Who stopped us from Getting the Safety Cake (open to all)

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Kelly stood in Ten Forward waiting for the her crew to arrive. Normally she would only have the senior officers come to her ready room for this conversation; however, this situation ran deeper than the department heads. Oh they would be to blame because crap rolled down hill and this little snowball was gaining momentum. Clasping her hands behind her back, Kelly assumed the at ease pose with squared-off shoulders and a ramrod-straight spine. Anyone entering would know that someone was ‘on her radar’ but the question running through each person’s mind should be not it. What the most observant would notice was Kelly staring at a shuttle that was no longer inbound for the Atlantis but a ship in the distance.

The only clue as to why they were all being summoned here was a large display PaDD that had been specially rolled into the room. The screen held a single image. It was the symbol for medical with the snake wrapped around a stick angel with a white box under it that generally held a number. For a year this number had been increasing: 60, 210, 300, and finally 364. Today however the number was not 365 but a blank box On the top of the screen in big black block letters was SFOSHA which everyone knew stood for Starfleet Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Kelly took a deep breath and waited for her crew to arrive.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Revna walked in, took one look at the screen and mentally groaned to herself. SFOSHA Somebody did or did not do something. The captain didn’t look happy at all. Revna’s work didn’t require SFOSHA compliance so her next thought was ‘NOT ME!’ She took a seat towards the outside of the area. Being in large crowds sometimes bothered her, after Centurion., So better to have some breathing room.
Lt Edman, Counselor

Kai hearing that the Captain organized something in the Ten Forward, took PaDD and a tea cup and walked toward the lounge with a slow pace.
Then as the doors slid open, he saw the SFOSHA (what a name for a medical organization) and he became white as hell I have done something weird… I always used precautions and followed Starfleet Standard biological containment procedures… he gulped. Seeing the counselor he decided that seating somewhere nearby her was the best choice. Although he preferred to stay a seat or two away “Hello…” he greeted the peeps in there.

Lieutenant Jr. grade Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

Revna saw Kai’s face drain of color and nodded in understanding. “Hello Lt. I’d ask how you are, today, but I don’t think any of us are going to be okay in a few minutes,” she said nodding towards the board.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

Ian had taking the morning to workout with Lexi and Chirs when Jacen had found the three to bring Ian along with the meeting. Ian didn’t really like the fact that he often was expected in meetings just cause he got the Chief in front of the Diplomatic Officer tittle. There was in fact only one diplomat on board, himself. Which made the title supervilous. Jacen’s insistence though that if one of Ian’s friends had done something he needed to be there to save their asses did ring true.

Entering Jacen came in first as Ian followed behind as they nodded softly as Jacen took a seat but Ian found himself gravitating to the replicator.

“Poweraid, orange,” he said as a bottle was made as he took it, sweat still beating as he clearly was in his gym gear still. “Blame him, he said I couldn’t change.

“Hey, if I have to keep you lot in check I will, you break it I fix it remember… and I hate having to fix what didn’t need to be broke.” Jacen retorted with a snarky comeback.

Drayke and Bordeaux

Oliver was next to enter the room and upon seeing the symbol wanted to turn around and leave, his work unlike some did sometimes cross into the jurisdiction of SFOSHA and it wouldn’t surprise him they were sticking their pencil-pushing noses in his work again. Already in the room however and at the orders of the Captain, he picked somewhere to stand at the back of the room.

Lieutenant JG Oliver Loughty

Kelly began to mentally check off the names one by one. If Mardusk, Odinson, and Nash didn’t show soon, she might comm them. Mardusk however probably was the culprit. Security was always getting banged up in one form or another. The new crowd however just didn’t have the mental and physical fortitude of the older set.

Captain Kelly Bordeaux

Ensign Three of Five walked in and sat down, he had no idea what was going on. He looked at the screen, he recognized that was the medical sign, but had no idea what the abbreviation meant.
Three of Five, engineer.

Angelina wasn’t due on shift for a while so she had come to see what the fuss was about. She glanced around and saw Oliver. Stepping up beside him, she whispered softly, smiling as she looked at him. “What’s going on? No one looks happy.” She had seen the board but wasn’t aware such things were in the rating of a full crew call. It confused her this Captain was making it so.

Lt JG Angelina Markeson
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D’vash stepped in and seeing the others gathered and the symbol on the screen, chuckled slightly before covering his mouth. The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on him. ST OSHA was worried about safety on a starship? Danger was part of the game while serving aboard a ship, especially one such as the Atlantis.

He moved further into the room and took a seat next to Revna. Leaning over, he asked her, “What’s this all about, Counselor? Someone leave the toilet seat up in the captain’s private head? My guess is it’s her husband, seeing as he’s the only male she let’s use it.”

Odinson (CIO)

Revna covered her mouth, suppressing a giggle. She mock glared at D’vash. “You’re going to get us into trouble, again, D’vash.” She looked around the room, “I don’t know. Could be the husband, he hasn’t even looked at her yet. Could be Lt. Loughty over there. He tried to turn around and leave the room when he saw what’s on the board. Lt. Kingstone is worried it might be him, but he’s pretty sure it’s not, if the look on his face says anything. But from the look on the captain’s face…whoever she thinks is responsible, isn’t here yet. She keeps looking at the door and glaring.” Revna provided her lay of the room. “What you think? Who’s missing, Nash and Mardusk, the doctor? OH Rinker is missing.” She laughs. She’d not met Rinker yet, wouldn’t that be something if he was in trouble.
Lt. Edman, Counselor

Mardusk walked in the room and looked around and, seeing the apprehensive looks and hearing the subdeued whispers, narrowed his eyes and began trying to piece together what was happening. Then he saw it:


A loud and highly creative string of obscenities began flowing from the massive Orion officer. He finally wagged a large green finger directly at the Capatin and said very loudly “Oh no. No no no no no no… you ain’t pinning this on us, Skipper… whatever it is. Injuries over the last quarter reporting are down compared to same period last year by 27%. And we already completed all the mandatory classes and training including that eight hour vid training of ‘The Safety Harness and You - A Workplace Romance’!” and the big man shuddered. “So whatever this is, leave us out if it!” and he turned around to leave.

Mardusk, CoS

Lera came in at the end of the ‘A workplace romance’ coming from her boyfriend and stifled a giggle. When he turned to go, her small hands pressed to his chest. Partially so he wouldn’t bowl her over, the second was to keep him from leaving. A smile lit her face as she cocked her head. “Come now… certainly it’s not all that bad.” She wasn’t sure why they were here. But seeing Mar’s feathers ruffled, so to speak, gave her pause for concern. “What’s so horrible you can’t stay?” She asked and looked up at him with a smile on her face he would know was the smile for his look, alone.


He looed down and said “You’re an Engineer. Look.” and he jersey a thumb behind him towards the icon on the screen.

Mardusk, CoS

Lera half stepped sideways, one hand staring on Mar’s chest as she looked where he pointed. It took a moment to register but then her face fell. “Oh, no! I wonder what happened?” She glanced up at him. “If you’re sure it’s not your department, then stay, please.” She smiled the smile reserved only for him. “Stay with me? At least till we hear what happened. Please?” Her second hand came up to rest on his chest as she deepened the smile.


All the bunch of crew that entered seemed to carry some sort of regret toward SFOSHA. He knew what it was but knowing he haven’t done anything yet, he started worrying about whatever he could have done without noticing he had done such thing “My lord, this gents seems to have a skeleton in the closet. Hey! Counselor!” He called her whispering “What do you think she’s going to scold us for? I remember playing with biohazard elements once, and it wasn’t fun at all. Except when I called you sister a biohazard…”

Lieutenant Jr. grade Kai O. Kingstone - CSO

Revna was whispering to D’vash, “I think the good security chief dost protest too much. Oh, here comes Lera, this should be fun.” Revna was not a gossip but the tension in the room was getting to high to be productive. In truth she really liked both Lera and Gravel and considered them friends.

She shrugged at Kai, “No idea Lt.,” she whispered back, “but from the look on her face, we’re all going to be in trouble.” She stared at Kai a moment, got up reached over and grabbed his hand pulling him over to the seat next to her. “You called my sister a biohazard?” She glanced at D’vash because, well he knew Runa too when they were young. “Kai, I’m laid back, not a mean bone in my body, but my sister…why would you do that?” And then the image of Runa being called a biohazard made her laugh really hard. She bit it back, 1 because she didn’t want the wrath of the captain, and 2 if she didn’t stop now she’d loose her breath and might pass out and that was embarrassing…of course it would get her out of this meeting....
Lt. Edman, Counselor

The door opened and next one in was Nash. Coming from his quarters the almost-ever present cigar stubb was in the corner of his mouth, but aside from that his uniform was the picture of professionalism. He glanced around the room, nodded at Revna and moved his eyes to the display PaDD taking centre stage and raised an eyebrow.

“Before anyone asks,” Nash said, taking the cigar stub out of his mouth so he could talk clearly, “it wasn’t my fault the guys face met the turbo lift door at speed, he shouldn’t have been blinking for such a long time.”

Placing the cigar stub back in his mouth he too walked to the replicator. “Two coffee’s, strong, black, no sugar,” He ordered and as he turned around he placed one on the desk in front of the Captain. “You must be grumpy Cap’n, you forgot your coffee,” was all he said then sat down in his seat.

Lt Cmdr Nash, CTO

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