Pre Christening - Jen Meets the CO

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Posted by Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Pre Christening - Jen Meets the CO

Posted by Commander Garinder’Jen th’Jir (Executive Officer) in Pre Christening - Jen Meets the CO

Posted by Fleet Captain Kelly Bordeaux (Commanding Officer) in Pre Christening - Jen Meets the CO
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Starbase 157 had seen better days though was much better than many that Jen had seen. Dressed in his civilian dress that was a cream colored Andorian tunic that had been mistaken on earth to be Indian in origin. Below he was in blue jeans. On an engagement near the Orion system he had been introduced to them and found them durable and comfortable. And the blue looked nice. What one would call ‘loafers’ completed the ensemble. All of these had seen wear and was very ‘lived in’. His dark blue complexion and white silken hair on his head, along with the cream tunic combined with the dim lighting of the ‘Dizzy Goat’ made his face look not unlike a large blue oblong grape. The Dizzy Goat was a small wanna be bar off the beaten path. Most ‘Fleeters’ didn’t care for it - it wasn’t classy enough for them. Or clean. Or have the range of stock that other bars had. But this Dizzy Goat didn’t serve synthehol. He liked that, even if he was only drinking a lager brewed on Mars. It was called an Ollie, short for Olympus after one of their mountains. And it was blue, which was a plus for Jen. He was on his third Ollie as he casually watched a mixed martial arts tournament. Thus far he was .. unimpressed.

However it gave him time to muse over his new assignment. After being whisked here by the USS Alamo it was classic ‘hurry up and wait’. That was something the Army and Navy had in common apparently. He picked up the pale bottle and wiggled it back and forth in his hand and determined that it was empty enough. He signaled the bartender, a skinny slip of a Bolian girl, for another. He thought her shading of blue was attractive, but he was so not into ‘that’ slim. They were between rounds now and, for a change, he turned in the chair to scan the rest of the patrons.
- Jen, XO to be

Kelly walked into the room as if she owned it casting a glance neither right or left but straight to the bar. Her pace was easily described by some as walking with a purpose with the click of her stilettos on the floor acting like a metronome. Several eyes drifted her way as she crossed the space but it was to be expected with the way she was dressed. Her form-fitting dark purple dress hugged every curve with a bodice designed to prompt the response eyes up here. Kelly was not dressed for a joint like this yet a bar like this gave her anonymity from prying eyes.

It had not been the night she was expecting. After limping into port, she had received nothing but headaches with the worst coming from her husband. She should have known when Ian had told her to get dressed up because they were going out was not to give her a bright spot to the day. Slipping onto a bar stool, Kelly drummed the bar with her palms. It was not to hurry the wait staff but to expel energy. Looking to her right Kelly took in a large well built man a series of tattoos spreading up from his neck. In her more wild and wooly days, a night of conversation with him would have resulted in rounds of coffee with Dante nursing a hang over. Looking to her left was an Androrian sporting a pair of jeans that certainly dressed his outfit down to the more causal level. This set her mind wandering. Men rarely mixed and matched like that. They were either dressed to the nines or kicking back in jeans.

Kelly watched the Bolian waitress drop the drink and move over to her. “You gonna mix me a sorrow,” Kelly leaned back in her seat addressing the woman. Seeing her joke fell as flat as her mood, Kelly tried again. “Sorry,” she twirled a finger at the woman’s name badge of Mixea Soro. “Give me a whiskey neat....but make it a double and bring the bottle,” Kelly mulled over her order before giving the waitress a nod letting her know she was finished.

Kelly Bordeaux

Jen heard the ‘click click’ of her heels well before he saw her. She passed in front of him and his eyes followed her though he did not turn his head; Jen was quite aware of what he would see. Rarely did he see anyone dressed up like that. Not in a place like this. His mind trailed about to wondering how active the ‘escort’ services were on this starbase, though, unsurprisingly he knew little. This was his first time here. Of course it was possible she was not an escort that had just had a bad encounter but someone who was simply not having a good day. Still she stood out in a place like this. She looked good. He took a drink of the cool Ollie and swung back to the bar. Truth to tell he was not in the best mood. He liked the Chimera. Even though he had been hijacked to the Navy that ship had marines on board and that made it acceptable. He was a soldier and accepted orders; right now he thought it a stupid one.

“Don’t need anything a double if you have the bottle,” he commented with a half smile, still looking at the bar. After some moments he turned to look at her. She was a looker, and as his eyes made another quick scan he noted her trim form. ‘Either a dancer or she runs,’ he thought to himself. He appreciated when people kept themselves fit. “Know any good gyms here?” he asked, figuring it was a safe question to break the ice. The truth was he did want to know. He disliked holodeck training unless it was combat oriented. He liked real when he ran or exercised.
- Jen

“Do I look like I go to the gym,” Kelly said turning her head to look at the man next to her. Pouring a shot she turned in her seat. Her comment was snarky but then again Kelly was just being a witch and looking to vent one someone. Unfortunately for the Andorian next to her, her tongue had been set loose on. Looking at him, Kelly twirled the glass between her fingers so that it rolled on the bar making a soft scraping sound. Whoever this guy was, he seemed different from the denizens lining the other bar stools in room. He also seemed as misplaced as she probably did here. His clothes were clean without the tell tale grease marks on the cuffs that most of the working men here had. Leaning back in her seat she sized him up. Renegades, rogues, pirates, and thugs came in all shapes and sizes. The most dangerous and interesting were the dapper ones like the man sitting next to her. As long as they weren’t ripping the deck plating off her ship or dismantling gel pack from consoles Kelly found these types of men interesting to talk to. They didn’t slather you with flowery compliments but had the best pick up lines she ever heard. A smile crossed her lips thinking about his question. Ian had said tonight he wanted her to blow off some steam. Maybe it was was fortuitous she ran into the man in white next to her. She wasn’t coming back to this hole in the wall and Kelly had drunk enough already to decide it might be time for Rachel Devers to show up.

“You don’t look like someone who sits about your home eating chocolates while watching badly rehashed romance holos,” Jen replied. It was a dry reply. Some ‘lookers’ seemed to have that attitude to make everything into a fight or ensure they had the upper hand. She looked a bit of both, the rose among thorns that just had to show off their plume. “Yes, you look like you go to the gym.”

Kelly could not help but let a bubble of laughter escape her lips changing her rather dour and grumpy expression to change into a soft smile for he briefest second. “You’re observant on both your statements.” Slinging back another drink Kelly debated about how much longer she was going to drown her frustration in whiskey and a temper tantrum. Glancing at the clock she decided she had another half bottle.

Jen thought that she would have to do a lot of that ‘gym’ to work off all that she was drinking. If her head was in a space for that, that is, come the next morning.

“Club Esctasy,” she replied. “It’s a training facility for those that want to get into show business.” Lying was nice. Somewhere deep inside she knew lying was wrong but sometimes escaping reality for a bit was just what one needed. “I am looking for a career change. I was the candy and cigarette girl at Boscos Barorama on deck twenty-two,” she hooked a thumb at the door. “Cigar… cigarettes…snickers bar. You are not you losing money if you are hungry,” Kelly made up a line in a high pitched voiced moving slightly robotic-like as if she was holding a box. “Anyway,” she poured another drink and titled the bottle towards him offering him a hit, “whats your story. What’s a guy like you doing in a place like this.”

Kelly Bordeau

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Jen’s antennae made little circles. “So you want to move from a decoration to poster girl and see your name up in the holos.” Nope, she’d not make it. Too much attitude. The way she dressed and talked suggested she had more going for her - if she opted to use her brains and not rot it out with the hard stuff that she was knocking back. He looked down at the bottle and twirled it to see the liquid moving inside, then waved off her offer, at least of the drink. He was fine with his beer right now. “Like you. Job change.” He took a quick drink, his expression quickly turning more stony. “Drake out of the ice,” he said, then shook his head. “Fish out of water. This new job is insane. First they take me out of where I’m good at and put me somewhere that is close but not it. Give me a new hat. Tell me to work with people that I’ve not liked for most of my life.” He chuckled. “Professional competitiveness they called it. Now they just toss me even further out. Club Esctasy. I should go there. Dancing can’t be any farther out from where I am now.” Which, technically was incorrect. Jen was a quite capable ball room dancer. “Why do you have to be uprooted from where you belong and put somewhere that is not good.” He had choices words for that but held back there.
- Jen

“Exactly,” Kelly spun on her stool so that she was now at a ninety degree angle to him. “I am ready however to two step right out that darn door and,” her words were cut off as her personal communicator began trilling. It was enough to pull her attention from the rather handsome Andorian and her sentence. Seeing the message spilling across her screen, Kelly flipped it upside down and onto the wooden bar. “And start checking out the want ads,” she began again where she left off.

At that angle Jen had a chance to check her out more. Certainly fit and that showing off much more with what she was wearing. But she was tense and stiff and looked like she’d as much toss the bottle as drink it. Ignoring the comms was not lost on him. “What do you want?” he asked, tipping up the end of the bottle to taste the bitter brew.

“To sucky bosses who climb the corporate ladder on thebacks of those below them,” Kelly held up a toast with her glass. Kelly debated about comm calling Dante but the sound of his voice asking her if she was throwing a tanty would make her throw her phone against the wall.

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He wondered if that was her boss calling. There was little corporate climbing in the field so that was alien to him as she was as alien. He lifted the bottle in the toast and observed her. “You want to be on that ladder?” he asked. Was she bothered that someone had one upped her before she could do the same? She looked like she could use what she had to get what she wanted.

“So did they sell you the song and dance this was going to boost your career? Give you the chipper little pep talk that you were going to love your new assignment which of course you could see completely through,” Kelly pouring another measured shot, “only they forgot to mention you were selling your soul to the devil to get it. I got that speech,” she sighed and leaned sideways on the bar. “Just do it. Play nice. Anyone would be a fool not to take it. You know the drill,” Kelly let out a huge grunt as she glanced at her personal comm device again. Ignoring the call a second time Kelly looked at the Andorian across from her. “So misery loves company or so the saying goes. What’s your story?”

Captain kelly Bordeaux

“No, no song and dance. Just a note to travel to the new address. No fuss. No muss. No explanation. Travel to a job that doesn’t want you or likely doesn’t need you. To a place where you are looked more like a stranger and interruption. And have to deal with a new boss that has a ‘reputation’.” He didn’t elaborate there. That had many connotations and he had heard it all on the trip over. Granted for all that she had apparently done she’d have to be 150 if it were true. Still .. and why did she not answer the call? Jilted lover? Was she a doxy and was ignoring her sugar daddy?

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