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Revnna sat in her quarters. It had been a long day, full of appointments back to back and she didn’t have the energy to do much. She wasn’t due for another round with the dermal regenerator in sickbay until the following day. At first she had tried to get the doctors to work faster, but healing couldn’t be rushed. She knew that. THe regenerator simply sped up the process the body couldn’t heal overnight and it needed time to recover from the repairs. Her arms and hands were shaking slightly and tingling, her chest felt like there was a weight on it. She had not over exerted herself. She had not been moving furniture or unpacking boxes. She hadn’t taken a run around the decks. Today was just a bad day. She increased the hold on the pillow she had pressed against her chest and breathed to a four count and let it out slowly.

CHERP Revna groaned. Who would bother her now? She could think of two people and neither one was she up to dealing with tonight. “REVNA EDMAN OPEN THIS DOOR!” Revna let out a soft whimper of pain. Okay so she didn’t want to deal with either of those people tonight, but out of the two her sister was the last one. Revna hit a button on the table next to her and the door opened. “Get in here, before people make complaints about you.”

Runa had finally had enough. She’d gotten a call from her sister’s previous CO asking if she would be interested in taking a position as a teacher on Atlantis. Revna had been severely injured and had been reassigned. The CO had thought it would be good for Revna to have family close by. Runa hadn’t hesitated. John had been mad, but he dated around and was not committed to her, and she’d had no interest in him beyond pleasant conversation and dinner once in a while. Her sister, her Twin, was more important. She’d taken the position and got passage out to Atlantis. And Atlantis was HUGE. The ship was a moving star base. And they really did need a new teacher, so Runa was glad she had taken the position.

And now Revna was hiding in her room most of the time. She knew what happened, and she respected the amount of rest her once vibrant and active sister needed, but this was out of hand. Revna was going out if Runa had to drag her by those beaded braids of hers. When the door opened Runa walked in and took in the sight of her sister and it broke her heart. “Oh, Revna…” she moved over to the couch and sat down on the floor next to her. “Is it really bad tonight?” Revna didn’t answer her, but Runa didn’t need her to answer. Revna hadn’t been off duty long, Runa walked over Revna’s desk and opened the container with the hypo spray. From the looks of it Revna hadn’t used it all. She didn’t know if that was good, that her sister didn’t need it, or bad because she was being stubborn about it.

Revna glared at her sister. “Don’t you dare look at…” she breathed, “at me like that.” Revna had just changed the canister in the hypo because she’d finished the old one. She had no qualms using the meds the doctor gave her, and she did exactly the way she had been told to. “Yes I used my medicine. It just hasn’t fully kicked in yet.” She saw Runa relax and she had to smile. When they were younger they had been a force to reckon with. Not only keeping the children in line, but the adults as well, simply by their antics in order to keep the adults distracted and away from their fun.

It had been over three years since she had actually been in company with her sister. And so much had changed since then. “Come, sit, tell me the gossip while the meds work.” Because if Runa didn’t stop pacing it was going to drive Revna crazy. She knew Runa had gone on a date, but Runa hadn’t told her who. And, well, Runa was her sister, and she was going to tease her mercilessly. Even if they were too old for that.

Runa came and sat, on the floor beside Revna. She took her sister’s hand, it was cold and she began to rub it trying to spread some warmth into it. “The children are concerned about this pirate business. Many of them have heard their parents talking about it.” Revna nodded, she’d probably end up with a few appointments with the children. She’d be sure to leave some open appointments in case she needed them quickly. Revna nudged her. The children were not what she wanted to hear about. Runa laughed and actually blushed a little. “Don’t look at me like that Revna,” she said as her sister laughed at her embarrassment. “I got to go sailing. On the holodeck of course. It was wonderful. I haven’t done that since the last time I visited home, when you graduated from grad school.” Runa looked at Revna’s hand; it wasn’t quite so cold now, she took her other hand and began rubbing it as well.

Revna nudged her sister, “So?” Runa looked at her a bit confused, “Oh come on! You aren’t going to tell me who you went with?” She watches as her sister blushes and shakes her head ‘no.’ Revna squeezes her sister’s hand, “You really like him don’t you?” Runa nods and Revna drops it. “So why ARE you in my quarters? What was so urgent?”

Runa stands up, “We’re going out, we’re going to celebrate. I bet you don’t even remember that today is First Harvest. I know you don’t feel up to celebrating like we normally do, but we at least will go eat. I know that a lot of loud confusion is still hard sometimes, so we’ll go to Ten-Forward. It’s quieter and we’ll celebrate, just a little, okay?” Revna looks at her sister and realizes she’s wearing a more traditional dress. She nods. “Good go clean up. Are you feeling okay enough to get up now?”

“Yes, I am. Give me a few minutes.” She picks a dress out of her clothes, very similar to Runa’s. The top cream with an emerald green skirt, accented with golds and browns. The cut is slightly different from Runa’s but the colors are the same. The dresses accenting their hair and eyes. She showers and changes. “Okay Runa, let’s go eat.”

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