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Posted Aug. 3, 2020, 8:35 p.m. by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) (Jennifer Ward)

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The Ex-Borg, Three of Five was getting his room all set up. He had plush figures of all types all around the room. In his desk, he had yarn, and threading to make more. The figures almost seemed life like. There were some that looked like Vulcans, Klingons, and Andorians. Even the clothing on them resembled actual outfits/uniforms that they would wear. Some had starfleet uniforms and insignia on them. When Three of Five was done organizing, he left his quarters and headed to the Counselor’s office. He stood outside his door, waiting to be welcomed in.
Ensign Three of Five, engineer

Revna was in her office waiting for her appointment with Three of Five. She suddenly wondered why Star Fleet medical didn’t have a psychiatric division specifically for helping former drones re-acclimate to life outside the hive. They had medical training for removing the implants and cybernetics, why not training for this? She pushed that aside for a thought for another day. At the chime she walked over to the door to open it. “Hello, Ensign. Welcome, please come in. I’m Lt. Revna Edman. It’s nice to meet you.” She offered her hand.

Upon entering the office it was very subdued. The harsh grays and blues that came standard were replaced by earth tones of browns, bronzes, greens, yellows, oranges, and deep reds. There were several areas to sit, couches, chairs, floor pillows. There didn’t appear to be a desk anywhere. The shelves were filled with pieces of art and memorabilia that honored her heritage. The pictures were a mix of landscapes and abstracts, carefully placed around the room so as not to clash with each other. The shelves also included an array of different objects, from singing bowls, to art supplies, to mandalas. There was also a computer interface to allow patients to choose the background noise of their choice.

She wasn’t sure if he still thought of nourishment as a requirement or as social. She’d read his record and given how long he had been separated from the collective, she adhered to the social custom. “Would you like anything to drink, En?”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

“Water will do fine, Ma’am.” he replied as he looked around her office. “I like this office.” He said.
Ensign Three of Five, engineer

Revna got him a water and then a glass of juice for herself. She handed him the glass and waved him to a seat of his choice. “Thank you. I really can’t stand to sit in a room of sterile grey all day. I find it agitates me, to the point of pacing just to find some way to break the monotony.” She sits down in a chair across from the En. “How long have you been on the Atlantis?”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

“I just arrived. I was told to come here, cause they want to make sure my mental state is safe to be on the ship, given I’m an ex-borg.” He told her. “It’s like they think I’m going to assimilate them all in their sleep.” He laughed as he was saying that to let her know he was being funny.
Ensign Three of Five, engineer

Revna smirked. He had a sense of humor. “Did you put in for Atlantis or was it just a standard duty rotation?”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

“This is my first assignment outside the academy, so I’d say standard duty rotation.” He responded and then took a sip of the water.
Ensign Three of Five, engineer

“Ah I remember my first duty station. It was a bit nerve wracking. Is there anything I can do to help you get settled?”

Revna nods, “So why did you join Star Fleet, En? What drove you to this organization over anything else you could have done?” These types of questions usually helped ease new officers because it was what they were expecting to be asked. And though cliche they did help Revna to learn more about the crew she was working with. And she was generally curious if the En choose Star Fleet because he had previously been assimilated and felt that Star Fleet was the only place he would be accepted rather than some civilian occupation. She hoped not. She hoped the Federation had moved past that nonsense.

Lt. Edman, Counselor

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