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With the soon arrival of the Markham there was an assist from them. While it was a testy one, it was evaluated that the Chimera could attain a Warp 2 pace without serious structural integrity issues, and they traveled with the Chimera to Starbase. The cause of the explosion was deduced to being a driver coil failure wherein a sudden increase in mass in that region brought about a misalignment, chain reaction and resultant explosion. Casualties were thankfully small even among many injuries caused by the inertia of the explosion itself. In the ensuing search three further engineers were found, while four never were found; a mercifully small amount of dead given the explosion.

At Starbase the Chimera was given a refit and significant repair and install of impulse engines; engineers throughout the starbase created a whole new ‘curse’ relating to giving marines things that go boom with the amount of decks and bulkheads cut or burst through during the previous mission. Conversely, the marines hung up a partially blown bulkhead as a battle honor to their Company for the work they had done to allow access through the ship in the time of the emergency.


OOC: Bringing this to a close which was meant to only be a short interrim thing during the change over with the command crew. I’ve another sim I’ve had on the shelf for a while now waiting, and this seemed a good time to bring this to a close. While we won’t necessarily do a lingering between sim shore leave, I’ll be starting the new sim come next week, and feel free to do any Starbase/other threads that can overlap the start of the next. .. Gene

OOC: Thanks Gene!!


Gene you have outdone yourself with welcoming myself and Kat in the Sim as a smooth transition. For that I’m grateful. I can’t wait to see how you are as one of STF’s evil GMs. Only joking. One mustn’t tempt fate with a GM. Especially with a Wookie.


Well done… looking forward to next adventure!

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