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Jen turned to a comms station. “Open a channel to the Transport.” When the nod came back Jen spoke, =^= Atlantis to Dr Kingstone. Status report please. =^= He wanted to know what was going on there. They may have had things relatively in control at the moment but out there was a transport that was not particularly protected and held their people.
- Jen


Ashlynn touched her comm badge =^=This is Commander Summers. We’re working on repairs now and determining what was taken.=^= She added.


Jen thought that succinct. Anything more he thought would have been given. =^= We have cornered the Pirates so they will not be of issue to you during your repairs. Be watchful. We will rendezvous as soon as we can. Would your hosts know whom the patron of the pirates might be? =^=

The XO turned to the Captain but he spoke to the bridge. “I think someone in the region is trying to destabilize the balance of power by sending out a ship like this to cause trouble.” He said it matter of factly but his tone suggested he wanted commentary too.
- Jen

“Agreed but who are the good guys in this: There are like seven groups and we have no idea which one is on the up and up,” Kelly tapped her finger on the arm of her chair. Many times the people in power were not always the ones that should be. “The last thing we need is to accidentally support the wrong side. “

Captain Kelly Bordeaux


Jen mused over that. “Might as well ask, in the event of wanting it back,” he said before tapping his badge. =^= Dr Summers. What was taken from the vessel from the pirates? =^= That could be telling.

“Captain,” Jen began. “That could be a starting point with the pirates. They are asking for terms. Lets have them over and talk terms - and - and I say this as a first thought - we could gain information from them. Perhaps if we need to we could suggest we need a good place for repairs and their dry dock could fit the bill. Perhaps we could be looking for a ‘job’ too. A wealthy patron would come in handy.” That was particularly not the most straightforward Starfleet poster child response. A marine one yes. Starfleet was looked on by the marines as the Robin Hood in space where the marines were more the merry men who did the scrapping. “Have you thoughts on how we should approach them?” He turned about to the others on the bridge. “Any of you?”

OOC: Not the most characteristic of Jen, but for any of you new folks on board please make yourself at home on the bridge to chat to. . Gene

Revna just happened to walk onto the bridge at the moment to turn in some crew reports. She heard the XO’s request. “Sir, if I can get the mission logs from when we encountered them, I might be able to give you a profile to help you make that decision.” Having just come on board and not being part of the bridge crew normally Revna wasn’t there in person for any of these encounters, but she might be able to shed some light.

OOC: If she’s allowed could some one link me the threads where we met all these species so I can look at it?
Lt. Edman, Counselor

OOC: On the MOTD is a brief on the species and sim update which I am religiously looking at as I’m fairly new too. :)

Jen gave the reader’s digest. “As you know we’re new to this region of space by only a matter of days. Any information we have that is accurate is given by this Orb here which responds to questions.” The Andorian gestured to it as a kind of open invitation to address it. “A transport was being attacked by this ship out there and we came to its assistance. There is a party on board attending to damages and injuries and we have pursued it here. Right now it is asking for terms of surrender. Apparently, in this case,” he commented dryly, “Pirates happen to fly about in fully equipped carrier ships.”
- Jen, XO

OOC: So the transport has a party on board fixing it and then the Pirate ship wants us to surrender?
OOC: Correct on the first part, though .. they are looking to surrender to us/
Revna raised a brow and looked that Orb. This was a bizarre situaton. “Most pirates are successful because the stories of their excepades are told far and wide and they actually have little skill.” Revna was thinking about the Dread Pirate Roberts. The ship, the Revenge, remained the same, but the captain changed frequently as did the crew. Using the same name and ship to continue the ruse.

Adressing the orb Revna asked, “Can you tell use all official and unofficial accounts of this pirate ship? Also any visual records of the captain. A star map of the locations where this ship was sighted?”

Addressing the XO, “They will have a base somewhere. They will stay in a certain territory. It’s possible if we can figure that out, if we get control of that pirate ship, then we could get in to get any supplies we need to fix the Atlantis.”

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Lt. Edman, Counselor

“Good thinking,” Jen said. Having a base was likely, after all everyone needed a safe port. He wasn’t quite sure whether their tech was up to snuff for a suitable repair, but they were quite new here.
Jen, XO
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The orb paused for a moment and did its best to answer the question posed “There are no records that identify this ship in particular. However, known pirate attacks with a carrier space craft in the past six months have been located here.” A three dimensional hologram was projected from one of the disturbances on the orb. The map showed a 20 light year circle about this very asteroid field.

Jen’s antennae shifted in thought. From out of nowhere another thought came to mind of the few times he visited Terra and witnessed the terrors of a creature called a ‘kitten’. Said creatures found the waving of his antennae to be particularly offensive and continually sought to attack them. Fortunately Andor did not have such creatures. But back to the matter at hand. This field could well be where their base was located. Which meant diligence was needed.

“I would advise caution though Cmdr. From our own experiences and knowledge of pirates they are known for subterfuge. The request to surrender could simply be a ploy to make us comfortable and find a way to gain access to our ship.” She wasn’t security so she had no idea how they could get them over here without dropping shields or stopping a boarding party from beaming over that the same time, if they were using surrender as a ruse. Tactical and Security could figure that one out. Revna looked over what information they had on other species in the area, and then gave her perspective. “Has anyone asked the orb where we can go to get supplies and repairs?” Revna looked around. If the orb was given to help them, why not ask. But maybe they already did. She wasn’t a bridge officer.
Lt. Revna, Counselor

Jen had been away overseeing repairs for a considerable amount of time. It could have happened when he was away. Looking around, he said, “Anyone?”

D’vash stepped onto the bridge in the middle of the conversation. The CIO added his two cents worth. “Pirates rarely surrender. They know their fate would be much worse than dying in battle. I’ve got plenty of experience with Orion pirates, and I see only two options on why they would surrender. 1) They see the Atlantis as being a superior ship and may want to take it over. We’ve got the docking bays to hold their fighters if that’s the case, and 2) they don’t have the crew to support a carrier of that size. Have we run a scan of how many life signs are on that boat?”

Odinson (CIO)

Scans would indicate there were nearly 1900 life forms aboard the carrier.


“Sufficient crew,” Jen replied. “1900. I agree with you there Commander,” he said to Odinson. “I’ve no intention on more than a few to be aboard here. They do not have transporter technology so it is shuttles for them. They don’t know us. We don’t know them. My guess is they are buying time. “Captain, I recommend they begin by returning their fighters to their bays and then to send a shuttle with a delegation to .. parley.” He turned to Odinson. “Unless you think we should send one of ours to pick them up to avoid any unnecessary sabotage attempts.”
- Jen

Kelly had listened to her senior staff and all their counterpoints. “I agree. Based on the orbs info the base is probably in that asteroid field somewhere. Pirates don’t go too far out of a territory they can’t control. If it were me I would want a look-see at the Atlantis and try to use surprise to my advantage. Can we beam them onto the ship directly somewhere secure like the Brig for a parlay? I concur we need to keep them corralled and the less that comes with them the better. I don’t give a rats arse if they think we friendly or not. If we put the fear of God in them so be it. We have no allies, no base, we need people to be a bit wary of us. ” Looking over at Jen and Ian she wondered what her XO thought of her brand of diplomacy.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“So… we are going for the old Kelly midnight special… kidnap disorient and get your way… it can be effective… though it can have a negative outcome if we don’t do it carefully. Speak softly and carry a big stick… isn’t that what you told me when we fought the junk dealers of Pyrien XI?” Ian said as he glanced over at Kelly with a discerning look. He couldn’t deny this method had merit, but he also worried the overall finish line too.

Bordeaux, Chief Diplomat

They had already used transporters with the transport so that nit was out of the box as his grandmothers would say. “Beam them into a sparsely furnished meeting room. There they stay and then beam them out. Filters can attend to any weapons they may have and security will be a heavy presence. The counselor and a command representative present to limit the danger, though wired so that others can hear and speak into the situation. Limit the ‘cards’ we deal to them on what is in the ship and who they are dealing with. That is my suggestion.”
- Jen

Kelly nodded her agreement with Jen’s plan. “Edman you’re with me,” Kelly stood up pulling down her shirt. “Lets meet them in Nash’s office. I think he only has a desk and a chair in there still after two years,” she quipped. She had known her staff officer for years. The comment would generate a side glance and a grinding of the cigar in his jaw if it was lodged there. The man always had half a stogie like others had a pack of gum.

“Beam them to the diplomatic hall on deck 2. It has four entry ways so if our new guests get frisky we can have easy access to the room.” The room wasn’t exactly sparse but the partition panels in the room could close off the area making it more cozy. Operations could have the panels up on the fly which is exactly what was needed. “XO you have the conn,” Kelly announced heading towards the turbo.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“I’ll contact the Pirate ship and have them prepare to be brought over,” Jen said, taking in the location. “Let me know when you are ready.”

OOC: The pirates had their version of shield up… so transporters wouldn’t work unless they dropped their shields or went to an unshielded ship.

“Commanders Odinson and Mardusk. Prepare a security detail and a response plan. Mr Odinson, prep a means to overhear and observe the conference. Mr Bordeaux, you need to be listening in on this as well.”

“Aye,” D’Vash replied. “It’s as good as done.”

“Mr. Bordeaux, I’ll have a viewing station set up in the conference room on this deck. Mardusk, I’ll set up eyes and ears in the diplo hall. After that, I’m yours.”

Odinson (CIO)

“Understood…” Ian said with a deep breath. He didn’t know how well this might work out, but Kelly always had a plan. She was able to pull off anything, her gusto and cavalier nature to some might make her seem flakey. That though was always a facade, she was tough as nails and always had a plan. He once heard someone said she always had a man for everything, but everyone seemed to forget she was the toughest option in the whole batch. He knew every single officer on this ship knew that they all respected her choices and knew that those roots where dyed blonde. Looking over at Kelly he nodded as if wanting her to know to be safe as he looked back over at the XO. It was now or never. Secretly he suspected she had most likely contacted Jacen on the side. She often had her ‘Sparky’ as she called him play miracle worker. Can you say “emergency beam out into space”? If someone gets frisky it would be taking care of. There was never an option she didn’t think of.

Revna’s head snapped up and she looked at the captain and stopped herself from asking if they had ALL lost their minds. She glanced around at the bridge officers. Her face stayed passive, but her eyes flashed from one officer to another. First their was the COS Mardusk, who ya’know was security and from the looks of him could play a pirate. There was Cmdr Jen, who obviously must know what he was doing to be the XO. Then there was CIO Odinson, who was BORN a pirate, and had experience dealing with them, if his file wasn’t full of lies. The CDO Bordeaux, who, okay it was her husband, but still. That was his JOB, to work with people to find solutions. And if his comments and side long looks at the Captain were any indication she kept him busy. She could have even chosen CTO Nash. They were even USING his office, and he was much better suited to this kind of thing than she was. She glared sidelong at Nash. And if her sister’s story was true, they could take En. Loughty and have a better option for dealing with pirates. They could take her sister!

What was the saying she’d heard about this ship? Oh yes, Captain Kelly Bordeaux, no matter what she needed, she had a MAN for that. Well choose one already. This was the LAST time she was sticking her nose into bridge business. She was trying to be helpful. Crap! Now she understood why they needed an extra counselor on board. They were all Nuts, no wonder Rinker had disappeared. She didn’t want to deal with them either after this.

Revna mentally shook her head, keeping her thoughts to herself. 4 exists in case they had to run? The captain did remember she was still recovering from a major injury; she wouldn’t be running anywhere. Revna nodded, “Aye Captain.” Walking across the bridge in her tall boots and women’s dress style uniform, she got on the turbolift with the captain and wondered if she and the captain should change into something else first. Run? Pirates? Where in the bloody universe did command send her. She sent up a silent prayer to Thor for a quick death.

Lt. Edman, Counselor

Comms, open up a channel to the Pirate ship. =^= This is Commander th’Jir of the Atlantis. We will discuss terms in a face to face meeting. Choose two persons and prepare to transport to our vessel for the meeting. As expected, no weapons. Stand your ship down and return your auxiliaries to their hangar. =^=
- Jen, XO

There was a pause, =^=I do not understand. Are you saying you can move us from this ship to yours without the use of a smaller craft?=^= The communication was purely audio. On the other and the fighters did seem to be re-assembling and beginning to start recovery efforts.

Unidentified Pirate

Jen needed to be careful here. They had shields and he didn’t want to suggest a weakness. =^= We can =^= Jen said simply. =^= In a measure of .. goodwill and of fruitful discussion we will each power down our weapons and lower shields, once your fighters are aboard. =^= He didn’t need to explain but said aloud when comms were muted. “No need for them to know that we can’t beam through shields.”

Bordeaux, Chief Diplomatic Officer/Morale Officer

D’vash exited the bridge to get the surveillance equipment in place.

Odinson (CIO)

“What would keep you from moving troops from your ship to ours, or taking more people than you promised, or even putting a bomb on our ship?” The line disconnected for a moment.

=^= Our good will =^= Jen said to empty space as the line disconnected. It was good for them to start pondering such things.

Then, to whom was on tactical. “Their base is likely in the area. Launch a probe to scan around. Power signatures. Communications. Exhaust trails.”
- Jen

“We will send two officers with the power to negotiate in a shuttle, with a pilot. You can take the two officers and the pilot will return the us.” The voice was very suspicious.

Their reply relieved Jen; while it didn’t precisely have everyone stand down it did circumnavigate the sticky bit about trying to beam anyone through their shields. For now that secret was safe. =^= That is acceptable =^= Jen replied.

The probe launch would resemble a photon torpedo launch, at least initially. The probe was armed and launched in a matter of moments. ‘Class Three probe away.” The tactical officer looked about for a moment.

“Set it on a course that would suggest that it was mapping the region rather than sniffing about for something in particular,” Jen said. “Though it could accomplish both.”

A few moments later a pair of fighters peeled off from their landing patterns and moved in pursuit of the probe. Neither the probe of the fighters were moving quickly as neither seemed to want to risk colliding with a randomly moving rock.

Unidentified Pirate

Not unexpected, Jen thought. Let’s see if they get excited about anything.
- Jen, XO

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