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“Interesting,” Freja murmured, at least the alarm bells were not ringing in her head for the moment, some Captains liked to find new crewmembers rather than find seasoned individuals to run their ship. It wasn’t Freja’s style, she much preferred a mix, but for some that seemed to work well for them.

~Freja Andreassen~

Hugo was a little surprised at Braxton’s query, “I’ve tried comm-ing through, the messaged transmitted and there are no faults with Communications, so either they heard it and chose not to respond or things are so hectic they didn’t hear it. We can try again or send an officer down to get their attention directly if that’s what it takes.”

Braxton pressing the Comms button =^=Bridge to Science respond=^=

Harris XO

-Lt. J. Hugo

Freja let her officers work while she considered her options, she wasn’t exactly pleased that her science department was basically MIA. Surely someone on this ship could locate at least one officer in the department who could help assist them in figuring out if her ship had just stumbled across some sort of anomaly that caused her to spin like a freaking top.

Meanwhile, she continued to examine the damage reports coming in so she could tell what she was working with. Hopefully her XO and helmsman were just overly cautious in the face of a rather precarious situation rather than actually needing to be concerned that one of their own was coming in to blow them out of the stars.

~Freja Andreassen~

The fires were, thanks to venting, coming back under control. Initial estimations were that one impulse engine was toast, with another a potential write off. The area surrounding the explosion was heavily damaged. That, along with the general structural stresses that the ship had undertaken with the warrens of tunnels the marines had blown through decks and bulkheads made the ships’ systems and structural integrity skitchy.

As the minutes passed by the Markham drew closer and the damage control teams worked to bring things in line. Freja was passed an increasingly large list of damages to be looked at, and sickbay reporting more injuries along with the injuries list that had occurred during the initial incident involving the ship ‘meeting’ its match in the alt universe. Certainly fatalities were low; there were 7 confirmed crew missing, however, all in the proximity of the explosion.
- Wookiee

“Looks like we’ll be crawling home, Captain.” Cadet Foster said, bringing the status of the impulse engines up on his console. “We have one impulse engine that’s damaged beyond repair, and another that will take days if not a week or two to repair.... but for now I’m counting it as another loss.”


Briefly looking at the reports coming in, Braxton had paused briefly with a worrisome saddened tone. “Sir, we have 7 crew members unaccounted for. If you’ll allow me, I’ll have a rescue team in minutes including myself and Lieutenant Hugo in hopes of finding them.” His crew’s safety on his first Command posting is always going to be on the forefront of his mind.

Lt. Cmdr. Harris, XO

Hugo looked back up from his terminal, he had sent a communique to one of his officers, NE Thompson, to get a message to the Chief Science Officer that she was needed on the Bridge. “I agree, Captain. We haven’t received any reports of unknown intruders, I think the priority now is getting a firm understanding of the Science behind this and securing the missing crewmembers.”

-Hugo, CoS/CNS

“I agree, assemble a team,” Freja nodded, “We need to figure out exactly what happened and why, so we can avoid another similar incident.”

~Freja Andreassen~

Braxton nodded at the Captain “aye Sir.” Turning back to Lieutenant Hugo “Lieutenant, let’s find out all the information about the missing crewmembers we can. I want their names, rank, and departments, so we can have a general idea of where to start looking.”

Harris, XO

“Aye,” Hugo said, keying in the commands on his security console to get a reading of the missing crewmen.

The names came up. All were engineers but for one who was a patrolling security crewman. Only two were officers, one a lt jg and the other an ensign. They were assigned to monitoring stations or routine maintenance in that region. Last known locations placed them in the vicinity of the explosion or within the area where the fire broke out at first.
- Wookiee
- Wookiee

Hugo looked over the list and felt a small pang that one had been a security officer. He hoped they’d be able to figure out where these folks were all okay.

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The comms 8n the Caotain’s chair activated. =/\= Bridge. Flight deck, CAG speaking. We have a transport on standby and escort craft ready for launch. If anyone wants an outside visual, nows a good time. CAG out. =/\=

Lardel, CAG

=^=Acknowledged. We’re going to need to confirm that the suspected spatial anomaly is not still in play before I’d like to start launching additional ships out there, we’re still trying to raise the science department, I’ll let you know when we’ve confirmed that what happened to the ship won’t happen to your transport or escort.=^=

~Freja Andreassen~

=/\= Understood. Flight Deck standing by. =/\=

“XO, I have a report of the missing crewman. All engineers except for one security crewman. Two officers. We should be able to look at assignments and see where they most recently were, but our search area will be in the same place as where the anomaly struck. I have Security officers in the area now who are waiting to be accompanied by Science for scanning to ensure areas are safe for search and resue.”

-Hugo, COS/CNS

“Find the ETA on Science. I want to be in that area ASAP.”

Harris, XO

Nick listened to the conversations around him while he tried to maintain the helm. Foster was only a Cadet and even he knew to report to the bridge during a situation like this if his station was there.

Cadet Foster

Lardel, Cag

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Hugo tapped on his console as he received a report from his staff - “XO, I have received a report from my officers. Chief Morrison has arrived in Engineering and I believe her staff is at work there. My officers are continuing to search the area for injured and otherwise to secure it. We should be ready for the briefing at this point.”

-Hugo, CoS/CNS

“Thank you Lieutenant. Take point and lead the way.”

Harris, XO

“Foster, how are we doing with the ship’s navigation controls? Any change so far?” Freja asked for a general report.

~Freja Andreassen~

Jean looked confused, not understanding the officer, “XO, I apologize but I am not sure what you want me to take lead on - the briefing? My staff have the search in-hand.”

-Hugo, CoS/CNS

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“Nothing yet, Captain.” Cadet Foster announced, still seeing that the second damaged engine was a toss-up. “I can hold the ship still, I can probably even shoot off the thrusters for a few moments.” The Helmsman replied. “But, we certainly won’t be using impulse power, plus we don’t know if there are any more anomalies out there.”


Foster was correct. It would be potentially detrimental to utilize impulse power at this time without knowing the structural integrity of that entire bank of engines and whether firing up the one good engine would tear up the entire assembly with the forces. It could be possible to test at a very low level, however which may help Foster to even themselves out. It would be an experiment in conjuction with engineering though to ensure stability.
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Braxton had paused briefly and calmly asked “what’s the status of the search Lieutenant Hugo?”

Harris, XO

“Security teams had been dispatched to the area, I am awaiting a report back from them now.” Hugo opened up the Security console again to check for any reports, with none present he tapped his combadge, =^=Security teams, report on your search results. =^=.


=^= NEPond here. Nothing yet on a search. We have scoured the open regions. Engineering is advising to be in hazmat gear going further so we are just suiting up now and will have an engineering escort. Everything is looking pretty crispy from here on in, Sir. =^=
NE Ezekiel Pond

Hearing that report made Braxton’s worriness elevated slightly. He can’t dwell on his own anxiety of finding the rest of the missing crewmen. He had to focus on the task at hand. “Nows your chance Lieutenant. You’ve worked really hard and well to this point and I appreciate it. Keep it going. You have my full confidence.”

Harris, XO

While the Senior Officers disappeared into their meeting, Cadet Foster continued to hold the ship steady. He wasn’t sure if there were more anomalies in the area, or if they could move, so it was in their best interest to stay where they were. Nicholas peered over the CE’s report of the engines and sighed when he saw that he’d only have one to move the ship with. While not ideal, one engine could give them enough speed to rendezvous with another starship. Without being able to go to warp, however, it could take weeks to limp back to the nearest Starbase.


One would do them for simple maneuvering and travel. The warp engines were still online so the ship was not wanting for power. Foster would note that their rescue ship, the Arkham, had sped up and would now be rendezvousing with them in less than a half hour.
- Wookiee

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