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The USS Chimera is a Mjolnir-class Vessel. It is assigned as a Marine Expeditionary Vessel and Carrier, designed for rapid response missions that have a requirement for highly trained and prepared Marines.

Captain's Log

Captain's collar Captain Freja Andreassen played by Kat Dedul

Welcome to the Chimera! Currently, we are just about to start our search for a missing observation team!! They disappeared, of course, on a pre-warp planet so we're required to 'go native' before beaming down.

If you're interested in joining our intrepid crew, drop me an email or if I happen to be online in Discord, you can find me under the nickname Bumblebee!

XO's Log

Cmdr's collar Commander Unknown played by Position Vacanct, Contact CO to Apply

Watch this space for a new XO and their words of wisdom.

GM and Sim Notes

GM's collar GMT Kirt Gartner/GMM Robert Archer

Name of Sim: "Trouble on the Steampunk Planet"

A Primitive Species observation team has disappeared The Cargo Ship SS Edmound Fitzgerald has transfered the fresh supplies for the team to the Chimera and now the Away team is beaming down to start looking for the team what could be going on here on this primitive world to cause the Observation team to Vanish? Small Retcon Away team members Please post in the thread location "Outside of Town"

Start of sim

Away Team Beam down thread

Mission Packet

Alert Status


Department Orders

Gold Lt's collar


Lieutenant Koria Sutret (Played by Steve Johnson)

Read up on the Mar’zek species and prepare for an away mission to track down that missing observation team.

White Ltjg collar


Lieut.(J.G.) Javal (Played by Stephen O'Dette)

Read up on the Mar’zek species from the packets available in the database. You'll also want to prep the away team with appropriate prosthetics so they can blend in.

Red Lt (JG)'s collar


Lieutenant Owen "The Hunter" Ducante (Played by Rusty Boshankles)

Read up on the Mar’zek species and prepare to provide security to the away team.

Teal Lt's collar


Lieutenant Lunan Farrah (Played by Kieron Hoult)

Read what you can on the Mar’zek from the database and assist the away team with the search for the missing observation team. Also, be sure to take time to observe this species for yourself!

Teal Lt's collar


Lieut.(J.G.) ????? (Played by ????)

Position is vacant, contact CO to apply.

Gold Lt's collar

29th Marine Expeditionary Battalion Commander

Major Andrew Knox (Played by Sam Pennington)

Read up on the Mar’zek from the database and prepare to assist the away team with discovering what became of the missing observation team.

Gold Lt's collar

Commander Air Group (CAG)

Major Tal'lia Veyo (Played by Hjortur Ingi)

Read up on the Mar’zek and be prepared to offer assistance where required.

AWOL Policy

  • Command Staff: 3 days
  • Department Heads: 5 days
  • Junior Officers and Swings: 7 days

If you ever need an LOA then please use the LOA setting in the profile page. LOAs longer than 30 days are subject to removal from the ship (but warmly welcomed back upon return).

Useful Links

Current Vacancies

  • JOs in All Departments

MOTD designed by Sharon Miller. Last updated 17 February 2022.

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Freja Andreassen Commanding Officer Betazoid (Human Grandfather) 37 6'0" 178lbs Katherine Dedul OK (2)
Commander Kohr First Officer Klingon 46 Terran Standard 193.1 cm (6' 4") 108 kg (248 lbs) Jason Wolfe OK (2)
Major Andrew Knox Battalion Commander Human/Betazoid 34 6’3” 230lbs Sam Pennington AWOL (9)
Major Tal'lia Veyo Commander, Air Group Orion 38 5'10" - 177cm 165 lbs - 75 kg Hjortur Ingi AWOL (13)
Lieutenant Daneg Chief Engineer Ferengi 40 5'4" 180 lbs Nicholas Villarreal OK (0)
Lieutenant Chief of Security
Lieutenant Lunan Farrah Chief Science Officer Bajoran 36 5'5 225 lbs. Kieron Hoult OK (3)
Mar. Captain Idzi Vix Second in Command, Air Group Trill (Joined) Idzi 30 Vix 250 6'9" 120lbs Nathan Derricutt AWOL (8)
Gamemaster CockRoach GMM American Roach 36 5'11 0.5 Robert Archer
Gamemaster GMT Phoenix GMT Mystical Bird Ageless 29'032 Feet 0.000289 Ounces Kirt Gartner OK (0)

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