Docking Bay - Family Reunion (Open to all)

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The Security Chief came barreling down the passage way sending crew scattering for shelter in doorways, side passages, or wherever they could go to get out of the mobile mountain’s way. “Move move move!!” he bellowed as he hit teh turbo lift at an almost dead sprint. =/\= Shuttle Bay 2, dammit!=/\= he barked and the turbolift began it’s trip.

As the doors opened, Mardusk moved witha surprising amount of speed to the Flight Control operator on duty. “Lieutenant. You’re gonna have a shuttle dropping out of warp and inbound any second. They are cleared to dock.” he said between some deep breaths.

“I don’t have anything on the schedule, Lieutenant. And you know how the Skipper hates unannounced visi-“

“It’s a Star Fleet Vice Admiral, and she is here to see me… not the Skipper.” And at that moment a shuttle dropped out of warp less than a hundred kilometers from the Atlantis. =/\= Atlantis, this Federation Shuttle Trifecta. Request permission to dock. =/\=

Mardusk cursed slightly and listened over the comms to see how the bridge reacted.

Mardusk, CoS

=/\= Shuttle Trifecta, this is Lieutenant Commander Nash. We do not have you on our list of visitors today, but I have a docking clearance filled out for you. This is unusual, please state your business on board the Atlantis. =/\=

Nash sat back and toyed with the controls on the arm of the chair, that they happened to be the controls for manual targeting might have been coincidence, maybe not.

Lt Cmdr Nash, CTO

A female voice came back and said =/\= Atlantis. Shuttle Trifecta. My business is personal, and the clearance has been approved. I’m not used to having my actions questioned further, Mr. Nash. Now if you would be so kind as to allow me to dock, I will happily discuss any… inconvenience… in person. Trifecta out. =/\=

Nash was highly unimpressed at the tone and implied threat, and he didn’t much care that she didn’t care for having her actions questioned. It was his job, he had the seat and he had the bomb. Her avoiding the questions was also not a good way to step onto his ship, so, he was about to open the comm to order the shuttle to hold position pending a security check on the transponder codes, when the line opened for him.

Following the exchange, Mardusk’s voice came over the comms. =/\= Commander Nash, I approved the clearance. Trust me. This is one you really don’t wanna deal with. =/\=

Mardusk, CoS

Nash tapped his fingers on the arm of the chair a moment, maybe he did wanna deal with that one, but in any case, he would let Mardusk play with this one himself. =/\= You know I don’t trust anyone Mardusk, but seeing as it’s you, I’ll drop shields and welcome them aboard. Maybe you should teach her the correct way to board a Federation Star Ship while she’s here. =/\=

Clicking over the comm, he hailed the shuttle once more.

=/\= Shuttle Trifecta, you are cleared to dock. Enjoy your stay. =/\= Not waiting for an answer he closed the comm and nodded to Operations, who dropped the shields for the shuttle to board.

Lt Cmdr Nash, Tactical

The sound of relief was almost palpable in the Security Chief’s voice. =/\= Appreciate it, Commander. I owe you a drink. =/\=

Looking at the Flight Control officer, Mardusk said “Ok. Bring her in and let’s get this done.”.

Mardusk, CoS

The shuttle slid into the docking bay with practiced ease, and came to settle on the deck. Before the engines had even wound down, the hatch opened and a female Orion with brilliant emerald skin and wearing a Star Fleet Command uniform with Vice Admiral pips stepped out. Looking around, she spied Mardusk and said “Is this how you greet a Vice-Admiral, Lieutenant Commander?” Hearing the question, the Docking Bay Watch officer sent a text-only message to the Captain. =/\= Admiral just arrived, Shuttle bay. =/\=

Mardusk slowly made his way over to the woman and looked down at her. “Nope. But it’s how I greet my mom.” and he smiled a huge grin and wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off the deck.

Mardusk, CoS

Captain’s ready room

“I am doing that,” Kelly sighed tiredly of all the paperwork that came with the job. It was pointless, mundane and seemed to have tripled along with the size of her crew. Blindly groping to her right she searched for the mug of coffee she knew had to be there. Her fingertips hooked the top edge allowing her hand to trace down the edge. The hard, smooth curve felt almost erotic against her fingers as they slid down the cylinder finding the curve where the handle met the base. Curling her fingers around it she guided the mug of hot dark perfection to her lips almost on autopilot. Taking a long draw she remembered why she did this every day: The coffee. It was the coffee and the huge sleek honkin’ space guns her new ride sported.

Everything was fine until she saw an internal message pop up. =/\= Admiral just arrived Shuttle bay. =/\= Crewman Mock Donem Docking Bay Watch officer. If Kelly was so fixated on the word Admiral she might have caught the heads up from her officer yet she was solely focused on that word. “Ugh Ian you told me that you altered the sensors so that we would have a heads up before he stepped foot on my ship,” she ranted to her husband already moving to the turbo and heading to the shuttle bay.

As the doors to the turbo snapped shut Kelly looked at her yeoman. “You really suck at this job. Both of them. How do you not know when he is planning to waltz on MY ship like he owns the damn thing,” she grumbled.

“Who?” Ian asked as he looked up at her. Looking down at the meeting all he saw as an Admiral Mardusk, a mistake he assumed until now as he looked at the PaDD once more. “I don’t think this is who you think it is Captain,” Ian said following her out as he kept scanning.

Stepping out of the turbo, Kelly started to think of all the people she was going to rant to. There was Nash whose job it was to tactically stop threats. How did Perkins get past him? There was Styxx that should have had his presence registered as a hostile threat as she outlined in her last memo about How to deal with Reginal Perkins. She also thought about Mardusk. Where was her wall of pure Orion muscle in all this? While Kelly hated staff meetings, there would be one on this as soon as she could call one. “Call a staff meeting,” she told Ian. “I want to go over the procedures,” she stated firmly entering the cavernous shuttle bay, “on how we deal with that man because apparently,” Kelly stopped in her tracks seeing Mardusk’s frame talking to someone. His large size prevented her from seeing who it was he was speaking to. “And put in that Mardusk gets a promotion,” she continued heading over to her chief of security. “He is the only one on the ball,” she finished her sentence as she cornered Orion’s large frame.

“Ma’am that’s not who…” Ian said following behind her as he tried to get her to stop only to find her abruptly halting as she stood in front of the door, ready he was sure to yell if he knew his wife.

“Admiral why are you heh,” she immediately stopped her sharp officer tone seeing not some weasel-like man with dark beady eyes and a wispy mustache but another Orion. Not sure what to do, Kelly immediately backtracked looking at Mardusk and Ian for a little help.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

The Orion Admiral was everything one would expect from a female if the species. Lithe, stunningly beautiful, and at the moment completely focused on Mardusk. As the Captain cut herself off, the Admiral looked away from the Security Chief and towards Kelly. Flashing a dazzling smile of perfectly white teeth against deep green lips, she released Mardusk and stood and faced the Atlantis’s CO.

“Ma’am… may I present Vice Admiral… Mardusk.” Ian said finally as they entered, it was late of course as he said it, but there was never a time to stop his wife when she was on a warpath. “Admiral, may I give you Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux.”

“Captain Bordeaux, permission to come aboard, Captain?” she asked, her voice soft and sultry; her tone more appropriate for someone singing a torch song than a Flag Officer in Star Fleet addressing a ship’s Captain.

Mardusk, CoS

Few things threw Kelly Bordeaux in her life. She always went with the flow. In the past few years, however, this has gotten her into more unexpected situations. Not that any of these situations had turned out badly. Joking with Admiral McLean that she was the true power behind the Knight-Shultz command team earned her the Atlantis. A shore leave for her a husband. This, however, was a curveball she didn’t see coming and if it was a fly ball deep into centerfield she would be walking to medical with a concussion. The woman before her was not only beautiful but almost the outward expression of ultimate femininity. She moved with the grace of a ballet dancer. Her voice was melodic to the point of hypnotizing. Extending her hand Kelly gave the woman a sheepish grin. “Welcome to the Atlantis. Admiral Mardusk, I am assuming there is a connection to this guy on my left,” Kelly inclined her head slightly.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“If there isn’t then I’ll eat my PaDD,” Ian said as he looked around with a bit of a smirk on his face but quickly wiped it clean in front of the Admiral.

Bordeaux, Chief of Diplomacy

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Admiral Mardusk laughed at Ian’s statement, a sound like wind chimes in a soft breeze. “I think that’s a safe bet, Commander Bordeaux.” and she set a hand on one of Mardusk’s massive arms. “This big ox is my son.” she said with more than a hint of pride in her voice.

If Orions could blush, Mardusk would have lit up the bay. Instead, he cleared his throat and said “Captain, I will apologize on my mot… er, the Admiral’s, behalf. I know how you hate surprise visits from the brass.” and he gave his mother a generous helping of side-eye. “Especially recently.” he added for emphasis.

Admiral Mardusk looked up at Gravel with a perfect look of feigned innocence. “Surely you don’t think I would just drop in unannounced for no reason, do you?” and then she cocked her head to the side and looked at Kelly. “What does he mean by that ‘especially recently’, Captain?”


“Ever heard of the Greek saying beware of Greeks bearing gifts? I just got a new ship and it was hand delivered by Odysseus himself only in decrepitude mummy like a life form. Ever hear of Admiral Perkins,” Kelly threw out not caring who at this point knew about her hate affair with the man. “Wanna get a drink and I can fill you in on,”


“Ma’am… the Greek saying of Greeks bearing gifts… why would the Greeks be telling other people to beware of their gifts?” Ian said as he cocked his head as he looked at his wife. She was brilliant in many ways, but getting sayings correct was never really one of her forte’s.

“Because they are slimey, conniving glory seekers that are too lazy to take a chance an put their neck on the line. Hell the Greeks can’t even have the balls to come up with a saying like fear us because we are gonna go chop down every tree we see. Then we are gonna build a horse and shove it up your,”

“Captian sign this please,” one of few brave crewman butted in needing her signature handing her a PaDD. He had been on this side of a Perkins tirade before. It could take longer then he had which is why he interrupted her.

“which shows just how cowardly and sniveling Per,”

“Either way… maybe we shouldn’t go after officers who have more pips than us ma’am, if I recall another saying crap travels downward so I suggest we don’t test that theory.”

Bordeaux, Chief of Diplomacy

“Ahh,” Kelly opened her mouth to say something but the look Ian was giving her was not the helpful stare of a officer to another. It was the look of a husband that was about to ring his wife’s neck. This wouldn’t be the first time Ian had an emergency situation in the middle of a Perkin’s tirade that resulted in Lt. Commander turning into Mr. Bordeaux threatening things only he could do to her to remedy the situation if she didn’t fly straight. This mostly involved faulty coffee problems, mostly.

“Admiral Perkins is a wonderful man,” Kelly said through gritted teeth with a fake smile plastered to her face. “This better Ian,” she nodded to her husband.

“Maybe we should move to someplace less public. Drinks at Mike’s when you get settled in,” Kelly suggested.

Kelly Bordeaux

Admiral Mardusk listened to the exchange and then looked directly at Kelly and Ian and said… rather loudly… “Of course, Captain. We can discuss Admiral Perkins’ rat face and lack of spine somewhere such talk doesn’t fall on innocent ears.” and then she looked at her son and Ian.

“See,” she elbowed Ian. “My form of diplomacy works just as well as yours but takes half the time to see if they are Pro or Con a topic.” Kelly had liked the Admiral. It was hard not to when she was so fond of her son. The Admiral had the same confident swagger only more alluring. Kelly always admired the way Orion women mixed feminity with deadly intelligence. It was like a work of art and based on the Admiral’s rank and service record, she could kill you with a dress down as easy as building you up to make you think you could be a one-man army. There was a lot she could learn from this woman.

“Lieutenant Commanders.” she said softly. “If you would be so kind as to see to my bags. And no scanning. There are presents.” and she walked forward and wrapped a lithe but surprisingly well-muscled arm around the Captain’s. “Now then, my dear Captain, how about a tour of your new ship? The boys can catch up.” she asked, and followed the last statement with a sly wink and smile.

Admiral Mardusk

“I am happy to follow that order. Ian, bring the bags please,” Kelly asked walking away with the Admiral like they were best friends from childhood. “Oh and make sure you set her up in the diplomatic suites. It’s not like they are doing anything right now.”

As the two women left, Mardusk looked down at Ian and said “Yeah. Get used to that. She does enjoy some of the perks of rank.” and he bent over and picked up the bags. “You lead, I’ll follow. But we are stopping at Security. The hell I’m not gonna scan things being brought on board.”

Entering the turbo, Kelly hit a few buttons. The first stop would be the bridge. She had no doubt the woman hadn’t been on one before but the new design of the mythology class gave you a magnificent view of space. If you stood right in the middle of the screen it felt like you were flying. “So after the bridge any place that strikes your fancy,” she asked?

The turbo doors popped open and both of them stepped onto the bridge. It was always a bustle of activity but right now it was controlled chaos with everyone at thier stations.

Kelly Bordeaux

Mardusk had trained his teams well. As soon as the Captain and the Admiral stepped onto the bridge, the Security officer looked and shouted “Admiral on the bridge!” and the hustle and bustle came to a screeching halt as everyone froze in place. Most came to attention… three just looked on in shock. The Admiral looked on approvingly, her arm still entwined in Kelly’s. “At ease, please everyone.” she said in a velvety voice. Garnering more than one or two glances from the bridge crew, especially some of the males, the bridge went back to normal. Looking around, the Admiral released the Captain’s arm and looked around. Leaning in, she whispered in KelLy’s direction “Love that new ship smell.” and grinned before asking louder “Captain, with your permission I’d like to take a look around, maybe ask a few questions?”

Mardusk, Admiral and Son

“Be my guest,” Kelly gestured. “I have a few things to catch up on but make yourself at home.” Moving to a console, Kelly began talking with an ensign about Chris Robins’s latest idea. There was a quasar several light-years from their current course. The man practically sold his spouse to her as payment if she could turn the ship just a skoosh to the right as he put it. It was a common joke among them about what your spouse was worth. Apparently Lexi Robins was worth a violent star exploding. His enthusiasm was infectious so Kelly had asked several of the crew to look into the feasibility of going off course to see it.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Nodding, the Admiral made her way from station to station, asking quiet questions and nodding or smiling in response to the answers. After about ten minutes she made her way back to the Captain. “Your crew is very knowledgeable and adept, Captain. You should be proud.”

Admiral Mardusk

“They are remarkably resourceful. So tell me what ship did you command that was your favorite over the years,” Kelly looked out over the bridge with the Admiral by her side. It was a common misnomer that Kelly didn’t like command. She actually had a great respect for most of the men and women serving there. It was the bootlicker glory hounds that heard a good idea and usurped it as their own. Kelly had never been into the politics of Starfleet. She had been offered a job at command once but turned it down. Galavanting around space was more her speed.

Kelly Bordeaux

“My command experience has been… varied. But to your question, I would have to say the best ship I ever commanded was… hmmm… -” and she appeared to think about the matter for a few long moments, ” -.. yes.” and she moved in close to Kelly and leaned into her slightly. Whispering softly into her ear “It would have to be a D’deridex class. Most definitely.” she moved away and walked towards the Captain’s Ready Room door. “Care to chit-chat for a moment, Captain? Of course I don’t want to take you away from anything pressing.”

Admiral Mardusk

“There is nothing pressing here but solar radiation and space dust,” she gestured to her ready room. Once entering the room, Kelly made her way to the replicator. She replicated her standard coffee fare and looked at the Admiral. Kelly doubted the woman had to be given the invitation to ask for something specific to drink. Admiral Marsdusk had a way about her. She exuded confidence but not in an arrogant way. It was more the sense that you were safe with her. While Orion women had powerful pheromones, Kelly doubted her feelings with the Admiral were attributed to that. No one reached Mardusk’s rank with just an alluring smile or pheromones. They achieved the rank because they were smart and good at their job.

Kelly’s office would be striking because it was filled with what many would assume were trinkets and bobbles. There was the Jackie Robinson’s Brooklyn Dodgers jersey that this week was mounted on her wall again. There was an ancient Mayan lacrosse ball alone with a West African Kazoo. The room seemed littered with odds and ends that had no theme but curio shop. Some people remarked on them. Others chocked it up to bad interior decorating.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Admiral Mardusk moved to a chair and took a seat in much the same manner as a cat. Leaning back in a relaxed manner she said “While you are there, Vulcan tea would lovely, Captain. Thank you.” and she looked around the office. “Quite the collection, Captain. I approve.” she purred.

She waited for Kelly to get the drinks and take her seat before speaking again. “So. How is my little baby boy doing? I trust he hasn’t caused you too much of a headache?”


“Gravel,” Kelly said taking a seat. “I am not sure a 430 pound seven foot tall man is ever considered little and it is especially true when he gets in that mosh pit program he runs. Him dancing is like watching the agression of two security officers brawling combined with the grace of a ballet dancer. Last time he ran the program he moshed into an Andorian and sent the guy literally flying across the room as if he stepped on a pressure grenade. He popped right back up like a gopher among the crowd but it taught me two things about your son. One,” she held up a finger, “come to dance with him in sparing gear and two,” she held up another finger, “he would knock you into next week if he wanted to take you down because you pissed him off.”

Admiral Mardusk smiled at Kelly’s description. “Him and punk rock music. I swear…”

“So while I am so happy to meet with you any reason other than family visit for coming to the ship. Not that I am prying. Just curious,” Kelly took a sip of her coffee. In the pause, she could not help but be stunned by the Admiral’s beauty. The woman was an enigma with her straight forward personality but sultry body language.

Kelly Bordeaux

Admiral Mardusk smiled again and languidly stretched a little. It was reminiscent of a predatory cat. “Well, there may be another little reason for me popping out to say hello.” and she grinned and leaned forward. “Wanna play Twenty Questions to find out, Kelly?”

Admiral Mardusk

Kelly gave the woman a wane smile. The part of her that thought the woman might be flirting with her pretty much convinced the part of there that said it was all in her head. Still there was a truth behind why many called Orion women the Mata Hari of the universe. No matter where your inclinations let you drift, an Orion could work the angle if needed. Kelly did not think the Admiral had any subversive nature to her question. It felt far more playful and right now Kelly loved the idea of a little light fun. “I’m game,” she leaned back in her seat bringing the coffee up to her lips slowly taking a sip. Looking over the top of the cup, Kell hid the small smile curling around the edges of her mouth as her inner thoughts drifted to Gravel. The woman before her had a close relationship with her son but the woman before her did not seem like the type to bake chocolate ship cookies over a boo boo knee. She also did not seem like the type to hold back anything so there could be a chance to get a few baby gravel stories in for blackmail measures later.

Kelly Bordeaux

The Admiral smiled wickedly. “Oh good. I do love a good game. So… you want to know why I am here. Ok. Ask your questions, gorgeous. Let’s see how good you are.”

Admiral Mardusk

“Are you here for a job because I need to tell you my current sec chief is a hard act to follow,” Kelly leaned back in her seat letting it swivel slightly from side to side. Her tone was meant to be friendly but was it also too flirty. She was dealing with an Orion and Orions always brought out the non starfleet side of her.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

The Admiral looked at her and batted her eyes, long black lashes fluttering like exotic butterflies. “Hmmm… well… I can’t say maybe, now can I?” She almost purred as she spoke. “So I will say… yes. I am here for job. But not one working for you, but if the cards play out right, doing… something… for you. If you want me to, that is. Now, next question.” and she smiled.

Adm. Mardusk

Kelly shifted in her seat as the Admiral spoke. The woman was a lesson in sensuality. “I am all tit for tat,” Kelly slowly tapped a finger on the arm of her chair. “The next question is am I going to like what you do for me?”

Captian Kelly Bordeaux

The Admiral threw back her head and laughed out loud. “Most interesting choice of words, Kelly. May I call you Kelly? You are welcome to call me Dianna, if you like.” and she looked at the Captain and grinned wickedly. “I don’t have any tattoos, but if the image is right…” and she raised her eyebrows and giggled. “Are you going to like what I do to, er… for you. I believe that that answer would be a resounding yes, Kelly. That’s two…”


“Or Kelz,” she moved to the replicator. This was not coffee talk nor wine between women. It was going to be drinking and mayhem which called for Tequila, salt, and lemons. After ordering the drinks, Kelly brought the tray to her desk and set it down. Pouring a shot for her and then the Admiral, Kelly licked the side of her hand, added salt and then paused. “Oh and your wrong Dianna,” she looked at the woman across from the table with a sly smirk. “I am on one question. I said tit for tat and not do you have a tat although enough tequila and we can play the game I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” Kelly licked the salt off her hand, downed the shot and then sucked on her lemon. “Now for my second question,” she leaned back in the chair letting the warm liquid course through her body, “does this involve getting back at Perkins because I have an idea about a treasure map, can of engine oil, and a woman I am pretty sure is into voodoo named Isidore Lyonnais who owes me and Dante a favor from way back.”

Kelly Bordeaux

Dianna arched an eyebrow at ‘Kelz’ and then smiled broadly. She leaned forward and picked up the shot and lemon in hand, the salt in the other. She kept her eyes locked on Kelly and licked the inside of her wrist and poured the salt. “It feels better than the hand…” she licked the salt off, albeit a bit slowly, and then shot the tequila and bith the flesh from the lemon peel like a pro. Her face didn’t twitch, bu the smile never left. “To answer your question… no. But I will give you a bit more… It’s not about getting back at him.” and the smile turned almost predatory.

“Its about getting rid of him.”


“You say the most intriguing things,” Kelly instantly had all her attention on Dianna. “And I am in. Whatever it is. Name it and I will either have Drayke build it, your son shoot it, Nash and Odinson track it down, or Ian force it into an agreement that is air tight. Whatever you need…I got a guy to make it happen,” she said throwing back a shot.

Kelly Bordeaux

Dianna smiled and leaned forward, somehow become even more sultry… even in uniform.

“Well… what I have in mind requires a more… feminine… touch. And before I go further, my darling Kelly…” and she leaned close enough to Kelly that her breath from speaking could be felt on her lips…

“Are you averse to blackmail?”



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