Senior Staff Briefing

Posted Sept. 15, 2020, 12:49 p.m. by Captain Freja Andreassen (Commanding Officer) (Katherine Dedul)

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OOC: With Gene on LOA, let’s have this senior staff briefing and discuss what we know. :)


Freja stepped into the senior staff briefing, curious as to whether her CSO would actually show up or not since it seemed difficult to contact her. She also wondered what they could expect when the Markham showed up, how many of her own people were not coming home after this, and most important of all…what the heck happened to her ship!

Tapping her fingers absently on the briefing table after taking her seat at the head of the table, she mentally forced herself to stop. She normally carted a coffee into these meetings, yet a steaming mug of caffeine seemed to send a callous message, so she nixed the idea.

Instead, that would wait for later, once she knew what she was up against.

~Freja Andreassen~

The door slid open and the new CAG came through. He was carrying a large mug that smelled of fresh brewed dark roast coffee. He looked at the Captain and said “Ma’am.” and took seat down the table facing the door.

Lardel, CAG

Hugo entered the room and took his seat, he had a PaDD with him containing data on the happenings, and he hoped to be able to access his teams’ search reports as well. As he sat at the table, he let his mind wander away from the security part of his role and into the counseling part. He scanned the room, looking at Andreassen and Lardel’s faces, then back to his PaDD. He expected people to be tense, perhaps even to suspect an intruder - though his teams had not found signs of that, yet. Perhaps the Chief’s marines would have found something else in their areas.

-Hugo, CoS/CNS

“Major,” Freja replied with a nod, she returned to reviewing some of the data on her PaDD while she waited the rest of her senior staff.

~Freja Andreassen~

Koria came in wiping some grease off of her hands with a rag. “Hopefully this will be quick, or the engines might never get repaired.”

Lt Sutret - CE

Rebecca came in just behind the Engineering Chief and nodded to the Captain, “Ma’am..” she moved to her seat. She, like the Chief Engineer, looked ragged. She hadn’t gotten to the holodeck yet, having been called to here, but she and Sutret had been going over possibilities for what was happening to the ship.

Lt Rebecca Morrison

Braxton had shortly followed behind and sat next to the Caotain’s left.

Harris, XO

“I won’t be keeping you all long, I just wanted five to ten minutes so we can share information and prepare adequately,” Freja replied, “There’s a lot of information running around and with the chaos, it’s been hard to consolidate where everyone is and what everyone knows about what happened, so I felt a face to face meeting, however brief, would help alleviate some of that.”

~Freja Andreassen~

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