Angelina's Exam

Posted Aug. 4, 2020, 12:20 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Angelina Markeson (Security Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Gravel Mardusk (Chief of Security) in Angelina’s Exam

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Angelina Markeson (Security Officer) in Angelina’s Exam
Angelina had spent a better part of two off shifts learning about the feel of the weapons in the armory.

A couple had needed servicing, which didn’t surprise her. Several of the phase rifles hadn’t been used in some time and needed seeing to as well. But she had done as promised and a few weeks after her arrival, she was ready for both her physical and weapon exams.

Fifteen minutes before she was due to meet Mardusk, she was on the holodeck, in a gym setting, sitting on the floor doing stretches to get ready. She was wearing black sweat pants and a light blue tshirt. It set off her light green skin nicely. Her long black hair was pulled back to a ponytail.

Lt JG Angelina Markeson

The doors slid open and the Security Chief walked in ten-minute early. “On your feet. Hope you are ready.” he said in a low rumble. He then said =^= Computer, run program skills assessment Market on, phase 1.=^= There was a chirp and suddenly they were standing in a tge middle of a tall grass prairie. The only cover was the thigh high grass waving gently in the breeze. Mardusk looked at Markeson. “Scenario. Evade and eliminate your pursuers. Hamd to hand combat. Four enemies. Scenario runs in ten seconds from… now.” and a timer began counting down.

Mardusk put his hands behind his back and stood motionless, watching with a critical eye.

Mardusk, CoS

She wasn’t sure what to expect, but this hadn’t been it. She remained silent, both from being stunned as well as a realization that this wasn’t a time for small talk.

As the tern second warning was given, she didn’t think twice. The workout tank top came off and landed on the grass just beside and behind Mar’s boot heels. The black bra and pants hid her slightly better in the grass than the blue top would have. She then went to ground and slowly began to move forward enough to some distance between her and the Chief.

She kept her eyes roving and was ready to catch her attackers from whichever side they came from.


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