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Posted Oct. 4, 2020, 10:01 a.m. by Lieutenant Rebecca Morrison (Chief Science Officer) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Jean Hugo (CNS/Chief of Security) in Side Sim - Observation Lounge and Elsewhere
Hugo had began his day in his Chief’s Office in Security, where he had rotated between filing reports and glancing out the window into the squadroom, emptier than it should be. While he expected re-assignments before they departed the Starbase, he was made uncomfortable by the empty desks. As he had been working, he realized it wasn’t so much the deaths that frustrated him, it was the anticlimax of never recovering bodies. The security officers did not seem to mind, one or two had asked to be granted grief time, but even they did not seem to latch onto the event as Hugo was doing.

About 1300, as was becoming custom, he left Security to the charge of NE Davies, who had become a sort of administrative assistant to aide the strange setup of heading two departments on two different decks. As Hugo left Security and began his walk to his Counseling office, he reflected on his relationships with the crew. He felt very distant from them. As he rolled this around in his head, he returned to the first event he had engaged with on the ship. A senior officer had tried to scan a ship, and somehow this caused serious conflict. He ground his teeth a little, recalling his impression that military bravado had overpowered sense. He realized he was in the turbolift and halted it.

“Computer, what is on my agenda for the remainder of the day?”

The computer returned without delay, “you have no appointments scheduled. The afternoon is blocked for administrative time.”

He nodded to himself, realizing he had yet to turn his brief jotting notes from his post-event appointments into actual notes and reports. He sighed heavily and bulged his eyes. “Computer, reflect on my agenda that I will be working in quarters and can be reached via comm if needed.” The computer returned a soft, affirming tone. “Deck 9.”

Hugo stepped out of the turbolift and made his way to the observation deck. As he arrived, he stopped at a replicator and received a glass of verveine tea, before carrying on to an isolated booth. He looked out over the Observation deck and the number of people it would sit - wondering what had possessed him to take assignment on a ship with such a large compliment, and in a dual role nonetheless. And with marines to make a mess of things. He sipped his tea and tapped on the table. He thought back to his days in the Academy and his professional training before that, all focused on how de-escalation and simply keeping cool headed could resolve nearly all problems that ever involved security forces. The only good use of a marine force was in humanitarian deployment or as a deterrent. Why did the Federation even maintain this bravado-stricken branch of old world thinking?

He of course knew that the answer was… it’s a big world. There are fights that happen, and not everyone can be reasoned with. He could identify that he was becoming slightly jaded by his observation of the military machismo rubbing off on his security forces. Such cross-contamination had never been predictive of a security force able to serve the needs of the ship without conflict. He wondered idly why he had accepted a post on a marine-carrying ship, and of course knew it was because his ego told him he could help to establish a new model for this interaction.

Hugo continued through his second, and then third glass of verveine as he went through this familiar thought process, and began thinking about actually going to his quarters, but decided to stay on the deck for a while longer yet.

-Hugo, CNS/COS

Rebecca had arrived on the ship in the middle of chaos. Her check ins had been non existent and her follow ups had been as bad. Now they were at the space station being refitted and she decided it was time to meet the rest of the staff on a more personal basis than just around a table in the middle of a crisis.

Having tapped out a query for the Councilor, it dawned on her he was the Security Chief as well. He certainly would have his hands full after this last mission. She stepped into the observation lounge and looked around. No one else was about, so spotting Hugo was easy. Getting herself a cup of mint tea, she tapped the query for the last drink made and got a refill of the vervein for the Chief, unaware he had had 3 already.

Coming towards him, she swung wide so she wouldn’t sneak up on his blind side. “So who councils the Councilor?” She smiled and set the tea by his hand and nodded to the chair opposite. “May I join you? Rebecca Morrison, Science Chief. I believe we met briefly at the debrief a couple days ago.” She brushed an errant strand of crimson hair behind her ear and smiled, not wanting to intrude if he was busy.

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