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Posted Aug. 18, 2020, 2:48 a.m. by Crewman Taw Yllek (Nurse) (Russell Watt)

Posted by Civilian John-King McKenzie (Bartender) in Counseling Appointment

Posted by Crewman Taw Yllek (Nurse) in Counseling Appointment
It was the time that Yllek loved more than any other. No, it wasn’t Shoes Optional Tuesdays or even Bring your Tribble to Work Week, but it was for her annual Psychological Appointment. She thought she was in fine mental health in the main, but it was coming up to the anniversary of her father’s death, and she wondered how that would play out. Plus, of course, she took the news of Ryley with Cane … that is Doctor Ryley leaving pretty hard and she supposed there may be latent issues from that preying on her mind as well.

So the young Bajoran Nurse clicked on her Bajoran earring, set her hair and straightened her uniform before leaving for the Counselor’s Suite.

  • Nurse Taw Yllek

John-King McKenzie had been having issues of late, after his run in with the CoS (OOC: sorry about my disappearance there), he’d mostly remained in his assigned quarters on board the ship. He decided today to do something he’d tell anyone else in his situation - he went to get help for it. He’d heard of the new Counselor, and decided he needed to see her for advice on what to do.

He had just arrived outside the Counselor’s office and was on the verge of ringing her chime, when he saw a young Bajoran nurse coming along.

“Crewman,” he greeted her.

“Mr …” she replied, apparently trying to remember his name.

“McKenzie, John-King McKenzie,” he replied, “ex Lt Commander, ex Counselor, now just a Bartender. Are you here for the Counselor?”

“Ah, that’s right, you had that encounter with the CoS,” she said softly, looking him up and down, “strangely, I thought you would have been bigger, from the rumours. And yes, my annual check up. Good mental health, as mum used to say, is most important for Starfleet officers.”

“Yeah, I’m in disguise,” John-King joked, “I approve of what your mother said, as an ex Counselor. But, shouldn’t you play hard to get? They say being overly keen to see the Counselor is a sign of insanity.”

“That’s the Crane Psychological School isn’t it?” she asked and after he nodded, continued, “we were introduced to that school at Starfleet Medical. Did you really have to have a theme song?”

“Oh yes, that was an essential part of the process, I mean any old Counselor can have training, and clients, but to graduate with top honours from Crane Psychological School, the composition and performance of a theme song was a required part of the course. Of course, we had to include an … unusual object, a piece of furniture you’d find in a psychologist’s office and a Shakespeare play title in our theme song … I got chicken suit, couch and Taming of the Shrew.”

“Fascinating,” she said, “did you want to see the Counselor first, or should I?”

“Ladies before gents, and all of that,” John-King replied, “I’ll come back later, it’s been nice talking to you, Crewman Taw.”

And John-King left her to her own devices as he went down the corridor and probably into another thread.

  • John-King McKenzie, Bartender
  • Taw Yllek, Nurse

Yllek watched him leave her and shuddered despite herself, how did he get to be a Counselor, she wondered, it’s amazing he ever assisted anyone, he seems crazy.

She reached out and rang the bell, hoping against hope that he hadn’t run the bell before her arrival, the Counselor may have thought she was impatient if he had, and that was not the first impression she wanted to give him.

  • Taw Yllek, Nurse

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