a lot of leafy greens all around as Jacen placed the blue Angorian Bunny in his hand.

“Get back here munchkin,” Jacen said as he grabbed Ruth who had made a dash for the stool as she began to lift her self up to grab some of the tricorders and tools he had on his workbench in the corner.

“I wan’ hiny!” she said with a cry, her vocabulary had been getting better but Jacen wasn’t sure what that meant. Two meant you could speak usually, but not well.

Drayke, CE

Ensign Three of Five looked around the office, and found the other Angorian Bunny, and gave it to the commander after he put the first one in their cage. “Children are a handful, especially when they are not your own.” he said to the commander, trying not to smile or laugh at the situation.
Ensign Three of Five, Engineer.

“Don’t remind me, my wife and our daughter have been away for about a year. Gotten used to a bachelors life here, only to find myself not as sharp as I thought.” Jacen said as he felt Ruth tugging at his pants as he looked down at the young girl. “Yes?” he asked her as she seemed to look nervously to the engineer and back to Jacen.

“Oh…” he said as he smiled softly as he picked her up. “He is an officer, nothing to be worried honey. How about we get you to sit on the couches with the bunnies and you can watch some of the shows.” he said as he placed her on the couch with the bunnies next to her as he found her PaDD and put on the Adventures of Ashara Avengers, the team that fought Ashara the demon of life and death. He wans’t sure if it was a good show for her but at this point he didn’t know if he cared as he nodded for Three to follow him back to his desk.

Drayke, CE

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