Odinson's arrival

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D’vash relaxed in the rear compartment of the shuttle delivering him to the USS Atlantis, as well as a few other new transfers. They had made small talk for most of the trip, but now he wanted solitude. He had spent the last few years as the XO of the USS Olympic, and a wild ride it had been. During his time there, the Oly had gone through what, 3-4 captains? He had good relationships with each of them. He had learned from each of them.

The biggest thing he had learned was that a life in command was not for him. Of course, he enjoyed his role as Executive Officer, but it made him realize how much he missed the field. That’s why he requested a transfer to the Atlantis. She was looking for a chief Intel officer and D’vash thought it must be fate that this position was available just as the Oly was being shut down.

Captain Jasar had left the Oly before reaching drydock, so it had been D’vash’s responsibility to make sure all the lights were off. Everyone had left the ship–only he was left. He was surprised when the computer showed one other life sign aboard. A life sign that was located just outside his quarters.

When he reached his quarters, there was no one outside but the door had been left open. When he stepped inside, he was surprised, but happy to see Pretha waiting for him. They had been lovers serving together. Unfortunately, Command decided to send them in to separate directions. He was on his way to the Atlantis, and she was headed to the Manhattan in a security position, as well as a team leader position that was being implemented. An excellent opportunity she couldn’t afford to pass up. So, they spent one last together and in the morning wished each other well and said their goodbyes, hoping it wasn’t the last.

He was shaken out of his memories by the shuttle craft bumping to the surface of the Atlantis’ hangar deck. As he exited, an NE greeted him.

“Welcome aboard, Cmdr. Odinson. Capt. Bordeaux apologizes that was unable to welcome you herself–“

“That’s quite alright, ensign. I know how busy CO”s can get,” D’vash replied.

“Your PAdd has been updated, with your quarters location, itinerary for your check-ins, and duties and responsibilities aboard the Atlantis. All your personal items from the Olympic have arrived and have been delivered to your quarters. There is a crewman standing by to show you the way.”

“Thank you, but that won’t be necessary, I’m sure I can find my way. The Atlantis and Oly were pretty much the same. Please inform the captain that no offense was taken by her absence.”

“Yes, sir.”

With the final reply, D’vash took one final look into space, in the general direction where the Manhattan was and then made his way out of the hangar to start the next chapter of his story. . .

Odinson (CIO)

Outside in the corridor an Officer leaned against the wall and waited. When the doors to the hangar opened and D’vash stepped out, the man who wore the Red of the Command Division looked up and his blue eyes showed recognition. He had never met Odinson but it was clear he knew him and expected him.

Sturdily built he was only very slightly taller than Odinson. Jet black hair and thick eyebrows topped a face that sported a squared jaw, and the clear nose wrinkles and earring of a Bajoran. The man pushed himself off of the wall and took the few steps towards D’vash. “Commander Odinson, I’m guessing you said you didn’t need the grand tour coming from another Mythology Class. I’m Lieutenant Devon Rand, Starfleet Intelligence and part of your team here on the Atlantis.”

As Rand approached, his earring became clear. It was a serpent with its head at the top and tail at the bottom, both curling back towards each other.

Lt Rand, Intel

D’vash stopped and extended his right hand. “A pleasure to meet you, Lt. Rand.” His voice was rough, sounding like someone walking on crushed gravel.

Rand gripped it and shook it briefly, nodding his acknowledgement before letting go and turning to walk with the Commander.

The new CIO began moving down the corridor once again. “I apologize Lt., but I didn’t get a chance to read your file before arriving. Care to fill me in a bit on your Intel background?”

Odinson (CIO)

OOC: Bah I completely forgot that it’s Lt Devon, Rand is his given name in the Bajoran fashion. Never mind, moving on lol

IC: “That’s fine Sir, the file leave’s out the important bits anyway.” Rand grinned but kept talking. “I was recruited a few years ago by Starfleet Intel for a specific job on OEDV, due to my Bajoran background and the fact that I was kicked out of Starfleet for going AWOL deliberately and court marshalled. I was perfect for the job.” Rand let the information go freely, it was commonly available on news network searches and in his file anway.

“After recruitment I was placed in a police position on Bajor and trained up, then took the role of Chief of Police on OEDV as we worked to crack a Crime syndicate smuggling weapons to a Bajoran militant group that was focused on terrorist attacks on Cardassians in retribution for the Occupation. I was a disgraced former Starfleet Security Officer, Bajoran and my father was a member of a very successful, violent and determined Resistance cell during the Occupation that didn’t want to stop fighting when the Occupation ended, and who was now a high ranking member of the Bajoran Constabulary. It wasn’t long before the Syndicate came knocking to recruit me, even as Chief of Police. Intel worked hard to make sure my reputation and family history was well known.”

“Disgraced?’ D’vash queried. “I’m surprised you didn’t end up on the Wolverine. That’s Commands MO when an officer ends up on the wring side of the law.”

Pausing slightly, Rand looked at Odinson and continued. “After that mission ended, I was assigned here as part of the ships Intel unit which was led until you arrived by Lieutenant Commander Nash, the ships CTO.”

Lt Devon Rand, Intel

“So, you’ve worked in both the Fleet and the public sector. I don’t suppose you still have some contacts that would be willing to cooperate with us if need be, do you? They would still come in handy at times.”

“Yes,” Rand nodded. “Several of the competing cartels that worked OEDV as part of their operations had an interest in the downfall of the one I was chasing. I made several contacts and in the end Intelligence used an alliance of those cartels as manpower to take down the target, without them knowing who was really pulling the strings of course. They didn’t ask either, most of them became much better positioned after the operation and most of them I’d consider to be in good standing with.

The CIO turned his head and looked at the JO. “How deep under did you have to go to infiltrate those groups? What was your Legend?”

Odinson (CIO)

“It was simple and honest, the best way to be. Essentially it was exactly as I appeared. A former Bajoran Starfleet Officer court martialled out of Starfleet for going AWOL, who had ties to extremist Bajoran groups in family and contacts on Bajor as part of the Constabulary where I returned to work after my Court Marshall, whose Father had recently began contacting those he knew still involved in the group on a casual basis. Gaining the job of Chief of Police on OEDV was arranged shortly after and on my first night there as I was searching for Lauren, my girlfriend who had taken a LOA from Starfleet and I had heard was on OEDV, I got into an altercation with a minor leader of one of the minor rival Cartels of my target. He and his Cardassian bodyguards were found lying at the back of an alleyway the next morning. A few controversial news items about the new CoP and his dislike of Cardassians later and contact with the group happened faster than I expected.”

Lt Devon Rand, Intel

D’Vash chuckled. “I’m sure it didn’t take much thought to put 2 and 2 together. A couple of dead Cardassians and a disgruntled Bajoran officer. I bet it didn’t take much to get into character after all that. . . “

Rand grinned and nodded, it was true it hadn’t taken much to get into character. With his mindset at the time he was rather perfect for the job.

“The last time I was that in that deep was with the Orion Syndicate. Almost cost me me my life. It did cost me one of my best operatives, though. Got out of the game after that and became the XO of the Olympic. I’d like to think her de-comm was a blessing. It allowed me to get out from behind the desk.”

Odinson (CIO)

“Looks like you have been able to get even further out from the desk, Sir,” Rand quipped. “I heard about the Oly decomming, it was unfortunate. She was a good ship, I have a friend who served on her for a while, he always spoke well of his time on her.” They arrived at their destination a few steps after that. “The Atlantis is a good ship, Welcome aboard Sir.”

Lt Devon Rand, Intel

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