Side-Sim Deck 15, an unresolved question... [TAG OLIVER, RUNA]

Posted Aug. 5, 2020, 9:32 a.m. by Ensign Oliver Loughty (Science Officer Botany & Ecology) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Civilian Runa Siff Edman (Education Specialist) in Side-Sim Deck 15, an unresolved question… [TAG OLIVER, RUNA]

Posted by Ensign Oliver Loughty (Science Officer Botany & Ecology) in Side-Sim Deck 15, an unresolved question… [TAG OLIVER, RUNA]

Posted by Civilian Runa Siff Edman (Education Specialist) in Side-Sim Deck 15, an unresolved question… [TAG OLIVER, RUNA]
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After getting to Oliver and witnessing the woman entering the quarters, Kai smirked “as Planned…” he whispered under his breath “Oliver Oliver!” Running toward the Ensign he almost fell as Ryley was in between. He remembered the first time he fell in love with someone, she was a student of the adjacent class and was awesome looking with an awesome character. Now he had the chance to make that love spark between these two and he honestly loved trying to match people without letting them know “Oliver… I told you earthlings Red Roses…” he eyed the bunch of alien bouquets “I guess they’re fine! Follow me.”

Having never been to Runa’s quarters he was completely sold hook line and sunk, “Should we not ask for security?” But before he could object any further he was being coerced closer to the door with the roses in hand.

Taking the ball, the analytic kit and Oliver’s hand with his other free one, they started running to “Reach” the biological hazard and as they arrived in front of Runa’s quarters the Lieutenant dropped the ball, which started rolling over the place, and the kit “there… we have a Cat. III Biological Hazard. The reporting witness told us that it smells good and can be an attracting entity… although I think it may be dangerous so be aware.”
How could he not burst in laugh? He was a terrible actor but he resisted in place and rang the bell “Oliver, it is essential that you give the roses to this entity! Ok?”

Lieutenant Jr. grade Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

“Ok ok,” He said with an ounce of panic as he pressed the door chime which in itself was an insane idea, why would tell an entity no matter what it was you were coming. None the less standing there with his bouquet of flowers he waited, either to be vaporised, poisoned, or mauled to death he wasn’t sure which just yet and completely unaware of the chief science officers’ motives. “It always the attractive ones that are most dangerous.” He said to the somewhat oddly laughing officer,

  • Ens Oliver Loughty

Runa sighed, so much for quiet. Revna was still on duty so who would be ringing her door? As she started moving toward the door she was muttering: It better not be one of her students. She’ll drag them by the ear back to their parents, so help her. She opened the door, “What is....oh” Runa was NOT expecting Oliver, with…flowers? They were in a vase, so not for the classroom. He looked, concerned? What in the world? She smiled, “Oliver.” She was obviously happy to see him. “Do you want to come in?”
Runa Edman

“Runa” Oliver said in a high pitched surprise, “I didn’t…” He turned to see Kai, he was going to be used in his next experiment for sure this time, Olly was not ready for this. “I’d love to” He said flashing a smile, “I guess I brought these for you” He handed the flowers off as if they were about to explode, this was why Olly didn’t do well with women. When it got intimate, he just didn’t know how to act. Sharah would have a laughing fit at how he was acting right now.

  • Ensign Oliver loughty

Kai smiled with a large large whispered giggled. Then looked back at Oliver and he knew that for revenge something would have happened… sometime or another “Well Oliver, bwahahah.... sorry sorry… remember to stay with her and do not get away, silly! This biological ‘hazard’ is unstable and necessitate of constant attention and perhaps a dinner?” He winked at the Teacher “Right, enjoy, I MEAN, be aware!” And as he said so he greeted Runa and magically disappeared… from the scene but not from the nearby zones. In the end he was curious of how it was going to end!

Lieutenant Jr. grade Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

Runa took the vase and smiled catching Oliver’s glare at the other science officer. They’d been set up. Really she and Oliver were too old for high school pranks. But this other officer must consider Oliver a friend, right? Maybe she should ask Revna. She would know. Runa looked absolutely bored by the CSO’s antics until....”Did he just call me a biological HAZARD?!” She turned and set the vase down carefully and turned to head out the door. In true Anne Bonny fashion, “I’ll show that Snuskhummer (used to describe dirty old men) what a biological hazard shall do to his person.” She muttered, her eyes flashing, but the CSO was gone. The teacher in her KNEW he was somewhere near by. “Coward.” She turned and went back into her quarters. Once the door closed she laughed a little. “It seems Oliver we’ve been set up and pranked. What shall we do about it?”
Runa Edman

Oliver had similar thoughts as he watched her become angry, but it seemed to have the wrong effect on him because he couldn’t help tot think just how cute she looked all riled up. “Well from experience the Chief does like to do this from time to time however he’s never involved someone else. Well not usually in this manner anyway.” He was looking around her room and how she had decorated it. “We could have dinner?” he offered the previous anxiety he had been feeling replaced with something else… Something not unusual to him but rare.

  • Ens Oliver Loughty

Runa’s room was filled with pictures. Some of it landscapes of places she would like to see one day. The selves were filled with pictures of her with her sister or friends, all of them outside. One of the larger ones, shows her (and you know it’s her because you can see Revna with her beaded braids elsewhere in the picture) standing by the rudder of a viking dragon ship, a serious look on her face. Other boats can be seen in the back ground of the pictures. It looks like some kind of race. There a a few potted plants in her quarters, small and healthy, but not flourishing.

Revna stops scowling and laughs a little more. “I guess he has to find fun somewhere. I should put him to work on his off hours entertaining the children.” She takes the vase and moves it somewhere less dangerous than the table next to her door. “Dinner would be nice. Where did you have in mind?” In the mean time she goes to her replicator and comes back with a gigantic dog treat. “I’m sure your friend is out there watching, we’ll just distract his dog and have him chasing her instead of us, hmmm?” Her eyes light up and she laughs.
Runa Edman, Teacher

Olly laughed, “I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.” The science officer turned to her now “How about we have something in? I Like Lasagna and garlic bread.” He offered now making his way closer to Runa, the idea of having a private meal with her both excited and terrified him.

  • Ensign Oliver Loughty

In? as ‘in’ her quarters? Well Lt Kingstone certainly turned the tables on them didn’t he? Before he could move she held up a hand. “Hang on.” She took the dog treat and stepped out her door and looked around. Kai might be hiding, but the dog wasn’t. She tossed the overly large treat so that it bounced off a bulkhead and down a side corridor. She ducked back in the room listening as the dog ran after the treat and she heard Kingstone following after. She turned back towards Oliver and he was much closer than he had been a moment before. “At least now he won’t know exactly where we are,” she smiled up at Oliver. “Lasagna? Meat or vegetarian?” Runa was a little flustered. She really liked Oliver and she was excited that he wanted to stay rather than leave after his friend had set them up.
Runa Edman, Teacher

Oliver was grinning from her actions and a little nervous but as any good science officer, he just had to pick out the variables and use them to his favor. When she asked him the question about the food he thought for a moment before then saying, “Oh Meat. Unless you don’t eat me then that’s fine I can totally not eat meat when you’re around.” Olly tried to recall their previous conversation and couldn’t remember if she had any special dietary requirements, should he have asked?

  • Ens Oliver Loughty

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