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Runa finished with her last group of children for the day. Mikhail and Ms. Jones were waiting for the next round of children to show up for the nursery. Runa finished cleaning and organizing the mess that was left after the little ones tried to clean. Runa didn’t have to stay today and so as soon as she was done she left. She stopped by her quarters to change out of her clothes that were stained from messy fingers. Today her hair had been in a bun because they had been painting. Painting days were exhausting. She changed out of her old paint stained clothes she’d wore that day into tappered jeans and a soft cotton capped sleave shirt. She unwound the bun and brushed out her hair, leaving it that way, rather than pulling it back again. The bun had been so tight her head hurt after having it up all day. She decided she didn’t want to eat in her quarters, and she didn’t want to go see Revna. She knew who she wanted to go see.

She headed out and found her way, through the massiveness that was Atlantis to the arboretum Oliver had taken her too to get supplies for the school. She hoped to catch him there before his shift ended. She walked in looking around to see if she could find him.

Runa Edman, Teacher

Unfortunately of Runa only wasn’t present but NE Te’ma and Andorian scientist was tending to the garden when she entered. “Hello Ma’am can I help you?” She asked her antenna freely moving about as they continued to monitor the pressures and climate control within the room, Andorians made exceptional botanist.

  • NE Te’ma

Runa nodded, “Actually yes. I was looking for En. Loughty. He was helping me with a lesson on botany for the school children and I had a question for him.” For her part she didn’t care if the NE knew she was interested in Oliver personally rather than professionally, but he’d been very concerned when he thought she was a fellow officer. So she assumed he liked his privacy, and she wanted to respect that. And well it wasn’t a lie. He was helping her on a project for the school. But now where was he? She supposed she could search the ship deck by deck. Or head to the lounge…No to Mike’s bar and see if he was there.

Runa Edman, Teacher

“Oh Oliver is in the main science Lab, he’s fawning over his little science project.” She gave a small short giggle, “He always get carried away and forgets things when he’s working, its kind of cute actually” Te’ma’s antenna flicked, if she was human her cheeks would be a little pinker. “I am sure he won’t mind visitors but I warn you, he’ll want to talk you through everything he’s doing.”

  • NE Te’ma

Runa smiled at the NE Te’ma. “Oh, thank you. He can talk my ear off all he wants. Might give me more ideas for science lessons for the kids.” Runa had taught Andorians before and knew the NE would be blushing. Apparently she wasn’t the only one in Oliver’s little fan club. She left the arboretum and headed for the main science lab. Once there she pressed the chime.
Runa Edman, Teacher

Olly was listening to some old country music from the ZSC brown band, the song was talking about sitting in the sand with toes in the water. Oliver clearly liked it because when the music lowered in response to the door chime he carried on singing before “Who dares to interrupt the great Oliver Loughty mid chorus” He jokes looking up his goggles around his neck.

  • Ensign Oliver Loughty

The door opened and Runa stood there with a smirk on her face. He’d caught her singing in the classroom a couple weeks earlier and he had claimed he was passable in signing due to his time in theater class. “I dare.” She leaned casually against the door frame. The NE had warned her about his experiments and since he was still wearing lab equipment she wasn’t getting any closer. She looked around and seeing no one else around, “You lied Oliver Loughty. Your voice is outstanding. No wonder you like karaoke.” She looked around again. He seemed still very busy. “I was hoping to catch you at the end of your shift, but I see you are still busy. Maybe another time,” Runa said.
Runa Edman, Teacher

Oliver smiled, walking across to her. It wasn’t uncommon for people to be a little wary when entering one of his active experiments, perhaps the Captain had been telling everyone about the one time his academy girlfriend was almost eaten by a carnivorous plant. “Well, don’t tell anyone because it’s my closest guarded secret” He stopped just short, a respectable distance but enough to be able to smell the perfume she was wearing. It made him smile and feel warm inside. “Another time for what maybe?” He asked curiously.

  • Ens. Oliver Loughty

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