Robins Academy Years Let's Fall In Love for the Night

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Lexi sat at the bar sipping her beer slowly. It had been an insane week. All she wanted was to get to the weekend and blow off some which is why she was sitting on a barstool at the Bouncy Albatross. The bar was not a place the trio had ever been to before however as the walked down the street heading to their typical watering hole, Lexi saw the sign and pulled them in. The Bouncy Albatross sign was not the typical electronic display but a hand-carved slab of wood with a wild-eyed bird wearing a pirate hat. As the sign swayed in the night breeze, it produced a small squeaking sound which when bounded off the various buildings on the street made it at times far louder than it should have been. Lexi used this fact to claim it was a sign that they should go it. Not only was the bar physically calling them to its doors, but Lexi also declared that the very name was proof that they should hang out here tonight.

Entering the bar, the trio was surprised at the decor. Every inch of the establishment was covered in wood giving the place a feeling of being on an old sea vessel. The interior felt almost oppressive when compared to the sleek and modern bar they had been heading towards. The room was a long rectangle with the bar along one wall and a small stage at the end opposite the entrance. The stage was simple with just an elevated dias, stool, and microphone. The entertainment tonight would be acoustical music. Lexi wasn’t overly fond of the style but it beat the funky pop tempos of the popular clubs most cadets frequented.

“You sure about this place?” Ian asked as he ran his finger across the bar top as black slime seemed to stick to his fingers as he shuddered. Looking around for a place to wipe his hand off Ian looked up just as someone was about to leave. “Pardon me…” Ian said loudly making certain to seem to accidentally be in the path of the mousey red hair Bajoran woman as he wiped his hands on her back as he apologized before letting her past.

“Anytime,” she smiled back with a brilliant grin as she continued walking. Whoever the man was, he was certainly handsome but unfortunately, she could not stay.

“How do you do that,” Lexi looked at Ian with an astonished look. Only he could pull off a feat like that and get a compliment for it.

Looking over at Lexi and Chris Ian formed a small smirk on his face as he shrugged. “What…” he said as he followed them further into the bar as he began looking around as if the place held some ancient Chinese flu that they needed to avoid.

“What,” Lexi imitated him with a smile. “No hugging me tonight,” she pointed a finger at him followed by a small wink.

“You dragged me out here… all cause it was too mainstream in the other places… which I think is your way of saying you can hide here…” Ian said as wondered just what else this place had to offer. It wasn’t charm or class, maybe it was potent booze. Places like this tended to give you stuff so powerful you couldn’t see straight after two drinks.

Spying a small bar height table, Lexi grabbed Chris’ hand-weaving them through the small crowds of people mingling about. Taking a seat, she beamed a smile at Chris and Ian. “Oh my God, this place is great! Past the bird, the word albatross is something or someone that is causing you great problems you can’t avoid. Luckily Noah would not be caught dead here so maybe I can do what I want to rather than worrying about him popping up.” Rising on her stool she held up three fingers and yelled out to the waitress for a round of shots.


“It has a certain charm to it…” Chris said with a large grin as he pulled in next to Lexi as he looked past Ian as he saw a busty blonde he seemed to already notice him. Winking he brushed his hand through his hair as he looked up at Ian who seemed to be utterly disgusted by the two.

“I know right? I mean who wants to go to the Viper Room and get shoved around all night when you can sit here and,” she stopped talking for a second as she got her first taste of the sticky on the table, “re…lax,” she broke up the word as she tried to nonchalantly hide her hands under the table to wipe it off without Ian noticing.

“You two are sick and twisted and deserve each other I swear… this is… not a nice place… this is the place you go when you want to find only the sleaziest of sleaze… and that’s not even talking about the people,” Ian said as he sat down as he put his hands down only to feel a sick sticky feeling. “See… heathens, the lot of you.”

“It is…quaint,” she looked for the right word to describe what she was seeing. “I mean there are anchors on the walls and a busty mermaid that works like an,” she squinted, “Ay Tee Em,” watching the credits tumble out to the patron waiting in front of it. “Oh…well that is …unique…way to showcase the past,” she felt a blush rise to her cheeks as she rapidly looked away from that section of the bar. Shaking her head, an embarrassed grin was plastered on her face as she quickly pointed to various other noninteractive decorations like a fishing net and some crab nets. Frankly, she would point to the door to change the subject right now and let the red in her cheeks dissipate.

“I don’t know…” Chris said as he looked over at Lexi as she seemed to be looking away as she seemed to be admiring all the small trinkets and knickknacks on the wall. Taking a deep breath he felt a sense of ease as she sat next to him. “I think there is plenty in this place to admire,” he said as he looked back over at Ian as his friend just sighed as he shook his head.

Hitting Chris in the arm Ian began to silently mouth to him. The lips read perfectly to Chris, ‘Ask her out.’ as Ian kept nodding over at Lexi. Ever since his return a year ago Chris had learned the one true person he loved was Lexi, only up until this week she had been with Noah. Chris was in some circles a bit sleazy, but the truth was he never cheated on anyone. Instead, he just broke it off after he got what he wanted and moved on. Pure and simple.

‘No.’ came the frantic head shakes from Chris as he felt the bench shift in weight as Lexi turned back around as she sat down.

“What,” she said seeing the not innocent but innocent expression her two friends were wearing. “Tell me,” she leaned in eager to know what the topic of the conversation was or more likely who. Scanning the room she instantly noticed the blonde at the bar staring at Chris like he was the only man arriving at a girls-only college formal dance that they weren’t all related to. “Oh oh are we talking about Becky Needsomelove there at the bar,” Lexi took a stab in the dark.

“Not sure she is Chris’s type anymore… he likes more… kosher women lately.” Ian said as Chris hit him with a dirty look as he tried to field the conversation elsewhere.

“We were just talking about… him,” Chris said as a dark and brooding musician seemed to begin to step up on the stage that was to their left. He was handsome, anyone could see this. He seemed to have dark hypnotic charm as he and three other men took stations. “Didn’t know they had live music… granted I know nothing about this place.”

Lexi’s eyes drifted off the townie with the amply nacelles to the man on stage. Instantly she had no words as she soaked in every detail from his dark hair to the way his black shirt clung to his well-muscled body like a second skin. As Ian pointed out this was not the typical academy bar yet the man setting up on stage screamed of being a cadet. It was the way he was carrying himself. Self-assured but laid back enough to be a rocker who did this a million times. His cadence was purposeful yet he had a slight swagger that spoke of someone who bucked against authority. “Hmmm like the topic change and loving this place more and more,” Lexi almost purred watching the man pull his guitar from a case on the stage and warming up by strumming out a few chords.

“I’m not sure… seems… okay I guess,” Chris said with a slight twinge of jealousy as he eyed the guy before looking back over at Lexi. Ian was right, he needed to be honest but there never seemed to be the time for honesty. The second he found something he ended up having competition immediately.

“It would be better if they had live waiters… does anyone come around?” Ian asked as he began waiving down the woman who just earlier was eyeing Chris as he sat with his friends.


“I’m here sir,” a buxom blonde cozied up to the table almost as if she summoned by Ian’s words. “What can I get you guys?” She surveyed the table attempting to gauge who was single. It was rare for a woman with two men to be alone. She was always with one of them so how to figure out who was the wingman and who was the grounded.

“The name of that guy,” Lexi pointed to the slightly brooding musician on the stage.

“That’s Nathan Harland,” she rolled her eyes slightly. “He is a charmer and a half but the rumor is he is also a player. I can introduce you if you want,” she offered.

Lexi Garfield

As she spoke Nathan and his band got up on stage as he smiled and waved at the crowd. “Thank you, everyone, a pleasure to be back with you all. For those new I am Nathan, this is Rizzo on drums, Baez on bass, and Bryant on keyboard.” Nathan said as the band members behind him all waved as they settled into their seats. “Wanted to start with a new song, inspired by my wonderful times here at the Albatros… it’s called ‘Let’s Fall in Love for the Night’… always someone you can find here.” Nathan said as he winked at one of the young women in the front as the music began to play.

“Let’s fall in love for the night
And forget in the morning
Play me a song that you like
You can bet I’ll know every line
I’m a boy that your boy hoped that you would avoid
Don’t waste your eyes on jealous guys, f*** that noise
I know better than to call you mine”

Lexi loved the melody. Leaning forward she rested her chin on her palm entranced by the song. This was exactly what she needed. To find love for the night instead of debating about whether she was right or wrong about Noah. As Juniors, graduation was closer than farther away and Lexi wasn’t sure she wanted to start planning the rest of her future next week. It was just a simple conversation that ended in she and Noah agreeing they needed time to think. The song by Nathan Harland seemed the perfect way not to think and be her age instead of the prim, goal-driven officer the academy seemed to beat into them.

Chris couldn’t help but audibly groan as the lyrics played on, “Lord… women fall for this crap?” he said as he looked over at Lexi only to see her entirely entranced as he burrowed his brow and slouched back down into the booth.

“I told you we should have gone to the Golden Cobra, they only have electronic music and dim lighting…” Ian said as slapped Chris on the back as he pulled him from the booth towards the bar to grab their drinks, seeing as the waitress had gone into whatever zone Lexi had and forgot she was even supposed to serve them.

“I don’t get it…” Chris said as he leaned up against the bar as Ian began ordering as he watched Lexi, her attention seemingly vanishing from them as she couldn’t stop listening to the garbage this Nathan was singing.

“I love it when you talk that nerdy s
We’re in our twenties talking flirty s

We’re making money but we’re saving it
‘Cause talking s*** is cheap and we talk a lot of it
You won’t stay with me, I know
But you can let away with me until you go
And before your kisses turn into bruises, I don’t want it”

“Look, I told you three months ago to just tell her… in the end at least this Nathan guy seems to be making the moves… you lost yours, my friend,” Ian said as Chris looked over at him as if someone had just slapped him across his face.

“Lost mine… oh… I feel like that’s a bet… is that a bet? Come on tell me that’s a bet.” Chris said with a seemingly quick bounce back as he stood at full attention as Ian shook his head no.

“God no, the last bet I made with you cost me my vintage comic collection that I had to steal back from that angry Nausican and almost got me shanked… I am not gonna do that again.”

“Oh yes, we are cause the challenge is accepted!” Chris retorted as he began to rub his hands together.

“No… no challenge… I didn’t throw a gauntlet… and there you go.” Ian said as he held onto the tray of drinks as Chris already slinked off.


Standing up Lexi decided to take a chance. There was a table directly in front of the stage to the right of Nathan. It was not front and center but it was a lot closer than she was now. Weaving between the tables, Lexi took a seat and watched Nathan perform. His eyes were almost as mesmerizing as Chris’. They seemed to read her every thought as he looked at her.

Watching him perform, Nathan, oozed charm just like Chris. Lexi had seen her best friend charm the pants of another cadet last spring at the annual Dig Run Swim Alcatraz charity event for children. It seemed like he could give Chris a run for his money. Part of her thought about making a bet with Ian about who would hook up first for the night Chris or this Nathan however, she did not want Chris to win. He was usually so much fun before he found a companion for the night and right now Lexi wanted a little bit of fun.

As the song wrapped up Lexi decided to make a move. It was only a matter of time before Chris met someone and Ian got bored and called up Kylie. Normally she would just head home or hook up with Noah at this point but since that option was gone, Lexi opted for action instead of a lonely cadet room. When the song ended, Lexi stood up and headed to the stage.

She could not help but smile as she thought more about the lyrics. Forgetting about the night when the morning came was right up her alley. Never had she been that bold.


Nathan was used to the nightly shows, it was fun and let him squeeze out his creative vibes in between classes. Didn’t hurt that the brooding singing doctor schtick made most women swoon faster than someone showing signs of Andorian Flu. “Alright everyone, now as we often do when playing shows, time for the stump the band segment… you ask us for a song and see if we know it. If you can stump us, you can pick which one of us gets to buy you a drink.” Nathan said with a wink as he looked down at Lexi with a devilish smile.

Lexi rolled her eyes. This was just a clever come on but she could not discount the way he guy looked at the women in the crowd. Everyone there wanted to be the focus of his blue eyes and Lexi was no exception. Taking a long slow sip of her drink, she let her eyes meet his with a half-smirk.

“How about you doll face? Care to take a shot to see if you can stump us?” Nathan asked Lexi as he waited for her reply as the guys behind him seemed to audibly groan. Nathan saw being in a band as both a way to play music, and get laid.

“Take a shot no,” she said setting her drink down. The lyric about talking ‘Cause talking s*** is cheap and we talk a lot of it came to mind as she reclined back in her seat. “Will I stump you…yes. I don’t like to lose and I don’t. Still, want me for one of your contestants? You could go the easy route and pick someone else.” Lexi waited to see what his response was. If he was too cocky to work even a little bit for her attention, he would bore her before she saw the bottom of the glass.

“Perfect… come up and sit here.” He said as one of the bar help brought over a chair for Lexi to sit. “First, what’s your name?” he asked her as he brought over the mic for her to talk.”

“Your’s first,” she adjusted the seat so Lexi was in the perfect position to show off her best assets. “My momma told me to never accept a drink from a stranger. A girl has to have her standards,” she flirted shamelessly with him. She had been with Noah so long it felt good to entice and play with someone.

“Nathan Harland, but you can call me Nate… now what is yours gorgeous?” he in a soft deep tone as he watched her carefully as she got up on the stage.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Alexandra Garfield,” she replied taking a seat crossing her legs slowly so that just enough skin showed of her upper thigh yet left a lot for an interested suitor to imagine.

“Alexandra, beautiful… now here are the rules… you get 3 shots to stump us if you can you get drinks all night from one of us, you game?” he asked as he winked over at her.


Eyeing him she bit her lip letting her teeth rake across the soft skin. “I know you got the jazz thing down but how talented is your tongue?” Lexi took a deep breath before saying, “Bad Romance, Lady Gaga.” It was hard to know if it was an attraction that was making her feel this way to the man on her right or just the warm fuzzy sensation of too much alcohol loosening her up. Either way, Lexi couldn’t deny her mind wandering down the rabbit hole of how it would feel to kiss the man next to her.

“Oh I expected something more sophisticated from someone as exotic as you, but I think I can find a way to make this far more interesting than the original,” Nathan said softly as he nodded at the guys as he began to play.

As Nathan played Lexi could not stop thinking about Noah and their break up earlier in the day. The thoughts though were anything but sad. As each word was sung Lexi could not get Nathan out of her mind. This man was not her type but may be searching for her type was not the best decision. Looking into the crowd she stole a side glance at Ian. Noah and Ian were her types: Smart, focused, career-driven. They had a plan but she did not sexually see Ian and the man she had been sleeping with just broke up with her. Looking back at Nathan she could not take her eyes off his. He was singing for the room but the way he stared at her felt like this song was only for her. Lexi resisted looking at Chris. Chris was the only one who sparked this feeling which secretly was always a silent thing between her and Noah; however, Chris was not ever going to want her in the way Noah did. Nathan, however, seemed to be the best of both worlds. Nate wanted her like Noah had and created the urges as Chris did.

Blocking every thought from her mind, Alexandra Garfield decided to act like the twenty-something she was and do something daring. Crossing her legs so that his eyes could trail up, she leaned back and let him take her in as his song promised all the things she wanted in her thoughts.

As Nathan played, the more sultry dark seductive tone of his version seemed to echo lightly in the room. This was not the same style Lexi had just heard. It had an element of danger, it screamed of pain, lust, passion, and anger. The stripped-down version made it seem like it was his song as he inhaled as he finished the song, letting the guitar echo as he used the slide to give the final warbling effect.

“So… one down… you will need to do better than that doll face. What else do you have for me gorgeous?” Nathan asked her, and for the first time since she had begun talking to him, she would notice he hadn’t been staring at a soul other than her, as he locked with her deep brown eyes as he waited for her response.

Nathan Harland

Leaning forward slightly, Lexi forgot she was in public for a second. The curve of her shoulders accented the valley any man’s eyes would be drawn to. “Nathan, I have a cold sweat, hot-headed believer. I threw my hands in the air, said, “Show me something,” she whispered wondering if Nathan was smart and talented enough to figure out she was both flirting and challenging him with her next song choice.


Nathan raised an eyebrow as the little Jewish vixen began to sing as he looked back as his bandmates as they took the cue and began slowly play, the piano echoing in the bar as he looked back at Lexi as he began to croon the first lines slow and low. It too was nothing like the original, it was unique and very much something only Nathan would compose. The undercurrent of dark and brooding that filled from every verse as he kept his steely stare on the woman before him.

Slowly wrapping the song’s course the intensity had the crowd a gasp as they all looked up at Nathan, man, and woman alike. His charm and looks got him admirers, but this was something unlike any had ever heard as he took a deep breath as he collected himself. “So… am I passing your tests so far?” Nathan asked softly as he gave her a small wink as he wondered what next the beauty would have for him.

Nathan Harland

“You have a solid B,” Lexi bit her lip but leaned back in her seat as if Nathan was nobody she was interested in. The problem was Nathan was someone she was interested in. Noah was an amazing man. One day he would find the perfect girl. Everyone told them Lexi was that girl and Noah was that man. The proverbial peas in a pod relationship yet something was missing: the spark. It was not the kind of spark that was rekindled with a bottle of wine and lights dipped low in a room. It was the spark that caused butterflies to never leave your stomach or goosebumps to rise along the back of your neck because, after all your years together, your partner still caused you to guess on whether he was going to kiss your neck or drop you to the ground because he was tickling you. The spark of keeping one guessing if he would drop to his knee in a room full of people to confess his love or call you from a hooskal in Tiajuana begging for bail and the frantic plea of baby don’t hang up I can explain everything. It was the spark of the unknown Lexi desperately needed and Noah’s predictability could not give her. Looking into the audience, her eyes fell on the one man that met most of her desires and needs in a partner. Leaning on the end of the bar was Chris chatting casually with the first co-ed of the night who was probably dreaming about having breakfast in bed with him.

Christopher Robins was the blonde version of the man sitting across from her. Adventurous, Dashing, Impulsive, and Bold. Whether Nathan had Chris’ other qualities of loyalty, honor, and sense of fairness Lexi didn’t know yet she was willing to find out. Chris was warming up his lines for the night with the redhead on his right as Ian was again scowling at the fact his drink was sticking to the bar. Lexi’s eyes drifted to Chris for the briefest second before the hyena began guffawing slightly louder and longer than necessary to recapture Chris’ attention.

Looking back at Nathan she gave him a sultry smile blocking out everyone in the room but him. Now was go time. She could tell based on the way he was looking at her, Nathan never lost at anything. Probably because he never let himself get into a situation he could not predict the outcome of. “So for the win…the slam dunk…the proof that my knowledge of music far surpasses you play me the rest of this song. I am pretty sure you are not going to have a clue so let me give you a hint.” Clapping her hands to a beat Lexi signaled the crowd to follow her clapping beat. When the crowd has produced a steady rhythm, she belted out the a section of the song. The song was a campy little fun piece she heard once in a honkey tonk dive bar in Texas when she went home with her friend Jessica for a long weekend.

She said do you have any money
do you have any means of support

Will you keep me in style
Will you educate my child
Will you love me for the rest of my life

Lexi Garfield


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