side-sim Girl Time: Revna meets Kelly

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Revna had been on board for almost a week and there was one person on board she had not met yet and that was the Captain. As she understood it, the captain functioned solely on coffee. Revna came prepared with a special blend from home. She was sure the CO was busy with her responsibilities, but like the rest of the senior staff, she was over due for her evals.She stepped off the turbo lift to the bridge. This time she recognized most of the faces there. Quite the crew the captain had, indeed. Holding both cups in one hand she straightened her women’s uniform, unknowingly copying the captain, and walked towards the captain’s ready room, her knee high boots making a staccato rhythm on the floor. She stopped and pressed the chime. The crew as a whole, and specifically the senior staff had made quite an impression on Revna. She was eager to meet the woman who commanded such respect from her crew.

Lt. Edman, Counselor

“Come,” Kelly said staring at her console for a last second before directing her eyes off the screen and onto the person entering the room. “Lt Edman,” Kelly said with a smile. “I wondered when you would get around to meeting up with me.” Kelly used her coffee cup to hide the expression on her face. The lip of the coffee cup when placed on the mouth hide just about all facial expressions. It was a command trick she and Dante learned years ago from then Commodore McLaren. The action of drinking masked the curve of ones mouth from showing any grimace, frown, or smile. Right now the expression she was hiding was one of amusement. The last psyche interview with Rinker left her hung over, making hollandaise eggs for breakfast, and seeing who was the best putter across his office. The memory was a good one however as all doctor-patient relationships went, that eval was tucked away both in a fond memory and a blip in her files.

“I see you brought presents,” Kelly nodded at the cups.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Revna walked in saw the coffee mug in front of Bordaux’s face and chuckled. “You’re welcome to use your coffee mug as a mask, but I’ve watched too many people use that trick for it to be effective anymore. They must teach that in command school because it never fails that if someone is using a ‘mug mask’ they were on command track at Academy.” Revna handed one of the cups to Bordeaux. “I heard, from every person on this ship, that you like coffee. This is a special blend made near my home on Earth. It’s called Kokekaffe and it’s hand ground and then steeped like tea. But it’s strong.” She doesn’t sit down, because Revna has a great deal of respect for the protocols necessary to run a ship, and simply taking a chair implies a much more relaxed relationship that what she and CO currently had. “I had a note from Cmdr. Rinker saying you were up to date on your evals, but my curiosity got the better of me.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

OOC: Any time you want Rinker to tie you up in therapy just ask

OOC: Revna probably needs that. She can’t counsel herself. Lol

OCC: Okay Luke just for the record I read that and totally choked laughing on my coffee reminding me never to drink and read. Anytime you are up for Hollandaise eggs comm me ;) ~ Kate

Kelly let out a laugh hearing Revna’s comment about the cup. “The cup trick does do wonders and I do love a strong coffee,” Kelly gestured to a seat across from her desk. The lieutant had been aboard for a few days now and since no memo had come across her desk about a requisition or complaint about her quarters Kelly figured everything had been smooth so far. “So how are you settling in?” Kelly set her mug aside knowing that Revna was about to give her a new one. The cup she had been nursing had grown luke warm about thirty minutes ago so a new one would be well appreciated.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

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