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Arrived at the lab, Kai looked everywhere “there it is!” He said with joy and relief “I can’t go with the holographic imager “Yeah, they asked us to take some photos! Incredible… let’s go?” He immediately took the back route toggling the lights to the lab “It will be fun, I assure you. My first away mission was something hilarious but also dangerous. As I think it will be something out of the extraordinary I must tell you to be aware of possible dangers. Here take this.” He handed a phaser and a PaDD to the Ensign “You know the Phaser. The PaDD will be useful later!”
And on the way of the shuttle bay, Kai awaited some sort of reply by the Ensign. Maybe some curiosity or perhaps… some sort of negative reaction.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

“And phaser useful now or later too?” He teased having grabbed one of the belt kits, clippes it on and then holsters both items before walking with his chief. “so is it just you and me or are there going to be others coming, and just exactly where are we going?” Olly had more than a few questions but decided to keep them to a minimum.

Ens. Oliver Loughty

“They said ‘we will send you someone!’ And I said ‘someone who? Mr. blue sky?’. How harsh! They did not even told me who… anyway here it is. Shuttle bay 1.”
Entering the shuttlebay, there was in the middle a shuttle type 11 ready to be used. On his starboard side the word “Cattaneo” was written. It was the name of the ship. “Remember that ladies, big or small they are, will take you home if you treat them like queens. Get your stuff there, we will start filling the shuttle in few moments.”

Olly looked around, this was the first time he had seen the particular shuttle bay and though much larger than most it carried all the usual things. He moved over to the equipment store and picked up an away steam science pack and some extra items which included a day worth of rations, an additional water pack, and a solar power charging pack which all fit nicely into the bag which he threw onto his back.

As both of them approached the Cattaneo, Kai moved around the ship and looked for any anomalies. Then he checked if someone was inside from the large window…
“Oliver… get your phaser. Someone is inside. And I do not think they’re friendly! Just do not shoot.” For some reason, the chief was giggling. Unusual for someone who just witnessed a probable enemy inside the shuttle
“Open the rear ramp and be careful…”

Lieutenant Jr. grade Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

Doing as ordered Olly couldn’t help but wonder just how something hostile managed to board the ship and get into a shuttle without the sensors tripping or someone noticing. None the less he tapped the command console which opened the shuttle’s ramp his phaser at the ready for the potential threat the chief science officer perceived.

Ens. Oliver Loughty


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  • Jake

The door slowly retracted to show a familiar site on the ship. Dark boots, red dress, but one thing was different. There was nothing in her hands. “Watching horror Holos again Olly,” she let out a laugh seeing her old time friend. It was good having Olly back and around on a steady basis. “I thought we all agreed no more Yeti movies after that cadet training tour on Maltan V.” The memory brought back a swell of warmth and happiness thinking about the memory. At the time they all thought it was going to be ghost stores and s’mores on that mission. Oh the folly of youth.

Lowering his phaser he smiled to Kelly, “Well what can I say wine and cheese with a good horror flick always gets a good sleep” Ofcourse that concoction would literally have him waking up in the middle of the night screaming which didn’t settle well with his roommate back at the academy so much so they had banned him from watching anything. “Besides I’m a grown-up now, I apparently know right from wrong” Holstering his weapon he chuckled.

“Olly,” Kelly drew out his name with a laugh. “Growing up is boring. We only pretend to be adults when we have to remember,” she patted his shoulder.

“Permission to come aboard chief,” Kelly leaned slightly to the side to see the CSO behind Oliver.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

  • Ens. Oliver Loughty
    Kai had already is phaser down for a while by now and he could not help but laugh and then pat Oliver’s shoulder “Yes Ma’am, permission granted. Hey we should get a movie night one of these days… the crew needs it Captain!” He then winked walking in the shuttle and laying down the gear “I got you Oliver uh?”

Lieutenant Jr. grade Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

The junior science officer shook his head, “I think we need to work on your pranks Chief” Olly followed Kai into the shuttle and looked about. So whats the big deal anyway? Where are we off in such a rush ?” He asked looking between but the chief science officer and the Captain hoping one of them would explain further what was about to happen.

  • Ens Oliver Loughty

“That’s a question for your science chief. I still only read the reports when Ian sticks a note to them saying read this,” she half joked. Kai’s enthusiasm with science was contagious. It was also on warp drive. After serving with the science chief for about a year, Kelly had learned it was easier to embrace his ideas rather than ask questions. The science chief was brilliant and half the time Kelly felt like asking him questions just made her have more questions.

“Ahaha I still remember that!” The CSO laughed after the Captain’s joke “But really if you have questions, I do have answers that might lead to more questions, that lead to more answers that might lead to more and more questions…” he looked at both of them “I guess it wasn’t funny.”

“I however did need to drop something off for him before you guys go monitor a star or whatever you are planning today.” Pulling a small box from her pocket she held it out to Kingstone before taking a step back.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

“Oh right the box! Yes this was the emergency, Captain could you take this holographic imager, perhaps?” He leant the machine so the woman could take it “There you go. Remember to take a picture!”

“A box and a picture” Mouthed Olly has he watched this odd conversation happen in front of him, before he had a moment to think however the Chief Science office was on him again.

Taking out the black pip carefully from the box, Kai turned toward Oliver and smirked before saying stuff he never dreamt about saying ever in his life “Ensign Oliver Loughty,” he called the Ensign’s name “I today hereby promote you Lieutenant Junior Grade of my department and almost my favorite subordinate. Congratulations, Lieutenant Loughty!” His smile said everything, he was proud of him even tho it was really awkward being older than the CSO himself. Offering the hand to the freshly promoted Oliver he then raised a thumb up and posed for a photo “Say cheeseee!”

Lieutenant Jr. grade Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

He didn’t have time to thank the Chief until he was turning to pose for the camera, grinning and saying “Cheeeese!” Oliver was a little bit confused, and awe struck that he had just been promoted. Despite his usual calm and humourous behavior his was a little speechless until he turned to them both and then said “Thankyou, both of you. I dont know what to say.” The pips were designed to be as weightless as possible but he swear his collar felt a thousand times heavier.

  • Lieutenant JG Oliver Loughty

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