CAG Office - Moving In (Open to Anyone)

Posted Sept. 7, 2020, 11:50 a.m. by Major Krin "Hannibal" Lardel (Commander Air Group (CAG)) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Major Krin “Hannibal” Lardel (Commander Air Group (CAG)) in CAG Office - Moving In (Open to Anyone)
The new CAG made the window overlooking the flight deck opaque, and leaned back in his chair. He was tired, and he yawned slightly as he looked around his office.

The desk was set perpendicular to the window so he could work and see flight operations simultaneously. On the desk was a piece of blackened, twisted metal the size of the Major’s fist. In front of the desk were four chairs, each comfortable and typical of a flight Ready Room. A few pictures hung on the walls, all the current CAG throughout his aviator career. A Marine officer’s sabre hung on the wall directly opposite the door. And hanging on a hook on the bulkhead right of the door was a flight suit and helmet and a jump bag.

Lardel looked around and nodded in satisfaction. It was good to be back.

Lardel, CAG

Lardel took a seat and began to review the flight schedule for the next few days. A tweak here and there, and after ten minutes he nodded. “That’ll do.”

Lardel, CAG

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