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Posted by Gamemaster Deus Ex Machina (GM) in Main sim-Deck 1 Conference room

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D’vash sat at the table in the conference room with a bank of video monitors in front of them. He had already placed the hidden cameras and microphones in the diplomatic hall on deck 2 where the captain’s meeting with the pirates was to take place.

Now, he was just adjusting the camera views to make sure the whole area was covered and at no time would a view be obstructed. He piped some music into the room at varying levels to make sure the microphones were able to pick up the slightest sounds. I want to be able to hear a pin drop over the talking, he thought.

The table and chairs were set, but he had to make sure Captain Bordeaux and Lt. Edman sat in the correct spots while making sure the pirates were seated where they needed to be, as well.

Now, he waited for the captain and Lt. Cmdrs. Bordeaux and Mardusk to explain the set up. . . . .

Odinson (CIO)

Kelly walked into the conference room with a steady but relaxed pace. “Mr. Odinson what do you have for me,” she said in an upbeat tone approaching the CIO. Kelly had swapped a few beers with the man in a social situation but this was her first official duty interaction with Odinson since he transferred on her boat. While she still hadn’t learned the way his mind worked in a combat situation, Kelly had no reservations about the man’s skills. Every command that he had served under spoke of the almost uncanny ability for the man to size up fifty scraps of seemingly unrelated bits of information and turn it into a picture of crystal clarity. There was so much more to intelligence than the parts one might have redacted from a file that was considered confidential. Those redacted pieces never really showed the true talents of an officer. They just showed how clever they were as escaping things. What defined a true intelligence officer was the mundane and often painstakingly boring task of taking snippets of fact, mixing them with experience and then presenting a cohesive plan. The cohesive plan was what Kelly needed to know.

Pulling out the small transporter PaDD from her pocket that Drayke and Ian developed, she tapped the button waiting for her cup of Joe to appear as requested. Half of commanding others was instilling a sense of calm at all times. Since they were still waiting on Ian and Mardusk and Kelly downed coffee like it was free shots at ladies at Mike’s place, there was time.

Captian Kelly Bordeaux

Revna followed the captain into the conference room. Feeling totally out of her depth. She had no ambitions for command or to do more than work with patients that needed it. She wasn’t quite sure what she had gotten herself into. But Revna was ever the professional. She’d met and talked with Odinson during his evaluation. He had scheduled it and appeared with no trace of apprehension like most of the rest of the crew. Many of whom were still hiding from her. Odinson was of the old blood, and that reminded her quite clearly of her heritage. She took a slow breath and stood a little straighter. She was a good judge of character, body language, and nuance. She’d put it to use.

Now Cpt. Bordeaux was intimidating. Oh sure the rumors of “her men” went around, but Revna had to admire a woman who could command that kind of respect. Her tone when requesting the information from Odinson sounded, to Revna, like she was having fun. To each their own she supposed. Revna looked at the PaDD Bordeaux pulled out and then the coffee. Revna’s face quirked into a smile. She’d heard about the captain’s need for coffee. Obviously someone took a lot of time to keep her happy. Inspired loyalty indeed. Revna was suddenly very interested in watching her captain at work.
Lt. Revna, Counselor

D’Vash pulled up the schematics of the diplomatic hall. “This room we’re you’ll be meeting is one deck directly below this one. I’ve got hidden cameras set up here, here, here, and here,” he said pointing their to locations. “There isn’t a single blind spot with this set-up. Microphones are positioned here and here.” Again, he pointed to the locations. “I should be able to pick up what they are saying to each other, even if they lean in close to whisper.”

“That should cover audio and video inside the room. I’m assuming, Mr. Mardusk will be escorting our guests to the hall from the shuttle bay.” He pulled up another map. “This is shortest and quickest route, here. They won’t be going past any high security areas so they won’t get a chance to see much. When they leave, they’re escorted out the same way.”

He turned to look at Kelly and Revna. “Now,” he began, “this part I still need to coordinate with Mardusk, but we’ll have two security guards posted outside the main entrance the whole time. Once the pirates are in the room, more security will gather at both doors for added precaution. Once you feel the negotiations are wrapping up, you send me a signal, I signal all but the original guards to pull back, and Mardusk escorts them back to the shuttle bay.”

“Wow remind me never to piss you off… or try to escape from you,” Kelly said in a flat tone with half a smirk on her face as she took a sip of her coffee letting everything Odinson said soak in. This was why she had gotten up in the middle of the night when the ol’ wood chipper began to pepper her personal communicator with dinging messages. The term firing up the ol’ woodchipper was ancient. Many had heard the slang but few understood the meaning. It simply referred to gossip spreading from a source much as when a large chunk of wood was shoved into a wood chipper. The bits of wood, shavings, and dust all came from one source however the size and accuracy of the bits being spewed out the other end varied. That night the wood shipper was about Odinson and what the few in her message group was calling his free-agent status. Right now crawling out of her warm bed at 0420 hours showed it was the best decision she had made in a while.

“There will only be a brief moment as they arrive and when they exit that you MIGHT be in any danger, but, Mardusk will be with you at those times as well. You’re safety is my first concern, Captain.” He turned to Revna and added, “As well as your, Counselor.”

Odinson (CIO)

“Don’t worry about me. I’m pretty scrapy,” Kelly laughed. “Besides if all else fails and they threaten the ship in a way we can’t manange Jacen can just beam them out for a space keelhauling” While Kelly was not in a habit of space keelhauling individuals, she was not ever going to let someone endanger the crew she was sworn to protect. The space keelhauling was only used once on her ship involving exploding goo but before she let a bomb or some other device rip another hole into her hull, Kelly would be safe then sorry.

Revna nodded, appreciating Odinson’s concern, but she felt like she was missing something. Maybe it was because she had NEVER been in a situation like this. Odinson had multiple points to see and hear what was going on in the room, and that was great, but how would she and the Cpt. hear THEM? She debated saying anything, but opening her mouth got her into this so…”How will we hear you? Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems to me that it is very possible that with this set up of yours you may garner information before the Cpt or I can. Or perhaps the bridge learns new information we might need. I doubt we want that sent over open comms.” She looked from Odinson to the the Captain. She was sure she was asking a question she should already know the answer to, but she didn’t.

Lt. Edman, Counselor

“We won’t,” Kelly said in a neutral tone. “That is part of what being in command is all about. Putting your faith in the people on your crew to do what they are good at” she let her voice trail off a bit as she went over the information on the PaDD’s and what Odinson had explained. “I have no doubt the pirates will be trying to record the conversation on thier end. I would,” she shrugged. “The trick is always letting people hear only what you want them to hear. The signal Odinson referred to is if I notice something they don’t which is based on experience of me realizing I am losing control of the situation. All these security measures are the things my eyes and ears can’t pick up. If they see something I miss they will bust down the doors bringing in the calvary. Right,” Kelly gave Odinson a side glance.

Revna nodded, accepting that. She’d read about this crew, together and their individual and collective strengths and weaknesses. It was much the same when being locked in a room with a patient, alone who was volitile. Revna had done it many times, often being given case loads that put more experienced doctors to shame. She was the weak link here though, and she knew it.

Being a captain meant knowing your crews strengths and weaknesses. Everyone had weaknesses even if they were buried under mountains of subtle defensive measures to prevent them from showing. Kelly had read Odinson’s file in depth. Her guess was after he had been stabbed by a traitor on his own team the man didn’t really trust anyone at his core. That would make him far more vigilant and perfect for his assignment here. Edman was more concerning to Kelly at the moment. It was her first official mission in this capacity. Bordeaux tended to be at her side for these things but with needing him on the bridge and in the conference, Kelly felt the counselor was a better fit here and just as qualified to do the job.

Moving away from the table slightly so that Odinson couldn’t hear she motioned for Revna to follow. “Not being insensitive here counselor but you have thirty seconds to let me know if are you okay to do this? I know you are new to the crew and still learning thier skills and assets but you seem…tense,” Kelly chose her word carefully. She did not want the woman to think she had doubts in her abilities. “I need your head in the game. They need to know we are the baddest kids in this playground or they may make a stupid play for our lunch money. I am really trying to avoid them thinking they are anything but well mannered guests when they come over. Can you channel your Billy Bad Butt?” Kelly hoped her impromptu pep talk was enough to relax Edman some. The woman had talent in spades but that did not mean everyone liked getting into the thick of the action.

Revna listened, grinning a few times at Bordeaux’s analogies. “I’ve never backed down, Captain, from a challenge or an order. You want me there, then that is where I will be. From a professional stand point, there might be someone better, but you would know that better than I would. I’m tense because, honestly, I’ve NEVER done anything like this, and I tend to be tense when taking in all the information I need for something I’m not familiar with. My head is on straight. Your crew holds a certain reputation. If I’m to be thrown into the rapids with no boat and no paddle, there is no other crew I’d rather be with.” She held the captain’s gaze. “Is that Billy Bad Butt enough? Or should I start channeling Brynhild?” (OOC: short and simple: Viking Valkyrie who gave it up to avenge her own honor)

“Noted,” Kelly nodded with a smile. “Like the Norse analogy. You are going to fit in well here.”
It was time to signal the bridge and let them know they were officially a go for the conference. Jen probably had had received reports confirming this from all departments involved but her XO was in the quarter back seat ready for game time.

=/\= Commander we are go,=/\= she signaled the executive officer.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Jen replied back .. =^= Thank you Captain. The pirate vessel is launching a shuttle. They will be in range shortly. =^=

And because Revna always found humor everywhere, “Hey captain, if we get out of this, I want one of those pocket transport things.”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

Then .. not many minutes later .. =^= Captain, shuttle is in range. We are initiating transport to you =^=
- Jen, XO

=/\=Ready,=/\= Kelly replied from the conference room to the bridge. “Mr. Odinson, we are a go,” Kelly said pulling down her shirt and taking a seat at the table facing the door that the pirates would be appearing from.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux CO

Revna took a deep breath, rolled her shoulders and the tension was gone. She took a seat next to Bordeaux and watched. Body language would tell her a lot when their ‘guests’ arrived. Her expression though wouldn’t tell whether she was bored with the whole thing or eager to make new friends. Revna was as skilled with showing no reaction as she was open and honest off duty.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

As expected two humanoid men beamed in. From what they could tell they seemed to be . Both notably had holstered sidearms, the shorter one, who appeared very human-like and either what an Endorian or and Alfian, but still almost two meters tall had a very ornate hair design which towered six or seven inches up almost like a peacock’s feathers. The other was clearly a different race that they had not seen as of yet he was humanoid, heavy set with pointed ears much like a Vulcan. He had longer eyes that gave him a very wolf like appearance, its nose was wide and rose from the lips up above the eye line. Both had a number of clips and badges on their chests that either denoted rank or awards. By the number of badges the shorter man was in charge.

They looked about, the taller man scanning for threats, but the shorter man just seemed to check if all his pieces arrived intact. “That was an unusual experience…” He tried to figure who was in charge. “You have us at a disadvantage.”

Still Strangely Unidentified Pirates

Before anything could said, a small sound alerted more where coming as the door came open. “Well, seems I was on time after all. Sorry for the delay, the bridge needed some counseling on how to handle … some issues.” Ian said with a small terse look. “Captain, Counselor…” he said nodding at the two then looking over at the unidenfied men. “Have we gotten to giving out names portion yet or should I just be the first? I’m Lieutenant Commander, Chief Diplomat for the Atlantis. Sorry for my delay I should have been in here quicker, but can’t always predict coming and goings of the ship.”

Bordeaux, Chief Diplomatic Officer/Morale Officer

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