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Lera smiled. “I know what she meant. But honestly, does anyone really want to know how we build things down there? I thought my answer much more entertaining.” She laughed as Mar ordered and watched the Counselor’s face. She was used to the orders at this point, but to outsiders, it seemed overwhelming.

Revna actually was very interested. She thought the work engineers did was fascinating, especially since she wasn’t inclined to be able to do it. But apparently Lera didn’t like to talk about herself, so Revna let it go. She liked Lera and certainly didn’t want to ruin any possible friendship by putting her off balance.

When Mar asked what she wanted, she laughed and shook her head. “With my Shepard’s Pie, I’ll be fine. You know I’ll just steal off your plates anyway.” She glanced at Harry and smiled. “Make that double cake on a single plate and an extra fork” She winked and turned back to Revna.

Revna shook her head, “Go for it. I don’t share deserts. Ever. I’m selfish.”

Mardusk looked past her and said “So bring her a slice of cake, and bring me a cake. You know, the usual.”

Revna had a feeling, though medically Mardusk needed that much caloric intake, he took great pleasure in trying to shock people as well. “Lera, remind me to keep Runa, my sister, away from Mardusk. If she sees him eating a whole chocolate cake, she’ll take it as a personal challenge.”

“Actually, chasing folks around the ship is a good pastime. But other than that, there is an amazing Arboretum, holo decks with some great sharable programs and of course, there is also Mike’s Bar. It’s relatively new on the ship and hasn’t quite caught on with ‘everyone’ so it’s a good place for alcohol. REAL, not synth. And Mike actually has a working Jukebox from old Earth. It’s been modified, of course, but it looks and sounds amazing none the less.”

(Onion ring stealer extraordinaire)

Mardusk, CoS

Chasing people down had gotten Revna into trouble. She still wasn’t sure what was going on with Nash and why he continued to mess with her, but that was an issue for another time. “Holodecks can always be a good distraction. I heard Atlantis actually had 3 arboretums. I’ll have to make a point to go see them all. As for Mike’s bar. It sounds nice, and the jukebox is temping, it’s not really for me.” She sighs. “But apparently this Mike threatened to have my sister thrown out. So apparently he knows trouble when he sees it.”

Lt. Edman, Counselor

Lera laughed. “I wouldn’t trust his judgment completely. Far as I know he’s never kicked Mar out. And I know I’ve never been booted.” She was still smiling as she glanced back at Revna. A soft look came over her features. She glanced a moment at Mardusk as the chiding, despite being a tease, came back to mind.

Lera glanced at Revna and nodded. “Yes, the arboretum’s are lovely. But if you are ever bored, you’re also welcome to come to engineering. It’s probably even more boring than most locations, but you asked about it. I shouldn’t have brushed it off.” She wasn’t quite ready to delve into mundane discussions about warp cores and plasma conduits at the tamee. But if the Counselor was interested, who was Lera to stop someone from seeing it. It was kind of a passion to her. She just had never met anyone outside engineering circles who was also interested.


“Well I am certainly not going to pretend to be interested in warp propulsion, though of course I’m intrigued, but it is beyond me. Basic classes at the Academy had me in tutoring 5 days a week. But…well, for instance, an engineering team just put a mini arboretum in the lower elementary school rooms. There was nothing like that there. And it totally fascinates me how they built one to fit that space. Like I said, something out of nothing.” Revna shakes her head and smiles in admiration.

Harry brought the food. “Thanks, Harry.” She moved her plate to make room for all the other stuff. She closed her eyes a moment in thanks and lifted her glass to herself, “Til de som har gått før,” and took a sip.

Lt. Edman, Counselor

Lera was respectfully quiet as the woman asked her blessings and waited for her to take a sip before responding. “It was beautiful, whatever you said. As to the arboretum, I’m happy to show you how we process and create those ‘things out of nothing’.” She smiled as her own food and part of Mar’s showed up. She, herself, kept tucked to a corner so Mar could get all his food on the table. She took another sip of her drink before getting the courage to ask, “If I am not being inconsiderate, or rude, may I ask what you said? I gathered it was a blessing of some kind, from the reverence, but I’m not familiar with the language.” She felt her cheeks tint, slightly. She liked unique languages. Not necessarily from a linguistic knowledge desire, but just the knowledge of the existence of the other speaking options.


Revna nodded, excited to see how it worked, “I would love to see how you do that.” She took a bite of the food and was pleasantly surprised by how accurate the replicator had managed. “Oh, not at all. It means ‘to those who have gone before.” Actually the whole thing is ‘Til de som har gått før, vil jeg hedre deg i Valhalla.’ It means ‘To those who have gone before I will honor you in Valhalla.’ It’s modern Norwegian, from Earth. It is the custom, of my people, of my ancestors, whenever gathered together to toast those we have lost. Usually it is followed by a listing of names.” Revna took another bite, “I am very connected to my roots. It gives a sense of center and place.”
Lt. Edman, Counselor

Lera smiled. “I can appreciate that. I guess I believe there is something bigger out there. I have survived too much, and found too much,” she smiled and glanced at Mar, “to think I’m the biggest thing in my universe. I just never thought beyond that thought. What about you, Mar? We’ve never discussed ancestors or deities before.” It seemed an odd thing, but then again, what wasn’t odd about all they had been thru together. He had seen her at her lowest point and she had seen the side of him few did. This just seemed another facet of that part of themselves.


Revna looked at her glass, she’d downed that cider a little fast, “Excuse me. I’m going to go get a refill.” The conversation seeming to be turning to something slightly more personal. Revna tried to be discreet and give them space if they needed it. She was out of her drink and instead of cider she wanted something slightly stronger. It was that or head down the corridor to her quarters to get her meds. Her lungs were aching and she hoped that getting up and walking a bit would help. She walked over to the bar, leaning against it slightly. “Hey Harry. A shot of black label whisky and another Solo. Any trouble happening anywhere?” The lounge was quiet, it always was, and that’s why she liked it. While she waited for Harry to get her drinks she concentrated on breathing slowly and moving the air through her lungs.

Lt. Edman, Counselor

Placing the Solo on the bar and a small glass into which he poured the requested whiskey, Harry nodded. “About twenty paces to your left,” he told her and placed an ashtray on the bar beside her Solo.

Twenty paces to Revna’s left, the doors to the lounge closed behind Nash as he walked in and looked around, his eyes passing over Mardusk and the Engineer he had seen around the ship a few times before coming to a stop on Revna. He slowed his pace towards the bar slightly and his eyes moved from Revna to his bar stool and back again, like he was half expecting her to make a dash for the chair.

Taking out his cigar, he continued his pace and walked to the bar, coming to a stop right beside Revna. He stuck the cigar into the corner of his mouth, and nodded to Harry who passed him a glass filled with two fingers of Nash’s own prefered whiskey, then he glanced at Revna with a small smile on his lips. “Of all the bars on all the ships in the Federation, you walk into mine.” He quipped his own version of the famous line, then his eyes moved to the shot and the Solo on the bar in front of her. “Hard day? You know you should give up the Solo, nasty habit that.”

Lt Cmdr Nash

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