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The USS Chimera is a Mjolnir-class Vessel. It is assigned as a Marine Expeditionary Vessel and Carrier, designed for rapid response missions that have a requirement for highly trained and prepared Marines.

Captain's Log

Captain's collar Captain Freja Andreassen played by Kat Dedul

Welcome to the Chimera! Currently, we are en route to rescue a stranded pleasure cruiser.

If you're interested in joining our intrepid crew, drop me an email or if I happen to be online in Discord, you can find me under the nickname Bumblebee!

XO's Log

Cmdr's collar Lieutenant Commander Lunan Farrah played by Kieron Hoult

XO Words of Wisdom go here.

GM and Sim Notes

GM's collar Senior Gamemaster Gene Gibbs

Name of Sim:

New mission starting soon!

Alert Status


Department Orders

Gold Lt's collar


Lieutenant Muhjon "Jon" Vamuhn (Played by Travis Good)

Research the star system we are headed to and coordinate with science to ensure our systems can compensate for the potential hazards.

White Ltjg collar


Lieut(JG) Dr. Kevasi Tulbrad (Played by D Inman)

Prep sickbay for potential casualties and possible radiation contamination.

Red Lt (JG)'s collar


Lieut(JG) Melanie Hall (Played by Christopher Logan)

Run security drills specifically for potential boarding parties, just in case.

Teal Lt's collar


Lieutenant T'Rea (Played by Joshua M)

Research the system the Chimera is headed to and coordinate with engineering to try and overcome any stellar interference with ship systems, like the tractor beam.

Teal Lt's collar


Lieutenant LaKeitah Naisyr (Played by Mika Jackson)

See if you can find out more information about the pleasure cruiser Empress that we are to rescue.

Gold Lt's collar

Commander Air Group (CAG)

Lt. Col. Krin "Hannibal" Lardel (Played by James Sinclair)

Prepare to possibly run interference with private craft attempting to insert themselves into the rescue mission & possibly ferry passengers off the Empress.

AWOL Policy

  • Command Staff: 3 days
  • Department Heads: 5 days
  • Junior Officers and Swings: 7 days

If you ever need an LOA then please use the LOA setting in the profile page. LOAs longer than 30 days are subject to removal from the ship (but warmly welcomed back upon return).

Useful Links

Current Vacancies

  • JOs in All Departments

MOTD designed by Sharon Miller. Last updated 21 August 2023.

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Freja Andreassen Commanding Officer Betazoid (Human Grandfather) 37 6'0" 178lbs Katherine Dedul OK (0)
Lieutenant Commander Lunan Farrah First Officer Bajoran 36 5'5 225 lbs. Kieron Hoult OK (2)
Lieutenant Colonel Krin "Hannibal" Lardel Commander, Air Group (CAG) Zakdorn 44 185 lbs 5'9" James Sinclair OK (4)
Major Shinzo "Oni" Honda 2IC, Air Group Human 42 5'-6" 189 lbs Travis Good AWOL (11)
Lieutenant Muhjon "Jon" Vamuhn Chief Engineer Trill 41 6'-4" 240 lbs Travis Good AWOL (14)
Lieutenant T'Rea Chief Science Officer Vulcan 30 5'11 193 lbs Joshua M AWOL (8)
Lieutenant LeKeitah Naisyr Counselor Human/Betazoid 29 5'5" 120 lbs Mika Jackson OK (3)
Mar. Captain Siraa ‘IRIS’ sh’Rharror Squadron Leader, Air Group Andorian 28 6' 4" 185 lbs Jennifer Ward AWOL (7)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Kevasi Tulbrad Chief Medical Officer Betazoid 24 5'7 130 D Inman OK (1*)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Melanie Hall Chief of Security Human 22 6'9" 120 Christopher Logan OK (0)
Ensign Ruth Rutherford Nurse Human 52 5'3" 140 lbs Shaun Tee iLOA (178)
Ensign Scott Gallahan Security Officer Human 30 6' 2" 185lbs Steve Alliss OK (1)
Ensign Security Officer
Gamemaster Wookius Furrius GM Too Furry to Tell Tall Shaggy Gene Gibbs AWOL (10)

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