Pre Sim - Angelina gets her head checked (Counselor)

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Posted by Lieutenant Revna Edman (Counselor) in Pre Sim - Angelina gets her head checked (Counselor)

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Medical done, now Counselor. Then the Chief and she was ready to go. It had been easy, so far, in moving around the ship. But she had kept her head down and merely smiled and nodded in responses to murmured greetings. Till she knew what to expect, she was automatically on guard. While Half Orion females weren’t capable of the pheromonal abilities of the full blooded of her race, most weren’t aware and she knew most shrank back from contact with green women. Men most especially.

So here she was, tapping the chime on the Counselor’s door, waiting to take the next step in her boarding process. But, she admitted, it was the Chief she was looking forward to seeing.


Hearing the chime, Revna got up and opned the door. “Lt. Markeson, yes? Please come in.” Upon entering the office it was very subdued. The harsh grays and blues that came standard were replaced by earth tones of browns, bronzes, greens, yellows, oranges, and deep reds. There were several areas to sit, couches, chairs, floor pillows. There didn’t appear to be a desk anywhere. The shelves were filled with pieces of art and memorabilia that honored her heritage. The pictures were a mix of landscapes and abstracts, carefully placed around the room so as not to clash with each other. The shelves also included an array of different objects, from singing bowls, to art supplies, to mandalas. There was also a computer interface to allow patients to choose the background noise of their choice.

“Please have a seat Lt. I’m Lt. Revna Edman. Would you like anything to drink?” After the young lt. sat down, Revna spoke again. “I’m sorry to say that I’ve only just recieved your file a few minutes before I was notified that you had arrived on board, so you will have to tell me what you think I should know.” She’d read enough to know that Markeson was half Orion and they had other Orions onboard. She had no doubt about Mardusk’s and Odinson’s ability to be professional. And she was sure the Kelly nor Jen would let anyone on the ship that might be disruptive. But if she was security then she would be directly under Mardusk’s command. She needed to find out today if that was going to be a problem for Markeson.

Lt. Edman, Counselor

Angelina smiled. “A pleasure, Lieutenant.” She stepped into the room and glanced around. It never ceased to amaze her how people could so quickly set their environments to express themselves and their interests. She learned so much about the Counselor just looking around the room, that she was almost envious that she didn’t have that ability. At the offer of a drink, she nodded. “Just water, please. I can get it though if you want. Can I get you something as well?” It seemed odd to come here to be ‘checked on’ only to have the Counselor wait on her.

“You have some amazing items around here. I take it you are an artist as well?” She glanced at the art supplies a moment before looking around to see if she could pick out any of Revna’s personal pieces.


“Strawberry Lemonade, thank you.” Revna let Angelina get the drinks. She sensed the young woman needed something to do. Revna looked around the room and could see how Angelina might think she was an artist. She laughed softly, “No not at all. I do dable is sketching when I have the time, but I’m not very good. I just really love art. The supplies there are for you, or whoever else comes to visit me. Sometimes it’s easier to create, or destroy, with our hands what is bothering us, rather than put words to it. So I try to provide those opportunities.” Revna motioned to a seat after Angelina had gotten the drinks and then sat herself. “Where were you stationed before this?”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

Angelina got the water and lemonade and came back towards the woman, handing her the one she asked for. “Ahh, I get it. Sadly, not a very artistic one myself. I prefer schematics to drawing. More the technical type. Layouts of the ship, hallways, access tunnels, etcetera. I like to see how people come and go so I can protect those spaces in case it’s necessary to defend them.” She moved to the couch and settled on one end, her right arm propped lightly on the arm rest. “I think it’s great you offer so many ways for folks to relax when they are here, though. Guess it’s not always easy.”


“Thank you,” Revna took the drink and a sip of it. “There is a certain beauty in schematics though. I had a friend growing up who wanted to be an architect and it always amazed me the detail that went into designing not just the aesthetic of a thing but the practicality of it too. Hmmmmm, yes it can be difficult some times. Everyone needs something different, and I try my best, to provide that for them. It can be more difficult when I don’t know who I’m talking to. So I try to have tools at my disposal for any situation I might encounter.” She takes a sip of the lemonade and then sets the glass down. “I imagine it is similar in theory to what you do.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

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